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Is the New HubPages Layout Killing Your Google Adsense Revenue?

Updated on June 17, 2013

Where Did My Google Adsense Income Go?

Ever since the new HubPages layout went live site wide, in June 2012, my Google Adsense revenue fell through the floor. To begin with I couldn't understand why. Technically my clicks should have increased.

The page was streamlined and the sidebar was effectively removed. This reduced competing ads above the fold, but also drew more attention to the content of your article. Basically, there are less distractions for the reader.

The individual avatar for each hubber is now a lot smaller, there are no ads in the slimmer sidebar, and there are no related hubs or any other information that was there previously. The only new addition to the sidebar is the floating sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and Hub Followers. This means the viewers eye can stay on your content and be fully committed to reading your hub.

However, my Google Adsense income disappeared completely with no explanation. I began looking for answers and was surprised at what I found. I think a lot of hubbers are unaware of why their Google Adsense revenue has been affected and hopefully you will be able to make informed decisions moving forward.

This hub is especially important for those hubbers that are on the HubPages Adprogram.

What Really Happened to Your Google Adsense Revenue?

If you are on the HP Adprogram, what has happened to your Google Adsense income since the new layout went sitewide?

See results

When the new layout was tested on a few HP domains, the Google Adsense API was suspended. This means the ad that you were getting paid direct Google Adsense income from previously wasn't getting credited to you. Instead, it was being credited to HP. So if you were part of their testing group, this is why your direct Google adsense income was nill.

However, this meant HP could see the total picture of which ads were performing best with the new ad layout. I would bet that the in-content ad clickthrough rate increased, because of the factors mentioned above. Moreover, if you stay on the HP Adprogram, you'll never know.

So it came as a surprise to me that when the new layout was rolled out across the whole site, HP switched the position of the directly paying Google Adsense ad to the last ad on the page, for those on the HP Adprogram. This means that 60% of the time the ad below the comments and above the footer on the right hand side of the page will be the ad that shows your Google Adsense code and 40% of the time it will be HP. All other ads on the page will be HP ads, which you will be credited for the impressions only by the HP Adprogram.

The picture below shows how the direct Google Adsense ad placement has changed.

I originally thought the direct API ad was in the content of our hubs but it turns out I was working on old information. HP moved it over a year ago.
I originally thought the direct API ad was in the content of our hubs but it turns out I was working on old information. HP moved it over a year ago.

Are You More Likely to Click on the Google Ad in the Content or at the Very Bottom of the Page?

See results

Yes there are more ads on the page when the HP Adprogram is activated. However, you are paid per impression on these ads and HP decides how much you receive. It's very difficult to see the true value of these ads as they are filtered through HP.

I don't expect all hubbers to agree with me, but I am left scratching my head wondering what is going on in the minds of HP. Why do they continue to move our Google Adsense code further down the page to what has to be one of the worst ad units?? Arguably it could actually be the worst unit on the page.

When it comes to advertising, advertisers pay more for units located above the fold. They understand that these are the ads most likely to be clicked on. Ads located at the very bottom are highly unlikely to be clicked.

Adprogram Revenue Increased but at What Cost?

If you are on the HP Adprogram are you receiveing more or less Google Adsense clicks since the new layout changes?

See results

Many hubbers have reported seeing an increase in their CPM on the HP Adprogram. I have also noticed a slight increase, but this has come at a cost; the loss of your Google Adsense click revenue.

Some hubbers won't really be affected. They received very little traffic and almost no clicks on their share of the Google ad. However, there are other successful hubbers that have thousands of views a day and had a handful of high value Google Adsense clicks too.

Now that the Google Ad that counts towards your direct Google payment is at the very bottom of the page, hubbers with substantial traffic will likely get far fewer clicks (if any) and will now probably see only a few cents a day in their Google Adsense accounts.

Since the layout changes, I have been receiving approximately 5 cents a day. I am now only receiving money from the impression based ads that Google has. I haven't had a single direct Google Adsense click since the new layout went live. The only way to make substantial money with Google Adsense is with clicks.

What Should Hubbers Do Now?

If you are NOT on the HP Adprogram and are receiving payments directly through Google Adsense how have the layout changes affected you?

See results

If you are on the HP Adprogram then it's probably because it was making you more money than when you were just on direct Google Adsense click revenue. However, the game has changed now.

With the new page layout it is conceivable that your clickthrough rate may have increased. You may find it beneficial to turn off the HP Adprogram for a month to see if you would make more with direct Google Adsense income. Results will vary from hubber to hubber, as one size will not fit all.

I am not saying that you will make more money with only Adsense, but I feel it would be better to know than to not know. This hub isn't about whether Google Adsense will make you more than the HP Adprogram. It's more about hubbers searching for an answer to why the Adsense portion of their HP income is likely to have fallen in light of the recent layout changes that have taken place here.

For those that have high click values, retrying the Google Adsense revenue stream fully may be a better fit and may earn you more than before, now that the page has been streamlined.

