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Fiona/Keema - Standing in the Face of the Wind

Updated on October 31, 2012

This is a lens about - ME!

I thought it was probably about time to write a lens on the one person I know most about in the whole world - myself. I've caught the lens writing bug, and have been searching around for some inspiration to create another one, and had a look at my good friend Sammie's lenses. She's written a brilliant one about herself, and I can only hope that I'm able to create one as original and clever.

It's thanks to Sammie I discovered and joined Squidoo in the first place, and I am thoroughly enjoying it!

Here we go!

Fast Facts about Fi!

  • I'm a 1984 baby, New South Wales born but Queensland bred.
  • I have one sister and no brothers.
  • I have several honourary brothers and sisters.
  • I spent four years working in the personal insurance industry, mainly home insurance.
  • I have a Certificate II in Library and Information Services which I completed over a 12 month traineeship at the Southbank Institute of Technology in 2003.
  • I worked for Logan City Council Libraries for three years after I finished my traineeship.
  • I completed my Certificate II in Makeup Services through the Academy of Makeup in Brisbane in August of 2012, which makes me a qualified MUA! (Make Up Artist).
  • I love my dog, Sugar, a Mini Fox Terrier.
  • I am passionate about suicide prevention and awareness.
  • I was a Commissioned Leader in the Girls' Brigade for 2 years, and one of the girls from age 7 to age 17.
  • I'm a past member of the Association of Apex Clubs of Australia, an Australian made service club for men and women aged between 18-45.
  • I am an Whovian, and damn proud of it!
  • I love creating things: art, craft, writing, scrapbooking. I'll try anything once.
  • Because I try anything once I have boxes and boxes full of unfinished art and crafts.
  • I love to read. LOVE IT. There's so much out there to read!
  • I love spending time with my friends more than just about anything else in the world.
  • I adore music. I just don't have any particular talent for it myself.
  • I am a published poet.

My "Doggie Daughter" Sugar

My "Doggie Daughter" Sugar
My "Doggie Daughter" Sugar

Why Keema?

"Keema" is an American Indian word that means "in the face of the wind". I liked the sentiment, it reminded me very much of our family motto: Fortis in Arduis, which means "brave in difficulties".

Life is like.... the Apex Australia Mission Statement?

Grow, learn, make friends, have fun helping others.

There's sooo much to see, do, learn, try, and create in life, and I have always thoroughly enjoyed expanding my education with just about everything I come across. Having attended a book presentation by Sir Richard Dawkins at the Brisbane Writers' Festival 2010, I have rediscovered a facination with physics, which I hope to expand my knowledge of in the very near future.

I've been travelling around my home country of Australia, and to date have been in every state and territory except for Western Australia and the Northern Territory. It was certainly a learning experience to go on a three-week driving holiday from Brisbane to Tasmania and back again! I had a wonderful time, stopping and seeing many cultural and tourist attractions along the way, and taking the opportunity to renew old friendships and create and reinforce new ones. I'm dying to plan the next one!

There's few things I love to do more than give gifts to people. My friends will tell you that I am generous to a fault, and it's totally true. I am not happier than when I am giving things to people to make them smile, and that's why I love being part of a service club and helping people. There are so many sad situations in the world, it's a joy, honour and privlige to be able to make a difference somehow.

You know those little desk calendars we all have at work, with the thought-provoking words of wisdom on the bottom? I love them! I love being challenged to think outside the box, and some of them are really profound. Someday I hope I come out with such wisdom when it's asked of me.

Some of my favourite quotes

Home is not a place; it is people.

- Aral Vorkosigan

Reputation is what everyone else knows about you. Honour is what you know about yourself.

- Aral Vorkosigan

Trouble is part of your life - if you don't share it, you don't give the person who loves you a chance to love you enough.

- Dinah Shore

Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.

- Goethe

Time heals what reason cannot.

- Seneca

Apex Travels and Adventures

Apex Travels and Adventures
Apex Travels and Adventures

Some different things that I like that you might like too

Young Miles (Miles Vorkosigan Adventures)
Young Miles (Miles Vorkosigan Adventures)

Only the best sci fi ever written!

Sigma Beauty Dry'n Shape
Sigma Beauty Dry'n Shape

I would cal this an essential tool for those who want to keep their makeup brushes in tip-top condition.

Here And Now
Here And Now

One of my favourite - and arguably one of the best ever - albums.

I love how some of the songs tackle tricky social issues and have a strong, positive message behind them.

Sigma BBLU Mrs. Bunny Essential Makeup Brush Kit
Sigma BBLU Mrs. Bunny Essential Makeup Brush Kit

A whole kit of vegan brushes! Good for those who are animal friendly and sensitive.


The Many Faces of Me

Click thumbnail to view full-size
With my mate Kelly out at Queensland Raceway, Ipswich, Queensland.With my mate Nicole infront of the Storey Bridge, Brisbane, Queensland.With young Master Jag.At Sunshine Castle, Bli Bli, on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.From my makeup course; Leah did a great job on me!Self portrait; early days playing with makeup.I've - got - my grey hat onnn...With "uncle" Sean at Apex National Convention 2010 in Ulverston, Tasmania
With my mate Kelly out at Queensland Raceway, Ipswich, Queensland.
With my mate Kelly out at Queensland Raceway, Ipswich, Queensland.
With my mate Nicole infront of the Storey Bridge, Brisbane, Queensland.
With my mate Nicole infront of the Storey Bridge, Brisbane, Queensland.
With young Master Jag.
With young Master Jag.
At Sunshine Castle, Bli Bli, on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.
At Sunshine Castle, Bli Bli, on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.
From my makeup course; Leah did a great job on me!
From my makeup course; Leah did a great job on me!
Self portrait; early days playing with makeup.
Self portrait; early days playing with makeup.
I've - got - my grey hat onnn...
I've - got - my grey hat onnn...
With "uncle" Sean at Apex National Convention 2010 in Ulverston, Tasmania
With "uncle" Sean at Apex National Convention 2010 in Ulverston, Tasmania

If you take nothing else away, take this. - from Professor Richard Dawkins at the 2010 Brisbane Writers' Festival

Don't ever take the fact of your existance for granted. NEVER say you're bored or you find life dull or monotonous. Because the fact of your existance is the most staggering fact that you ever have to be aware of. In particular the fact that you are capable of being aware of anything at all. It is an astonishing fact that the world of inanimate physics, starting with the explosion of the Big Bang, should culminate in the growth of such complexity of organisation that brains eventually appeared that were capable of comprehending, of understanding, that process.

So treasure every second of your life. Because it's unique, it's special, and it is extrodinarily unlikely to have happened.

And yet, here we are.

Then and Now

Then and Now
Then and Now

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    • tfsherman lm profile image

      tfsherman lm 

      6 years ago

      Nice to meet a fellow librarian AND Whovian

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great to get to know you on here! :)

    • KeemaWolf profile imageAUTHOR

      Fiona Findlay 

      7 years ago from Queensland, Australia

      @SusannaDuffy: Yeah, I am actually! I rather like it; I try to be mindful of it much of the time.

    • SusannaDuffy profile image

      Susanna Duffy 

      7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Are you a FIndlay? It's a good family motto - ours is "Furth, Fortune, and Fill the Fetters". I should revert to my maiden name!

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 

      7 years ago from Central Florida

      It's always interesting to see into the lives of our fellow lensmasters. There are quite a few library people on here.

    • unstucktheory profile image


      8 years ago

      Wow! Those words above from Professor Richard Dawkins are very powerful. Great lensography, and great to see you out and about in Squidoo land :-)


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