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    Simone Smithposted 7 years ago

    Want to know who is winning the Know It All Contest? Here's your thread! For more details about the contest, stop by the official contest page, visit our official contest forum thread to ask any questions, and swing by the entries thread to see what people are submitting.

    Good luck in the contest! Here's hoping your name makes it to this list soon!

    $50 and $10-winning Daily Drawing Answer and Question Winners

    Day 1
    $10 for What are the top 10 traits of a successful business? by easylearningweb
    $50 for Top 10 Traits of a Successful Business by Kathryn Vercillo

    Day 2
    $50 for How to Help Dogs from Home - 5 Easy Ways by shibashake
    $10 for What are some things people can do right away to improve the Welfare of Animals in their area? by J.S.Matthew

    Day 3
    $50 for Age difference in a relationship, does it matter?
    $10 for Do you think age difference matters in a relationship? by Sturgeonl

    Day 4
    $50 for My Ideal Partner (Humour) by I Am Rosa
    $10 for What would be your ideal partner ? by philClaeys

    Day 5
    $50 for 5 Things I Love About My Partner by Lady Guinevere
    $10 for Which are the 5 things you love the most at your partner? by Rhadoo7

    Day 6
    $50 for 8 Tips for a Great Road Trip by TiffanyTWeber
    $10 for What are some tips to prepare for a cross-country road trip? by CWanamaker

    Day 7
    $50 for Haiku Rules by Sheila Wilson
    $10 for Why are the rules of Haiku not as strictly enforced when written in English? by music equals life

    Day 8
    $50 for Green Appetizers Theme for St. Patrick's Day Party by Victoria Lynn
    $10 for What are some good hor' derves for an adult St. Patrick's Day Party? by GA Anderson

    Day 9
    $50 for Can Sun-Sign Astrology Be Used to Predict Damaging Earthquakes? by retrojoe
    $10 for Can astrology charts forecast earthquake risk? by claudiafox

    Day 10
    $50 for Why do we Play Computer Games by Digitskyes
    $10 for Why do guys play video games? by MeaghanMossburg

    Day 11
    $50 for Can Social Media Effect Change? by Gerg
    $10 for Can social media and online communities really Stop the creation of Child Soldiers and Slavery? by Pearldiver

    Day 12
    $50 for Lifestyle Choices: How To Deal With Constant Negativity by billybuc
    $10 for What is the best way to deal with constant negativity? by Victoria Lynn

    Day 13
    $50 for Easy Remedies to Treat a Mosquito Bite by Turtlewoman
    $10 for How to soothe itchy insect bites? by Linda Bliss

    Day 14
    $50 for Rose Cookie Recipe by  Melbel
    $10 for What's your favorite cookie recipe? by cre8ivOne

    Day 15
    $50 for A Child with Respect by momster
    $10 for What 3 habits have you taught your child to exhibit regarding respect? by MojoDawg

    Day 16
    $50 for How To Make Jamaican Jerk Seasoning and Sauces by Cardisa
    $10 for How do you make Jamaican Jerk Sauce? by Just Ask Susan

    Day 17
    $50 for A Tribute to my Mom while She is Still Here With Me. Great Memories of my Mom by suzzycue
    $10 for Do you have great memories of your mother? by Gusser

    Day 18
    $50 for Pros and Cons of Adult Children Living at Home by Ruby H Rose
    $10 for What are the problems and advantages of having adult children living in the family home? by AliciaC

    Day 19
    $50 for Downton Abbey: Classy Television. by Aley Martin
    $10 for Are you a Downton Abbey fan? by cloverleaffarm

    Day 20
    $50 for How to Make Shrimp Tacos: my own Tex-Mex recipe by SmartAndFun
    $10 for What are you having for dinner tonight? by Silver Fish

    Day 21
    $50 for When You Should Go to College by MissTravel
    $10 for What are the benefits of attending college - is it worth it anymore? by InfoFinder