On top of that, it will be important for those staying on the HP Adprogram to optimize your page differently going forward. Before, hubbers tried to optimize the in-content ad by making it as close to the top of the hub as possible. Now, it's beneficial for you to try to optimize the ad at the bottom of the page.

Some experimentation will be necessary to encourage your readers to reach the bottom of the page. Limiting the number of comments appearing at the end of the hub could be one way of doing this.

How your comments appear is another factor. Do you want readers to read the comments from the top down, ending at the bottom of the page and seeing the ads at the very end? Or do you want them to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to read the first comment and have to scroll back up to follow the comment thread? Which of these tactics will result in more ad clicks will take time to test.

However, I have to admit I never check past the comments on most sites. I really don't see the point and I find it hard to imagine that other people scroll to the very bottom of a page to click an ad, especially when they have passed four other ads on the way down the page.

Also, those hubbers who are nearing their Adsense payout threshold may find it beneficial to switch back to just Google Adsense to receive their payout. Otherwise it could be years before you get a payout on the new layout, if you have the HP Adprogram activated.

The Real New Layout

I signed out of my HP account and looked at some of my hubs in Firefox and Google Chrome.

In Firefox and in Google Chrome, the ad which is supposed to appear below the title of your hub actually appears in the sidebar instead. This sidebar ad (which isn't supposed to exist) actually scrolls down the page as the viewer scrolls down through your article, just like the Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and Hub Followers button moves down the page.

This means, even when the reader gets to the bottom of the page, you will still have 2 other ads competing with your direct Google Adense unit. This might also add further support to why my direct Google Adsense clicks have disappeared.

It doesn't matter if the other ads that appear on the page are Google ads, if you are on the HP Adprogram. These will be credited to HP and they will redistribute some of the wealth in the form of impressions. You will not be paid directly by Google Adsense for clicks on these ad units.

See the picture below to see what the ad layout actually is in Firefox and Chrome and how it differs from what HP says the actual layout is.

Also, I never use Internet Explorer, but I just opened it to check. It's doing the same thing as Firefox and Chrome. I have found that the ad layout as listed in the HP FAQ section is incorrect.

Decline in Adsense Clicks Since the New Layout Went Sitewide

Page Click Through Rate

The new layout was rolled out sitewide at some point in June 2012. There is a clear decline in direct Google clicks in June.

The first full calendar month of the layout occurred in July. The number of clicks declines yet again. To have over 35k adsense ads on my account for the month and only have 11 clicks is ridiculous. To make over 2/3rds less than what I used to make with Adsense is also dissapointing.

I agree that my traffic has declined over the last month, but not by enough to account for the reduction in clicks and earnings from adsense to the extent of 1/3rd.

Has the New HP Layout Benefitted You?

When did you first discover the movement of the direct Google Adsense Ad?

See results

HP wanted to change the layout to increase revenue. However, I have to admit I haven't seen an increase in my HP income at all. Instead I have seen a redistribution. Instead of getting some of my income from my direct Google Adsense ad and the majority from the HP Adprogram, I now simply get all of it from my HP Adprogram income.

Instead, I feel as though HP has reduced the transparency of the site. By moving our Google Adsense code to the very bottom of the page it limits the information hubbers gain from the new layout, unless they switch back to solely the Google Adsense program.

On top of that, I didn't see any discussion before the layout was rolled out site wide about the change in the direct Google Adsense ad location. It only seemed to come to light when someone asked about it in the forums.

The real question perhaps should be, who really benefits from this new layout change?

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below and tell us your experience of the new HP layout so far. Perhaps your experience is different from mine. Perhaps you have been on purely Google Adsense payments and can tell us how the new layout has helped or hindered in this area.

Update as of September 10th 2012

I have to add this update to this hub as my CPM has continued to fall since the writiing of this hub. Initially, CPM's seemed to increase across the site. However, as I thought would happen, this was a short lived phenomenon and CPM's have been crashing back to pre-layout lows and sometimes, such as in my case, even lower than they were before. So overall, the layout change did not seem to benefit hubbers. Perhaps it benefitted HP and not the writers.


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    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      @Glenn. I see you're point but there's nothing you can do about that if you want to earn money with HP. They dictate the ad placements and you really only have a choice between HP adprogram placements or Google Adsense adplacements.

      The only real options you in regard to that last question is to "suck it and see" by continuing to write for HP. Or write for another site like HP such as Squidoo or Wizzley etc, but again you won't have 100% control over ad placement. If 100% control over ad placement is what you want, then you really only have one choice - set up you're own website or blog.

    • Glenn Stok profile image

      Glenn Stok 5 years ago from Long Island, NY


      You bring up many important points in your last comment.

      My site is not the same as hubs here on HP. Each page is basically information for my clients and customers. No need for reader comments. I created a user forum for that. So the two AdSense ads are at the very bottom.

      I realize your point, I would be very interested to see what improvement, if any, we have here on HP if the two ads were right above the comment capsule so they are seen after one finishes reading an entire hub.

