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golb - must be rexes to be toh.OEDIV XES.

Updated on February 24, 2013
skgrao profile image

I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.


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Many Surfers want Sex in Blogs.

I wanted to have the title Blog but it was already taken by some body else so I just reversed like you give your ATM pin to a mugger to clean up your cash in the ATM.Hope you know what it is if you don't know,than let me tell you that in case you are caught by a mugger and he wants your ATM card and pin number,you give him your pin number reversed that is,if it is 1234 give 4321 so the ATM alerts the theft automatically.

What I wanted to say was I find more Blogs and more in the same category or topic,to say,if it is cooking,almost there are more blogs than the all the dishes you can remember.My Blog was on Technical Textiles and I find there are so many on the same subject and slowly they are growing.I am not going to stop just because some one is coming in my road.The road is for all but who goes to the goal is more important than the goers on the road.If you say that's enough stop,I go,if you say O K go,I run,if you say run I fly.That's what I am at 70 plus.

I have 3 blogs devoted in sections such as collections or compilations from websites on the subject,a project costing several millions of dollars for Education at graduate level with hands on the technical aspects practically.A guide to research in technical textiles again full of compilations from various website of all Research Universities,Machine Manufactures and Associations.This is to felicitate students on the subject.we have Textile Technology subjects but not Technical Textiles subjects taught in our various colleges in our country India.There are no Research Organisations in Technical Textiles.For four years the past Minister of textiles,Govt of India,was making speeches in various platforms as to how he has planed to help this industry and he is now sitting somewhere looking at the present Textile Minister to know his moves.This minister has started in his foot steps and we now have to wait and see how he walks his talk.

Our Govt of India is having over 50 large textile mills under it's own rule but of course ruled by bureaucrats not technocrats.How are they doing yes indeed they are making huge losses and spending tax payers money since several years.I will give those figures later.The thing that I do not understand is why can't the Minister give all the help to one of his controlled mill,perhaps he has tried but could not get the right person.Of course who will join a Govt Controlled textile mill who has the expertise in technical textiles,such persons are all in developed countries making honest money.Good living and visiting India to give lectures on the subject.

In writing Blogs or Hub we need to have good knowledge on any subject if it's technical or even cooking or fragile living in this recession that's going on 'Fragile Living' it was superbly written by a Hubber and another on 'Penis' by a Hubber which was with a funny real picture and it gave me few tips on how we can use the extra skin on the 'Penis' in-case of a burn on the skin and you need for skin grafting.I can't think of such idea's so I have a blog on ' My Life & Wife " written and indeed I do find few blogs with variations on the same subject.or time pass I have bloggerIn an Indian group.Blog is best by google now I have caught up with HUB it's also equal to blog and has few advantages and need few things incorporated perhaps it is better as it is since any change will make it to lose the present profile or layout.

I intend writing on Textiles beginning with the technology on Spinning if any Hubber's have suggestions I welcome it and will give due credit in my Hub.

If you are a blogger you do not need a editor nor you a good writer,what you say goes in and all go in.It's free and global so why don't you start one if you haven't done yet.




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    • skgrao profile image

      S K G Rao. 8 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      Thanks Kumaru,please ask your BBC Club members to be my fans.


    • surishiva.kumar profile image

      surishiva.kumar 8 years ago from Australia

      'Pen is mightier than Sword' keep gnigolb . One day, some day, your writings may open up the eyes of someone accidentally because most of the people have Shut their eyes wide open..