    Day 22
    $50 for Walking Through a Forest Preserve in Spring Delights the Senses and Fosters Well-being by Happyboomernurse
    This Hub Answers a Weekly Topic Inspiration Question

    Day 23
    $50 for You Survived College - Now Where are the Employment Opportunities? by TheInspiredLife
    $10 for As you know jobs are difficult to find for recent college graduates. by gmwilliams

    Day 24
    $50 for Beautiful Places to Visit in Pennsylvania by FreezeFrame34
    $10 for What are some beautiful places to visit in Pennsylvania? by SimeyC

    Day 25
    $50 for … -to-Parent by Ruby H Rose
    $10 for What is your favorite age to parent? by Karen Hellier

    Day 26
    $50 for How to Clip a Dog's Nails Safely by alexadry
    $10 for How do you clip a dogs nails safely? by SimeyC

    Day 27
    $50 for But Mom everybody is outside by AliceFSpencer
    $10 for Do you allow your children to play outside by themselves? by breastpumpreviews

    Day 28
    $50 for What is Cinco de Mayo to Me? by lone77star
    $10 for How do you celebrate your birthday? by baygirl33

    $50-winning Best Hub Answers of the Week (and their $25-winning Questions)

    Week 1

    $50 for A Guide to the Perfect Family Vacation in the Pucon Area of Chile by Melovy
    This Hub answers a Weekly Topic Inspiration Question

    $50 for Am I Ready to Have a Baby?: When Should I Take a Home Pregnancy Test (HPT) ? by ThePracticalMommy
    $25 for When would be the proper time to take a pregnancy test? by tlynn2214

    $50 for Music Lessons: The Importance of Music Education for Children by leahlefler
    $25 for How important do you think it is to learn a musical instrument when you are a child? by GoodLady

    Week 2

    $50 for The History of Hiking the Appalachian Trail by Outbound Dan
    $25 for What is the hiking history of the Appalachia Trail? by  GA Anderson

    $50 for How to Make "Play Do"-Homemade Playdough Recipe by cardelean
    $25 for How learning could be fun for kids? by dingdong

    $50 for Should I Take Parenting Classes? What Can You Learn at Parenting Courses? by stephhicks68
    This Hub answers a Weekly Topic Inspiration Question

    Week 3

    $50 for What is the BARF Diet and is it Safe to Feed a Dog Raw Food? Learn the Facts about Canine Digestion and Raw Bones by Linda Bliss
    $25 for Is it safe to put my dog on a raw meat diet? by Rob Le Plastrier

    $50 for Educational Thanksgiving Activities for Kids by alissaroberts
    $25 for Thanksgiving crafts for six year olds by Hope Wilbanks

    $50 for Mexican Recipes: Authentic Homemade Salsa by wayseeker
    $25 for What is the most successful recipe you have ever used? by MarkRFox

    Week 4

    $50 for Zen Rock Garden - History, Philosophy and How-To Guide by Om Paramaponya
    $25 for How do I create a zen garden by SimeyC

    $50 for Organic Eggs vs. Free Range and Cage Free Alternatives by nifwlseirff
    This Hub answers a Weekly Topic Inspiration Question

    $50 for Delicious Casserole Recipes to Warm Body, Heart and Soul by Gordon Hamilton
    $25 for Could you write a Hub about your Favorite Casserole Recipe? by J.S.Matthew

    Ultimate Know It All Winners

    $500 Grand Prize Answer: How to Make "Play Do"-Homemade Playdough Recipes by cardelean
    $100 Grand Prize Question: How learning could be fun for kids? by dingdong

    $250 Second Place Answer: Music Lessons: The Importance of Music Education for Children by leahlefler
    $50 Second Place Question: How important do you think it is to learn a musical instrument when you are a child? by GoodLady

    $100 Third Place Answer: A Guide to the Perfect Family Vacation in the Pucon Area of Chile by Melovy
    This Hub answers a Weekly Topic Inspiration Question

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