      And, yes, I also agree with the second thing you said. I am sure I am benefiting that I don't have ads anywhere else, except on the bottom. I think this improves my ranking because people stay on the page much longer. Seems to work.

      We don't have that advantage here on HP because there are too many ads scattered all over. Including the ones that we don't see when we're signed in.

      On the subject of the top banner ad, I can see how that would be the best position for ad revenue. But I'm concerned about the long-term effects on ranking due to people clicking away right away, increasing the bounce rate. What are your thoughts on that?

    • FSlovenec profile image

      Frank Slovenec 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      Good information thank you for the thoughtful analysis.

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      @Glenn, when you say you put 2 google ads at the bottom... do you mean at the bottom of the content, before the comments? Or did you put the 2 ads below the comments? I don't even know if you allow comments or have many comments. I think that would affect income and clicks greatly though.

      I can understand what you are saying about your analytics being improved, but that's not the case with HP. They have a number of ads at the top of the page. I think you are benefiting from just having the ads at the bottom and none at the top.

      I know from my own personal experience on my own sites, that my best converting unit is the banner ad I have at the very top of the page. I have played around with ad units and location so many times, but nothing compares to the performance of my top performing ad unit.

    • Glenn Stok profile image

      Glenn Stok 5 years ago from Long Island, NY

      I found your hub very interesting and you gave me a few ideas that I need to experiment with. I think I will be willing to shut off HP ads throughout next month as an experiment. I've been with the HP Ad program since it started and I was somewhat happy with it, although I realized my Google ads were paying next to nothing.

      However I have an interesting addition to all this. I basically duplicated the same layout changes on my own business site. I put two Google ads at the bottom. I found my AdSense revenue increase tremendously by doing that on my own site.

      Following my Google analytics reports I was able to figure out that keeping the ads at the bottom gave people a chance to stay on the page all way through. Instead of clicking away, which has a good and bad side effect, the retention period is longer.

      The good thing with having ads at the top or inline near the top, is that we get paid for the click. But the bad thing is that if the ad is near the top, the person clicks away too soon. Google may very well use that short visit to incorrectly determine that the page, or hub, has little or no value. Then they lower the ranking and eventually send less traffic overall.

      So the bottom line is that the entire situation is extremely complex. But it's worth experimenting as you suggest.

    • profile image

      TycoonSam 5 years ago

      I'm fairly new here so I never knew the old layout. This Hub was very "Eye-Opening"

      Thank you once again for yet another Awesome Hub!

      Useful and thumbs up.

    • Esrom Art profile image

      Esrom Aritonang 5 years ago from Indonesia

      Now I know why my revenue falling down. It seems hubpages need to gave us a little break, especially writer who only joint adsense program. Let make a wish...

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      Thank you lyricwriter! Sorry to hear you are being negatively affected as well, but I guess everyone is since the changes made were outwith their control.

      Yeah after the changes it seems CPM's have increased. But this would make sense as HP are now getting a bigger share of the adsense clicks... so I guess it's the least they could do.

    • thelyricwriter profile image

      Richard Ricky Hale 5 years ago from West Virginia

      Great article Lauryallan! Awesome job and you are so true. The new interface has killed my earnings, both on Hubpages and Google. I have noticed an increase in my CPM for the Hubpage Ad program. I wonder if that was because the change? This is a class "A" article, very useful page. Voting this up, useful, awesome, and interesting. Take care.

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      Thx cascoly.

    • cascoly profile image

      cascoly 5 years ago from seattle

      excellent hub - both well written and content-wise. you've handled my primary complaint about most traffic related hubs - all talk and no facts to back them up. too bad in this case the facts are so dismal.

      i had similar results when trying to assesss whether hp's claims about adding the new recipe capsules would increase google search prominence

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      Amendment to the comment above to Paul Edmondson.

      I see that the Google API was originally the in-content ad but was switched in around March 2011. I was working off old information and I apologize for my mistake. The API was moved at this time to the lower part of the sidebar. Now it's above the footer.

      I have rectified my mistake and my layout picture above to compensate for this new information.

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      Thxs for commenting Paul. I realize that bringing more revenue for hubbers may have been the goal, but many feel the way it was done wasn't transparent or discussed clearly with hubbers.

      Yes, we knew the layout was going to change and hubbers thought that was how the income levels were going to change. However, as far as everything I read about the layout changes it was never mentioned that the layout changes would also involve moving the AdSense API spot to the bottom of the page. By making this decision you have effectively changed how hubbers can earn on the site. It's very much now a case of Adprogram or Adsense, even more than it was before.

      Also, I am confused that the Adsense API spot was in the sidebar as I was led to believe in was the in-content ad. Why is it then that many hubbers were trying to optimize the position of the in-content ad while on the HP Adprogram? Were they all wrong too? I find it strange that none of the experienced hubbers who have read this hub have ever thought to correct my mistake... (not blaming anyone as I really did think that was where the Adsense API was).

