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It is possible to come back from Panda and Penguin down ranking

Updated on November 11, 2012

Panda's Are Cute: Googles Panda Changed SEO

Google Panda Changed The Way SEO Works.
Google Panda Changed The Way SEO Works. | Source

Tips For Search Engine Success

  • Only create high quality content. This is number one. Google can tell sh## from shinola and will penalize and/or completely skip over poor content.
  • Content should be relevant to the subject matter in the title and sub titles.
  • Beware of link scams. Only use high quality, relevant links. You don't need links from a medical supply office if you are selling pet food and no one needs links from porn sites.

Google Changes SEO: Changes Affects Us All

It is without a doubt that Google affects us all. The search giant has been affecting our worlds and how we use the internet since it first went online. Since then, Google has been defining the way search operates on the internet and what it means to be a "good" website. Several really important changes have occurred over the past year that have had a wide ranging affect on how search returns are ranked and displayed for users. The changes have cute names like Panda, Venice and Penguin but do not neccessarily share the same characteristics as their namesakes.

Just what do the changes mean for the internet and the greater online community? Quality. The changes are all aimed at screening out low quality, irrelevant and out-of-date content. There is no reason for a search for pizza delivery that originated in Florida to return a result in New York City. Likewise, when I search for news on a subject, I do not need to get a headline with a date more than two years old. All the changes imposed by Google are trying to keep fresh and relevant content at the top of the rankings.

Unfortunately, the Google search spiders are mere digital algorithms and cannot actually read content in order to rank it. The spiders are looking for recognizable practices that it can use to rank web sites with. The problem is that is a lot of useful, quality websites are getting penalized and losing ranking. Some of the things that are hurting good websites are poor link quality, out of date or irrelevant content, key word stuffing and general over-optimizing. The good news is that a truly good website can overcome the negative impacts of the new search criteria.

Penguin Stands Guard On The Internet

Penguin stands guard over the internet. Penguin ranks content quality of your site and that of your incoming links. Content is now more important than ever.
Penguin stands guard over the internet. Penguin ranks content quality of your site and that of your incoming links. Content is now more important than ever. | Source

How to overcome the Panda and Penguin Updates

There are a number of ways to overcome the negative impacts of the Panda and Penguin Updates. The difficulty of fixing the problems depending on how your site is built and the amount of low-quality links and content you have out there. For some sites it will be easier and more cost effective to start over.

  • On page content - Your on-page content should be highly informative and relevant to your goals. Over optimization and high ad-to-content ratios are a big negative to Google. On page links should be relevant and not hyperlinked to hokey or unnatural keyword phrases.
  • Links - examine your current inbound links and make sure they are all relevant to your website. Links need to be related to your content, fresh and permanent. The quality of your links is as important as the quality of your website. Buying thousands of links from unrelated content sites will hurt your rankings.


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