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Puzzle 1 - Son with the black shirt

  1. englightenedsoul profile image60
    englightenedsoulposted 8 years ago

    Manish was on his way to an interview. On the way, he encountered his long lost cousin, Vijay, whom he hadn't met in more than a decade. They started catching up on lost time. Manish learned that Vijay had 3 sons. When he asked about their ages, Vijay replied, "You're going for an interview, right? Consider this a trial question. Figure out their ages from this: The product of the ages of my three sons is 36." To this, Manish grumbled that he needed more information. Vijay, then, pointed to a sign board across the street that displayed the address of the area and said that the sum of the ages of his three children was equal to the last two digits of the pin code of that area. Yet, Manish demanded more information. Finally, Vijay said, "My eldest son wore a black shirt today. This is all I can tell you." What were the ages of the three children? Provide a detailed explanation for your answer. 

    No google please.  I will post the answer tommorow as I would be off to sleep in a few minutes.  Let's see who gets it right.