      Yes a few of us will be testing out the Adsense layout as well to compare and contrast.

      Also, you didn't comment on how the HP official layout in the FAQ section shows us the ad layout on the HP program being x but the reality is actually different...

      Paul please don't take this response to think I am against HP or that I have "attitude". It's hard to ask these questions without coming over in that way, but many changes have been made that perhaps haven't been explained in the right way or haven't really been explained at all.

    • Paul Edmondson profile image

      Paul Edmondson 5 years ago from Burlingame, CA

      @Lauryallan We are working hard to bring authors more revenue than they can get on their own. The tests we run show that the current layout is the best performing for Hubbers we have found. That said, you can run the AdSense only layout.

      There is a mistake in your diagram. The AdSense API spot was in the right sidebar, not in the content of the Hub where it's illustrated in the picture above.

      One thing you can do to see how your RPM changes is add up your total revenue from HP Ads and AdSense for HubPages and divide that by the total hub views for the same period and come up with a revenue per hub view metric. Then you can see how its changed.

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      Thx Kathleen.

    • Gulf Coast Sun profile image

      Gulf Coast Sun 5 years ago from Gulf of Mexico

      Hubpages became an outlet for my writing and not to make money, even though that would have been an added bonus. I do not have the patience or focus or time to spend checking on all comments, then earnings, than analytics, etc, etc.... I find it so time consuming and frustrating. Originally looking for work on and other writing sites made me stop doing that as well because so many wanted so much content for so little money ASAP. Anyway, voted up for a great article and looking forward to reading more of your hubs. Kathleen

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      Waw I woke up this morning to lots of comments and will try to respond as best I can.

      This is the first time I have really felt outrage from many hubbers at one time and was starting to think that most people were happy to be writers and let HP do as they will. Perhaps people are wising up and realizing there's more to the story.

      Thanks for all the comments (in case I don't respond specifically to your message).

      Highvoltagewriter - I know what you mean. I wasn't sure if I should write this hub for the same reasons. However, felt it was important to do so and so risk the wrath of those who change the rules. Also I think your comment shows how people feel almost censored here at times...

      Don I think even the success stories are struggling to make the kind of income they made before. For whatever reason their traffic is through the floor and I find it hard to believe that they are even making over $500 now with the same levels of traffic as I have (I'm making around the $200/pm mark). Some of them have pulled hubs and perhaps with the new layout and change in payments they might take more of their articles with them.

      Jen - I think people have been told by IM Guru's all over the net they can get articles for dirt cheap. I know I have read that millions of times. However, most of the really cheap writers are foreign and Americans or Brits can't survive on those low incomes. Also, the quality should be higher if it's coming from an English speaking naive, but they don't seem to take that into account.

      Insane, there are lots of opportunities to write articles for money at textbroker, but only if you treat it like a full time job and write as many assignments as you can. Also, they will earn for you once and never again. Once you stop, you stop earning money. Also, you have to write about what someone else wants and not what you want to write about.

      Trish check your stats to see if it's a seasonal thing. If traffic is down by a lot then it could be a seasonal thing. If your traffic is still consistent then it's probably an ad thing...

      Engineer that's so depressing to hear that someone could make HP into a decent part of their income and then have it all crumble away. I know that's not all HP's fault... but it continues to add to the consensus of not putting all your eggs in one basket. Sometimes I feel the HP basket has a huge hole in it to.... and the money is falling out the bottom.

    • Trish_M profile image

      Tricia Mason 5 years ago from The English Midlands

      Hi :)

      Thanks for this info! This sort of thing is just so confusing for someone like me, who is not really into SEO and adverts, but just likes to write ~ and hopes for a little financial reward.

      I used to receive about a dollar per day, now it's a few cents, but fellow hubbers have told me that this is a seasonal thing ~ a summer phenomenon.

    • profile image

      Arlene V. Poma 5 years ago

      Well, Jen, it's not gonna change. These sites want a writer's work for nuthin'. I told this last place to shove his $2.08 writing job, and he had the nerve to say, "Let me know if you want it or not." Jerk! Sure. I am just DYING to work for you, Fella! It's like these places think you can easily pull writing assignments outta your ass at anytime. Where did they get that information???

    • Insane Mundane profile image

      Insane Mundane 5 years ago from Earth

      One could always experiment with free-hosted blog formats, create your own websites with easy-to-use site building tools, or try new things. Basically, don't put all of your eggs in one basket, as the old adage states...

      A couple weeks ago, somebody was really bragging about how easy it is to make money over at, but I don't know how much truth there is to that, as I haven't checked it out yet. Good luck, guys... :D

    • profile image

      jenubouka 5 years ago

      So agree with you Don; I think you nailed it on the head for sure; I was thinking the same thing for another site that pays for writing.... Some client wanted 150 for 10 ebooks total! I told her that would be 1.87 per hour if and only if I could do each one in eight hours.....and only 15 dollars per week, WTF, man seriously. Plus she wanted all the rights published in her name. Yea flippin right....

