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GroovyFind About Me

Updated on September 21, 2014

Hiya! I'm Sam...or Samantha if you must. I spend my days catering to a herd of cats, 4 dogs & some rowdy teenagers. I'm a totally web geek, I manage a few websites & do lots of freelance promo/advertising stuff. All in all it's a great gig & I love it!

My Avatar...

So clearly I'm not a gnome or the evil little gnome be gone guys. I just found it to be hilarious since I personally hate gnomes & usually the entire yard decor they are plopped in.

They seem to be just like potato chips you can't just have one. No sir, you have to have at least 20 of these ill painted creatures with stupid pointy hats.

If however you need a gnome be gone for yourself (maybe to send a message to your neighbors) You can find this lovely item Here.

Scuba Diving

Well I used to Love diving but being in the mid west it's a little more effort than I care to expend. Besides a fish is a fish in Missouri.

However I still Love warm water diving & snorkeling, This was a shark feed at Stuart's Cove in the Bahamas. About 1 minute before the photo was taken we were in that water with sharks brushing our fins. I've been several times, it's an amazing experience.

Bear came with a kid too...he possible eats more than a teenager not to mention carpet, walls & doorknobs....he's claims innocent.

I like Critters...

And the critters like me. This is our backyard & the deer have gotten so cozy they just hang out all day.

Feeling fine

Feeling fine
Feeling fine

Some of my favorite pics

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Top of Montserrat in SpainVenice Italy!Somewhere in SpainVenice Italy...back ally mask makers.Katy Trail in Mo.Christmas!Katy trail
Top of Montserrat in Spain
Top of Montserrat in Spain
Venice Italy!
Venice Italy!
Somewhere in Spain
Somewhere in Spain
Venice Italy...back ally mask makers.
Venice Italy...back ally mask makers.
Katy Trail in Mo.
Katy Trail in Mo.
Katy trail
Katy trail

From the Nelson in KC

From the Nelson in KC
From the Nelson in KC

This Is Mookie

He pretty much runs the joint. That's a fluffy blanket on the deck so he can bask in supreme comfort. His days are spent roaming from pillow to pillow & screaming (yes screaming) His list of demands include treats, ice in the water bowl (I didn't start this one) & belly rubs.

All in all he's quite pathetic.

We like to travel

And with any good travel comes interesting sites, museums, history, fine dining....The NYC gay pride parade. We stumbled upon it on our way out sight seeing, It was defiantly the highlight of the trip.

And the photos are just priceless!


One of my favorite places to go is Atlantis in the Bahamas. It's warm, sunny, people are friendly & the sites are just breathe taking!

Earl...the girl

Tragically ill named as a joke...We would have done a bit better if we had known she was staying.

Ahhh Tradition!

Some people adorn their homes in lights, some spin a dradle, We set up the tackiest tree in all the land.

Oh & that's one of our poor mistreated cats (Stewie) on the pillow front right.

Bigger Christmas...

Did you know when you adopt a few kids your Christmas gets epic? 3 times the gifts, games, food, laughing...oh & the pets made out pretty good too!

My partner & I are foster parents...

We only take clearly we are insane. 23 kids came with a dog, While we can't talk about the kid the dog is fair game. His name is blackie & he's a 16 pound Chihuahua. The cats we not too happy when blackie showed up but after a few weeks they accepted him as some kind of ugly cat with giant ears.

Turns out the kid went home & left the Chi...So he's all ours...and down to a respectable 11 pounds.

Groovy Sealife

Groovy Sealife
Groovy Sealife

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