A substantial portion etc.

  1. Pcunix profile image93
    Pcunixposted 7 years ago

    I took four articles that I had sitting at one of my websites and moved them here.  They didn't "fit" well where they were and I felt HP is a better home, so I moved them.

    Well, not precisely.  I edited them quite a bit, because some of them had link references to other stuff on that site that I didn't want to bring over and also because I noticed a few typos and then I fixed up some phrasing I didn't like and added a paragraph or two here or there because I got reminded of things while I was editing.  I'm sure everyone knows how that goes.

    So anyway, although the posts aren't exactly the same as they were at my other site, they are still close enough to get that 'substantial content' warning, and I wasn't surprised.

    Back at the other site, I removed the posts, took them out of index pages, and added a redirect to the new versions here in the .htaccess file just in case somebody has a link to them somewhere.

    So, except for what's left over in Google cache, the job is done, right?  No longer a duplicate in any sense.  Eventually that warning should go away and who cares anyway?

    But.. I have had articles stolen before.  I didn't think these would be, because they are touchy-feely things with little or no income potential, but what the heck, I'll punch 'em into Copyscape and see what it says, right?

    Copyscape finds something on HP for everyone of them.  No, it's not Copyscape following the .htaccess redirect and finding them here, it is finding other, completely unrelated pages here at HP.   I mean COMPLETELY unrelated - I can't see any reason why they'd come up.

    So I thought maybe anything from HP will match because there is so much HP content on each of our pages?  So I tried another of my HP hubs, but not one of the transplants.  Nope, that comes up clean.

    So, this is just completely idle curiosity, but does anyone have a theory?

  2. jondav profile image69
    jondavposted 7 years ago

    I also have one hub that has the same duplicate message, even though i deleted the original that i posted elsewhere. To be honest i'm not wasting time on it.