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Guestbook Module On Squidoo

Updated on May 21, 2013

Why Have A Guestbook Module?

The Guestbook Module is one of the best modules on Squidoo because it allows your readers to comment on your lenses. They can say whatever they want, but I usually get nice comments, and most lensmasters do too. Giving your reader a chance to comment shows other readers some opinions about your lens. You can use the Guestbook Module to ask a question or get a reader's opinion about something. The Guestbook Module can take nearly any form, so don't miss out.

A Lens Is Never 100% Complete

Without the Guestbook Module

If you look at the checklist of things to do to have a complete lens, having a social module like the Guestbook Module is one of the requirements, so you must have a Guestbook Module. I think that everyone wants a 100% complete lens, and the Guestbook Module is necessary.

Make Your Guestbook Module A Story

You can ask for tips about something, but instead, you can make a story that indirectly asks for tips. Look at this one for example:

"One day, another person joined the online world, and he wanted to make money with a reliable method. He didn't know where to start because some claims were true while others were false. He looked for anyone who could give advice. Then, he found someone who was successful online. He asked this successful person how they made money online. The successful person said, I make money online by....."

You finish the sentence.

How did you like it? I didn't ask "How do you make money online." Instead, I created a story that revolved around my question.

The Guestbook Can Give You More Sales


Yes, that's right. A Guestbook Module can give you more sales from your Amazon links. If your readers write good comments about you, then your visitors will think, "This is a good source. The products must be awesome too." If you look up ways to make money, you will almost always see testimonials. However, you cannot comment on these testimonials. Well, why is that? Those testimonials are most likely paid testimonials, and then when you buy the product, it's like a bag of chips, and you don't know where 1/4 of the chips went. These people pose as a big bag of chips, but when you open that bag of chips, you won't find a full bag. However, the Guestbook Module allows anyone to comment, and if you are a lensmaster, you know that you can comment on any lens for free, and you don't get paid either. The Guestbook Module allows for real opinions by real people, and your visitors can comment too. If they think the product is bad, they can say it. In America, we are given freedom of speech. Give your visitors freedom of speech with the Guestbook Module because every opinion is important and will make you that much better.

A Book Of Tips

The Guestbook Module can be used to target a visitor's expertise. For example, if I asked how to get a new lens noticed quickly, every lensmaster who came to this lens would share their advice. You can use their advice to get even better, or you can share it to other people through various methods.

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