    • Don Bobbitt profile image

      Don Bobbitt 5 years ago from Ruskin Florida

      DzMsLizzy, I think we need a revolution. "WE THE WRITERS DO HEREBY...... " and all of that.

      Honestly, these money sucking sites need us more that we need them. Let them live off of their half dozen or so "these Hubbers make over $1500 a month, and you can too" Hubbers.

      This whole concept that I am nothing but a writer who can be jerked around at whim and I will continue to smile while they kick me in the jewels is ridiculous.

      When I found HP, I thought that I had found a sight with integrity and that wanted good writers who want to improve their work and discuss each others writings.

      Not now! If you want to have a good score, for some reason you have to become a time slave to HP.

      Each day, you have to;

      1- log on and search and reply to comments on your articles.

      2- check your earnings to see if Google or HP have come up with yet another way to keep from paying at least a much as they paid you yesterday.

      3- You have to read other people Hubs for good content and you must have a certain number of comments. It doesn't even matter if you like what you read anymore, you have to comment.

      4- You have to SHARE, and PINTEREST IT, and share it on FACEBOOK to aggravate your friends, and on and on.

      5- You have to find new people to "Follow" because you must not have a stagnant audience.

      5- This stuff can take from one to several hours until you finally get to reading those Hubs that really interest you.

      And, you have to do these things almost daily if you want your mysticla Hub Score to stay up in an area where others will even scroll down to in order to read your stuff as a fellow Hubber.

      I WANT TO WRITE and I WANT TO SHARE MY WRITINGS with my fellow writers.

      AND, I WANT TO BE PAID A REASONABLE FEE for the ADS that are attached to my writings.

      I don't know! maybe I should get together with some venture capatalist's, and start my own business. Maybe I could be the Costco of writers sites and just take my 14% over operating costs and let the writers have the rest?

      What a concept! a real Writers Site, for Writers.

    • profile image

      Arlene V. Poma 5 years ago

      Right now, I'm not setting weekly deadlines to publish at least one Hub per week. Instead, I am taking longer breaks and enjoying my retirement because I am quickly losing interest in this site. I'm going to end up going full force on a novel that I started in 2008. Which, is a good thang because as writers, we aren't told squat. I see a lot of complaints and plenty of guessing why things are what they are on HP. I agree with Don. It would be nice to be told what's going on, but I'm not counting on it.

    • DzyMsLizzy profile image

      Liz Elias 5 years ago from Oakley, CA

      I hear ya, Don Bobbitt--I'm still pretty new to the whole 'money-making' concept on this site, as I wrote for at least a year without using AdSense or Amazon at all. Then, I was slow to add in the HP Ad program.. Now, just as I'm FINALLY starting to see it begin to pay off, they f** with the playing field and change the rules of the game! Boo, Hiss! I do believe I will put more effort and research into the e-book field.....

    • Don Bobbitt profile image

      Don Bobbitt 5 years ago from Ruskin Florida

      I am just tired of this Crap! How much time does a serious writer spend chasing a couple of Bucks?

      I m tired of Google Search constantly changing the playing field.

      I am tired of HP constantly changing their requirements.

      I want to write and discuss writing. And .... I want for the companies that are making fortunes off of ads attached to my stuff to STFU and leave my stuff alone.

      If they want to change the color of an orange to green, then Dammit, tell me it is green, don;t just let me look and see my earnings drop by 50% to 90% for days even weeks at a time, and just "let the stupid writer figure the changes out.... while we count our money!".

      AND...... If I have over 130 Hubs that were OK yesterday, then Dammit let them be OK tomorrow.

      I really do want to just chuck this whole "money making concept" with HP and pull my Hubs over to Books of short stories and poetry.

      At least, with an ebook or a real book, if I make a buck, on Amazon, or wherever, it will be for the same reasons tomorrow as it is for today! SOMEONE LIKED IT WELL ENOUGH TO BUY IT!

      I've been on HP for almost three years, and they, along with Google are really starting to PISS me off!

      Nuff said!

    • Highvoltagewriter profile image

      William Benner 5 years ago from Savannah GA.

      Of course it is all about HP increasing their bottom line.....and at our expense! I personally think the new layout sucks, but I should not say that to load for I do not want to bite the hand that PRETENDS to feed me!

    • Drea DeFoe profile image

      Drea DeFoe 5 years ago

      I really enjoyed this article. I am new to the HubPages community, and I am still learning how to monetize everything. This is article is very informative.

    • DzyMsLizzy profile image

      Liz Elias 5 years ago from Oakley, CA

      Thank you....

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      No problem Peter, I tried to make it as clear as possible and added pictures incase that was easier to understand. As a scientist you should be used to scruntinizing experiments and data no? Trying and experimenting to make stuff better.... Don't sell yourself short. I'm sure you could understand more about HP if you let yourself. Either way, I hope your wife enjoys reading my hubs too.

