Google Adsense Questions

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    panniniposted 9 years ago

    Ive signed up to google adsense and so far ive earned $0.12

    My question is how do i change the format of the ads?
    I went on my adsense account and did that formatting thing on there and it gave me a code to paste, where do i paste that code? on my hubs? :S

    The other thing is that im confused. I have a hub called "Bringing a Stop to Overeating" and its got 2 ads, 1 ads says "free sexy singles" and the other ad says...

       ....  "ads by Google
             Tamil Hot Actress Masala
              Hot Search
             Women Seeking Men
             Blue Movies
             Denise Austin Hot"

    I published that hub on the 08/25/08, today is the 08/26/08.

    I thought that a google crawls your hub and places an ad on your hub that is related to the content of the hub.


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    Inspirepubposted 9 years ago

    You can't change the format of ads - HubPages has a very expensive piece of optimising software which controls the ad format to maximise CTR - but it needs tens of thousands of page views to get enough data to really get good results, so go forth and GET TRAFFIC - the more traffic you get, the better formatted your ads will become.

    Google will place relevant ads once it crawls your page - try running your text through a keyword density checker to see what keywords are standing out. You may need to add more words like "diet" to your text to get the ads you want.

    But if the ads are totally irrelevant, then it usually means that Googlebot is just slow to find your Hub.