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AdSense difficulties -- help please?

  1. kitty8403 profile image57
    kitty8403posted 6 years ago

    OK, so I signed up for AdSense. To the best of my knowledge I've never had an AdSense account previously, though I've had multiple Gmail addresses for work. I live in a rural area and occasionally Google also has issues with my address.

    Anyway I received an e-mail from Google asking me to confirm "domain ownership" by accessing the HTML on my HubPages page and pasting in a line of code confirming that everything was a-OK. (NOT just a confirmation code.) I don't see a place to do this on Hubpages.

    In addition, HubPages seems to have the idea that Google suspended my account for some sort of TOS violation. I'm racking my brain and can't come up with anything wrong (no copyright violations, profanity, etc.), and Google didn't send me any notice about an issue on their end.

    Who do I talk to to resolve this? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

    1. manthy profile image76
      manthyposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I wish I could help but I don't have a clue, I would email support.
      TOS violations are serious stuff.

      1. kitty8403 profile image57
        kitty8403posted 6 years agoin reply to this

        The issue described here: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/A … &hl=en
        is pretty much exactly what I'm dealing with. My Internet crashed somewhere in the middle of all the application stuff and I have no idea what happened or if the wrong button got bumped.

  2. profile image0
    adeaugustusposted 6 years ago

    Ok. This has never happened to me before, but i think i  ight beof little help, i think the problem was from the time you were signing up. When you were asked for the domain name, it should be google and the url should by http://yourdomainname.hubpages.com  with that i dont think you would asked to paste any code in the html, there is not space for that on hubpages! you can also use some help from the Hubpages Staff. did you apply through hubpages? if yes i dont think you should have this kind of problem, anyways goodluck. and let me know when you are able to solve it.

  3. SammySammo profile image61
    SammySammoposted 6 years ago

    I am having the same problem and have requested help both from Hubpages and from Google to no avail.  It seems no one can help me either fix my AdSense account or unlink my HubPages account from the disabled AdSense account.