      Thank you

    • Peter Geekie profile image

      Peter Geekie 5 years ago from Sittingbourne

      Dear Lauryllan

      Thank you for what should be an informative article.

      I'm just a scientist and sadly understand little about this sort of thing (my wife does all this for me) I will ask her to look over my hubs and see what I'm doing wrong.

      Thank you again and please don't feel this is any criticism of your writing it's purely my shortcoming.

      Kind regards peter

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      Thx for coming back and giving us more information Izetti! Yeah I can see how inome would fluctuate more since it's based on clicks rather than impressions.... I think I wanted to do a whole month because then I could actually compare a whole month of data, but not saying you would have to do that.

      MsLizzy - You don't have to use all the google stats etc. You can use the HP stats which are more straightforward and easy on the eye. For your overall traffic levels click on the button for "my profile" (as in your profile) and then click on the "stats" button near the top. This is a graph of your daily traffic and will show you if your traffic is declining etc. Or you could look at the earnings report and if you select Adprogram from the drop down it will tell you how many impressions you got that day, so you'll be able to see if traffic is down that way too. This might be easier as it's right next to the earnings figure for the day too.

      Yeah WannaB Writer I am the same. I also made only cents but since the beginning of the year I have really ramped up my hub production and gained over 400k views. The HP Program also kept me going but I have to try Adsense now that my traffic is a lot more and because of the new layout.

      Also, now that I think about it logically... it could very well be higher, since HP pay for impressions they must be making enough money to give us our HP Adprogram earnings. They are mostly earning that money through Adsense on our articles (and other advertisers) so I guess as long as my 60% of the ad revenue is higher than the share I make through the HP program it will give me at least an indication of how much of the revenue I produce for the site and how much they are actually keeping. I won't know exactly but if I am getting 60% of the ads displayed and they are getting the other 40%...

    • WannaB Writer profile image

      Barbara Radisavljevic 5 years ago from Templeton, CA

      I never made more than a few cents a week on AdSense alone with all my sites combined. When the HubPages Ad program started, my income started to go up and I finally got my first payout in May. The cash is accumulating much fasted than it did with AdSense alone. Of course, the number of hubs I have added increased as well, since earning more with the HubPages ad program motivated me to write more.

    • DzyMsLizzy profile image

      Liz Elias 5 years ago from Oakley, CA

      Hi, Lauryallen, thanks for your reply. I don't know about my traffic--I mainly just write, try to do it well, and hope for the best. I mainly judge traffic by my income, (and to some extent, comments), so perhaps it has gone down. All the Google stats, analytics, etc., are just too much, and too mathematical for my poor old brain to grasp.

    • izettl profile image

      Laura Izett 5 years ago from The Great Northwest

      While google fluctuates greatly, it fluctuates day by day rather than by week so it doesn't even need to take a week to see how hp effects it, but I gave it a week anyway. I pay attention to weekly more than daily. I did this experiment a few times just to give hp a chance, but it didn't pay as much as google every time I tried it...and it took away so much from google.

      Glad you wrote this hub...I think people should try and see what works for them. That being said, I noticed hp was more consistent with daily totals but google more than makes up for it- i usually have a bad day and three really good ones, etc.

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      Yeah me 2 jen! I think the more people that particiapte the more stats we'll have to make a proper picture and actually have an aswer once and for all.

    • profile image

      jenubouka 5 years ago

      I am actually excited to do this in August and I hope others will want to participate so we (hubbers) can get an accurate idea of what and how...!!

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      your welcome - seems to be a busy night on HP. I always thought the weekends were the quiet days...

    • poshcoffeeco profile image

      Steve Mitchell 5 years ago from Cambridgeshire

      I may just do that, thanks for your speedy response.

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      You won't know till you switch back to Adsense only ads I'm sorry to say poshcoffeeco. Why don't you try it in August and you can share your stats when I make the follow up hub at the end of August?

    • poshcoffeeco profile image

      Steve Mitchell 5 years ago from Cambridgeshire

      Thanks for bringing this to light. I was just starting to increase earnings prior to the introduction of the new layout. Whilst I like the look of the layout I do now wonder if my income would have been more than the $2 to $3 per week I am making.

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      Anamika, I am surprised to hear that. I would have thought with so many views you would have had some decent Google adsense income before the changes.

      Your welcome Modern lady.

      Yeah moonlake, mine is very different. I haven't even made a dollar from adsense so far this month and I would normally make at least 20 times as much as that. That might not seem much but everything adds up.

      MsLizzy sorry to hear your HP income has gone down as well. Is this because your traffic has plummetted too by any chance?

    • DzyMsLizzy profile image

      Liz Elias 5 years ago from Oakley, CA

      Interesting. Originally, I was with AdSense only, and when the HP Ad program came out, I was slow to get on board, as I did not understand it well, vis-a-vis its relationship with Google, and/or why you HAD to be on the AdSense in order to participate in the HP program; it seemed to me that they should be separate entities.

