Jaipur serial blast May 13, 2008

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    JYOTI KOTHARIposted 9 years ago

    Today is a black tuesday. Jaipur witnessed a horrible attack by the terrorists ( Suspected is Lashkar ). 60 unfortunate people died and 200 more are severely injured , report came so far.
    Delhi, mumbai and other major cities of Rajasthan is put into high alert.
    Tuesday is a day For Hindu God Mahaveer Hanuman. Two blasts out of seven are occured in Hanuman temples. It was evening and people were gathered their to pray or Aarati.
    Blasts are occured in the main markets and public places like sanganeri gate, Johari zar, Badi Choupar ( Manak Chowk) near famous Hawamahal, Tripolia gate and Chandpol.
    The 2nd blast occured 100 meters from my office in Johari bazar.
    The bombs were placed in bicycles and cars. In a blast in a Honda city, all  of the 6 family members within,have breathed their last. The main hospital Sawai Man Singh is full of injured persons. Excess injured persons are now being taken to other hospitals. there is a shortage of Doctors. Blood is required. Donors have to come forward .
    2 bombs are defused by the SPG, otherwise those will blow some more lives.
    What the terrorists are getting by this cowardish action?
    Jyoti kothari