Google account approval

  1. Brownhacks profile image59
    Brownhacksposted 6 years ago

    Hi everyone am a new user on this  site,my adsense account was not approved by google twice using blogger and am fed up with applying with blogger,can i now apply for it on hubpages will my account still be approved applying for the third time,i just have only three hubs.Be sure of your answers and if possible personal experience if you have done it and worked for you.

  2. Ronnie_Dey profile image61
    Ronnie_Deyposted 6 years ago

    Your adsense account won't be approved with 3 hubs. Make sure at least you have 10+ hubs, and content specific.

    Google loves to approve those accounts which receives some traffic and are content specific. However they know that it is not possible to get views during the begining.

    When you have 10 hubs+ you will received some daily traffic of 20 pageviews and plus.

    Secondly, write about topic of your interest but keep in mind the general interest of users.

    All of your 3 hubs are all right. Write a few more, better write some "How to guide/articles" and then re-apply for adsense using hubpages.

    Write more!