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Lee Holden

Updated on January 13, 2014

Me, Me, Me!!

Hello there, and welcome to my lens all about... erm... me!

For those that don't already know me, my name is Lee Holden and I've started using Squidoo just recently as I've heard it's pretty awesome (and I'm yet to be proved wrong!)

Anyway, I hate writing about myself but Squidoo recommended I did it so here goes!

I'm a born and bred British man. Currently on the darker side of my twenties. I've taken to the Internet as a hobby/potential source of income besides from my current full time job.

I find myself slowly developing into an Internet Marketer and SEO expert, working on a variety of different projects for myself and for my company. I currently own 40 different websites that I am working on at the moment (workaholic alert!!)

When I'm not bashing away at this silly keyboard, you will usually find me playing sport (golf, squash, football), at the gym or with friends (I do have some, honest!). I support the football team Sheffield Wednesday which if you know anything about the beautiful game that is football, they aren't particularly great - but I was born in Sheffield so I've stayed loyal!

I'm also on the following networks:

Twitter: Follow me on Twitter: LeeStewie

Linkedin: Find me on Linkedin: LeesHolden

Well, I think that's it for now. It wasn't too painful for me... hopefully you made it through without drifting off to sleep! :)

LeeStewie - SEO Expert! - #1 Ranking in 2 Months

My first ever SEO video! I created this video to talk through a recent project that I was delighted to get ranked as #1 in and! The keyword produced 12,100,000 results so to come up number 1 felt AMAZING! I achieved all of this by on page SEO and a small combination of off page techniques.

If you have similar aspirations from your site and have a potential opportunity for me to achieve this on your behalf, you can reach me via the First Page Ranking website.

My Favourite Books - LeeStewie's favourite reads

In my spare time, I do like to read when I get chance. Here are some of my favourite books that I would strongly recommend:

Lee Holden's Sites

For those of you who are interested, here's some of my core sites that I run:

LeeStewie as a Squid

Using Squidoo

I joined Squidoo yesterday (Boxing Day 2012) as it was recommended to me by a friend.

I have to say, I'm pretty addicted to it and I've only created 2 lenses so far!

Why am I using Squidoo? I have so much to talk about and I think I've finally found a great platform to do so with people who want to also talk about the particular subject area. And if I can make a few quid whilst writing, then I'm on for a definite winner!

I've heard rumours of Squidoo lens of the day and all that type of thing which would be epic if I achieved such a feat, but for now, I'm happy just to write and hopefully keep the reader interested in the things I write about :)

UPDATE 01/02/2013: I've been on here for a month or so now and I'm really enjoying it! I've got 26 lenses currently and I've got sooooo many trophies! Onwards and upwards!

Sheffield Wednesday - The Football Team I Support

Sheffield Wednesday
Sheffield Wednesday

Photo Courtesy of yellow book via a Creative Commons licence

Ok, the subtitle above maybe a bit of a lie, but when you support a football team.. that's how you portray them!

I was born in Sheffield a longggg time ago now and ever since I've supported the blue and white side of the city! I don't actually live in Sheffield (or Yorkshire for that matter) but I do get to go a few games a season.

You can see all the information you could ever need at the Sheffield Wednesday homepage if you are interested in reading more about them. But I want to talk about my experiences with them.

My earliest memories of supporting The Owls (their nickname) are as follows:

Beating Man Utd 2-0 at home back in the late 90's (or possibly early 00's!)

Beating Sheffield Utd (our arch rivals) in the FA Cup semi final in '93

Losing in both cup finals to Arsenal in '93

Sitting underneath the Liverpool fans at my first ever game, scared they were going to throw things at me

More recent:

The heartbreak of relegation on the last day of the season against Crystal Palace (2010)

The euphoria of getting promoted on the last day of the season versus Wycombe (2012)

The future:

Not getting relegated in 2012!

Getting promoted back to where we belong in... 201?

Ok - one fact before I end my rambling - Why are Sheffield Wednesday called that? Answer: they were previously a Sheffield cricket team who played on a Wednesday. They started the football team as they were wanting to find a sport to keep fit during the winter months.

LeeStewie's Goals

Here is my list of things that I want to accomplish:

  • Become a millionaire before I'm 30
  • Run a profitable business
  • See the world

If you've visited this page, don't leave without saying hello. That'd be rude otherwise... ;-)

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    • leesholden profile image

      Lee 5 years ago from Derbyshire, UK

      @Wednesday-Elf: Haha I do indeed - don't get me into that debate RE: Football and Soccer! (it's obviously called Football by the way!) ;-)

    • Wednesday-Elf profile image

      Wednesday-Elf 5 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

      Hi Lee. Welcome to Squidoo. It's very nice to meet you and learn a thing or two about you. :-) Since you are British, I 'assume' when you talk about your favorite sport 'football', you mean what we here in America call 'Soccer'. LOL. Enjoy Squidoo... and best of luck with you online ventures! I'm sure I'll be 'seeing' you around.

    • leesholden profile image

      Lee 5 years ago from Derbyshire, UK

      @racingdatabase: Thanks very much. Not sure how I got it to the position it's in, as it's been all on a very minimal budget (just lots of blood, sweat and tears!) Sounds like you've been in the business a while then - and you must clearly have done alright to still have the drive to carry on with it ;)

    • profile image

      racingdatabase 5 years ago

      @leesholden: Page #1 for "free online dating" - I'm impressed. That's good going mate. My partner and I had a few dating affiliate sites about 12 years ago, seriously that long ago, which we sold off eventually, so I know that there's good money in that game!

    • leesholden profile image

      Lee 5 years ago from Derbyshire, UK

      @racingdatabase: Nice to meet you Atholl :) Haha I know the feeling - when I first signed up, I was creating lenses out all over the place! Just watch out or it'll eat up ALL of your time!! ;)

    • profile image

      racingdatabase 5 years ago

      @leesholden: Hi Lee, my name is Atholl by the way, I need to write a proper profile page and will do soon :-) I do freelance marketing work for a big web design company in Edinburgh actually and deal with a lot of SEO/SEM type work myself. This is a personal project though and now that I've found Squidoo it's becoming rather addictive! Thanks for your message, I'll see how it goes too....

    • leesholden profile image

      Lee 5 years ago from Derbyshire, UK

      @racingdatabase: Hey, thank you very much! As you can see, it's all still relatively new to me Squidoo - but seems to be a bit of fun whilst working, so what the hey! Heard some really great things about it from an SEO point of view but hard to really analyse with my lenses being so new though. Google seems to love Squidoo so it's hard to see how it can hurt either way :) I see you're using it for a similar benefit with your website - hoping it works out for you as (in theory) it should :)

    • profile image

      racingdatabase 5 years ago

      I looked at a few of your lenses today Lee - nice work! How do you feel about Squidoo from a SE point of view? I see that you're using it to help rank clients sites etc.

    • kmhrsn profile image

      kmhrsn 5 years ago

      Nice to meet you, Lee, and thanks for reading my first Lens. I hope to expand it, and add others, but my guess is that will primarily be a weekend pursuit for me. I'm looking forward to reading more of your lenses, and wish you the best of luck in reaching your goals.

    • Heather426 profile image

      Heather Burns 5 years ago from Wexford, Ireland

      Welcome to Squidoo! nice to meet you.

    • darciefrench lm profile image

      darciefrench lm 5 years ago

      Nice to meet you Lee Holden :D