      That said, I finally switched on the HP ads, and almost at once, my income increased, slowly, but steadily, to the point where I was making on average, $1.5o per day, as opposed to a few cents a week with Google alone. I have been known to comment in various places that I doubted I'd even live long enough to reach Google's payout threshold!

      Now, however, I've received THREE payments from the HP program! (And my income on a daily average was still inching up.)

      Then, as of the 4th of July, it plummeted down to about fifty cents. I put it down to the holiday week, figuring people just were doing other things. Perhaps as of this writing, (July 7th), we are still within that cycle, because I'm still under the $1. per day level.

      It remains to be seen what happens next. I am primarily here to write because I'm a writer, but a few payouts for some extra pocket change are nice. However, I'm no techie or SEO maven: all of that stuff confuses the H-E-double toothpicks out of me, and I just hang on and hope for the best. I don't think there's anything else we can do, for we writers certainly have no control over ad placement.....

      Voted up, interesting and useful.

    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 5 years ago from America

      I never made much with Adsense. Today I checked May and June. June is way down from May. Not that I'm going to miss any of it. It was that low. I guess I will stay with HP. This is a good hub. Voted UP..

    • Modern Lady profile image

      Modern Lady 5 years ago from Chicago, IL

      This is a very insightful hub. I knew there had been changes to the ad layout, bu I hadn't taken the time to figure out exactly what had happened. Thank you for presenting it so clearly.

    • Anamika S profile image

      Anamika S Jain 5 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

      I have seen a slight increase in the HP Ad Program revenue. I was not getting much as revenue from HubPages for Adsense ever since I switched to the Ad Program, so I don't think I am affected by the change. Awesome analysis, voted up!

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      Peggy, I would love to have an exception to the rule. All I am getting is a few cents a day. Clicks have disappeared and I can't see them coming back, until I switch back to just Adsense in august.

      Hopefully, at the end of august, Jen and I should have some stats to share.

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      CCahill, I am saying that we used to earn more through Adsense than we currently earn now from Adsense, while on the HP Adprogram.

      Izetti said that she made more when she switched back to just using Adsense, as she noticed straight away that HP had done something to our Adsense income.

      Now that the page has been redesigned there's no way to tell which way makes more money until you try both options out.

      I agreed with Jen to try it out from august onwards, as then we will be able to compare it to a whole month on the new layout on HP and then compare it to a whole month on the new layout with just Adsense.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 5 years ago from Houston, Texas

      I have never switched off the HP ads since they started, but I must admit that I was earning more with Adsense than recently. Generally it is now only pennies a day with a rare exception to the rule. I hope that you keep us posted as to which is better for you...pure Adsense or a combination of the HP and Adsense ads. Thanks! Voted useful and interesting.

    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 5 years ago from England

      Hang on.. Are you saying that disabling Hubpage ad's it gives greater priority to google adsense, which pays out more on average? alot more?

    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 5 years ago from Florida

      This "thing" with ads is SO confusing to me. I had a blog using Adsence and even after 10,000 views, I did not make payout with them.

      I have never used Adsense here because of that experience. Am I missing something? Maybe I should do both???

      Great Hub. So glad you took the time and energy to write this. I voted UP and will certainly share!

    • mecheshier profile image

      mecheshier 5 years ago

      Very informative Hub. Well researched and great advice. Thank you for sharing. Voted up for useful.

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      Hey izetti, that's great to hear!! I was dreading going back to just google ads but if my experience is anywhere as good as yours I am looking forward to it.

      You are a hubber I love to follow so thank you for commenting on this hub!

    • Dr Pooja profile image

      Dr Pooja 5 years ago

      I am a newbie with just 20 hubs to my credit but I can only see HP earnings and no Google Ad Sense earnings.Frankly I am toatlly naive at earnings part but will try and figure out how the new format can affect people like me

    • izettl profile image

      Laura Izett 5 years ago from The Great Northwest

      I noticed right away within a week that my google ad clicks were down and making much less money on there than on hp ad program- that being said, I shut off the hp ads and make more money now with google- way more than before.

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      Thank you DoM. You would think as a writer that if you take care of producing quality content then HP will look out for you. It's easy to forget that companies don't work that way...

      Thank you for sharing too.

    • Daughter Of Maat profile image

      Melissa Flagg OSC 5 years ago from Rural Central Florida

      I'm another one of those writers that is to busy writing to realize what's going on with the ads on the pages. Although I should pay more attention since I'm trying to supplement my income with writing. It seems with all these changes that HP is indeed giving the HP staff a raise. The writers are what make this site, they should be rewarded in a way that reflects that. But, alas, greed conquers all.

      voted up and shared!

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      Hey pp73, thx for reading my hub about the movement of the direct google ad. Sorry it was hard to explain it properly in the forum as it has had such a drastic impact and hasn't really been announced properly, I feel.

      I think it helps that I add each every individual hub link to my google adsense account. This allows me see exactly which hubs were getting clicks. I say were because I haven't had a single google adsense click since the new layout launched.

      The other analysis comes from comments left in the forums, in the HP FAQ section, loading HP pages etc. It's from all over I guess, trying to paint a true picture rather than the glimpses here that are hard to put together.

      Yes if you stick with the HP adprogram I would bet that you will have even less adsense clicks than you did before, if you even get 1 click I'd be highly surprised.

    • peoplepower73 profile image

      Mike Russo 5 years ago from Placentia California

      Lauryallan: Excellent, excellent explanation. I track both my google adsense account and hp account through google analytics and I can see why adsense dropped off so much, while hp has increased. I just didn't understand it. But with your excellent article, I do now. My better judgement tells me to stay with both, just to see what happens.

      How were you able to do all this research and analysis? You are an asset to the hp community. Voting Up, Very, very useful and definitely sharing.

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      Thank you Arlene. There are so many aspects to HP that it can easily become confusing. Add in a layout change and it's a whole new ball game.

    • profile image

      Arlene V. Poma 5 years ago

      AWESOME PRESENTATION. I am too busy working on my Hubs to even notice the new HubPages layout and what it is doing to my revenue. You have convinced me to check it all out and not to be satisfied with hitting payouts. Need to get to the real deal of this ongoing saga, so I waiting for an update from you! UP+++ and everything else. And saved as a base for more Hub layout studying!

    • How-to-crafts profile image

      How-to-crafts 5 years ago from Ireland

      It is hard to know which to choose. You have explained the display of ads very well. I will stick with the Google Adsense for now I think

      Shared on Twitter. Voted up and useful

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      Hey that's great jen! We can compare stats and get a fuller picture.

      Yeah I agree with the smelly picture you paint. You have to do what's in your best interest. You can't rely on others to do that, unless your interests are aligned. In this case, I don't believe they are.

      Any feedback would be great and would help build a fuller picture and give us more direction to go on.

      Thank you for being the first to comment! It's an awesome comment and shows the frustration felt by many hubbers around the world.

    • profile image

      jenubouka 5 years ago

      I am in with you; I will switch to just adsense in August and if you do a follow up hub I am more than willing to share my experience. The one thing I am surprised (again, banging my fist on wood) is how my views have steadily risen and keep doing so; perhaps it is the time of year. Tell you what; a fart in the wind has a better chance deciphering certain details among this site as well as the Google Gods. All the same; while I like seeing that HP earnings double every month; my curiosity must be put at rest as to what really will work best for me. I do hope that others will join in the conversation and provide any soluble feedback.

      Thanks so much again!!

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      Thank you for your response jenubouka. Glad to see you agree with me and that I explained it clearly enough.

      I really thought I was hitting my head against a brick wall in the forums so decided to write this hub to explain what's really going on. I think lots of hubbers are writers first and don't really understand the changes HP have made or how it negatively impacts them.

      I tried to stay balanced in my hub about the new ad layout (probably unsuccessfully) but I agree with you. I really feel like it's HP that's benefitted from this new ad layout and not the writers. It now seems to be a case of either earn through the Adprogram or through Adsense, whereas before you could earn through both.

      I am really struggling through this issue myself. I first turned on the HP Adprogram in Jan 2012. It has worked well for me, but this is probably because my views have drastically increased over the past few months. Now I need to see how well that traffic converts into clicks and now the only way to do that is by switching off the Adprogram completely, which I am going to do at the beginning of August.

      It's the only way any of us can now see which way makes more income.

      I'm sorry I can't tell you the best thing to do as each persons account will be different. All we can do is test out both options for a month and see which one earned more based on traffic etc being equal for both months.

      Please let me know if you do this too and what you're results were. Of course, if you do change to Adsense only then you'll be limiting HP clicks to 40%. Whereas with the HP Adprogram they are technically getting 100% of your ad clicks (except for the one ad that you are paid directly for above the footer). Seriously, how many people are ever going to click on that ad?

    • profile image

      jenubouka 5 years ago

      Well done! So awesome; this is the first hub I have seen that really explains what the hell is going on. IN the beginning, on one of the forums one of the HP staff stated that I could just switch off HP to receive my Adsense; I was a bit pist and stated that I should not have to choose and I am fine with the layout but not cool with the redesign of ads.

      To me, it appears that we are participating in an increase of payroll for HP staff; and I have been on the fence whether I should try to shut off HP ads and go to only Adsense.

      Here is my deal; in the last 4 months I have started to receive a payout from the HP ads it started at the bare minimum and has almost doubled. Now, while others are dropping in traffic, views, clicks, money since the new layout; I have been unscathed; in fact my traffic is up (banging on wood right now to not jinx that) as well as the earnings from HP. As you wrote; Adsense is like a cent to three cents a day; the most I made there in a month was less than 20 bucks. So what should I do?? I don't know if I am getting impressions or if I would be getting more on clicks?

      Sorry for the ramble; just really appreciated your awesome and straight forward hub on this new debacle with HP.


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