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legal assistant jobs

Updated on February 24, 2009

Where & How

In reading your request, I'm not sure as to what your asking about legal assistant jobs. Where they are or how to obtain them.

For the latter, a good resume for starters, certification, associates degree or bachelors degree would help along with some experience. Which brings me to the former.

You can obtain these positions in a lot of business entities, just depending on how you feel about working in certain speciality fields of law. The first are every lawyers or legal firms dream, since most are on very tight budgets. They are internships and volunteers. Sometimes if you do a good enough job they will hire you either full or part time. Contact your states bar association, as well as your county and surrounding counties. These places have a magazine they publish for attorneys, it has a classified section. Place a ad 'Wanting to work', the best time is just before spring, or winter when most go on vacation or their secretaries do and they need someone to office sit while either is gone.

Also give the 'Bar Association' your information they also have attorneys just starting out that need someone, which could be the start of a wonderful long lasting employment and friendship. Its like you'll be in on the ground floor when they start their business. Go to your local courthouse, ask if they have a board that you can post your business cards, or fliers. I'm sure you must know someone that is a lawyer as well. Inform them, if they don't need someone, they have friends that will at some point in time. How fast can you put together a legal brief? Well, if very fast and even more accurate you could try this, sit down at the county courthouse clerk filing office. There is always an attorney that forgot a print out of a new law, or needs a form to be filed out. And you just happen to be there Lap top and portable printer in hand. Trust me it works, I use too.

How about Process Service. What is that? When the lawyers, clients (Plaintiff) are suing someone (Respondent), they usually contact that counties Sheriffs' department. You, can offer to serve the paper, its not at bad as you may thing. Its Not at all like 'Mad Dog' bounty hunter, though it can be. And you can also check with security offices they also do process service. I'm sure they could use the help. It'll give you the chance to get into another entity of law. That part was my favorite. I build up a wonderful report with my regular people I had to serve found some great places to eat, shop and discovered new places to take my kids too. And I learned the highways and byways. Yes, I did run into those individuals that just had to mess up your day. Just over look them.

But,the greatest ones were the ones that tried to avoid the service. That is where all those years of watching those detective programs comes in. Yes some of those things work. It becomes a came of out foxing the fox and the best way to do that is to be yourself, as if you were the character. For example, delivering a package, personally to the person. Flowers and candy work wonders. Delivered by a 2 to 3 size to small shirt, with a Chippendale body. Or if male, Hooters attire, damsel in distress. Both works every time. I love a good challenge so that is why I loved it. Miss it too, Lots.

Now for the volunteer, part habitat for humanity is always looking for legal assistant volunteers and lawyers. You could get matched up with a lawyer needing good assistant. You could even met up with former president Carter and now Vice President Biden, both volunteer with Habitat. Check also with Legal Aide they always need volunteers. Oh all of this will look Great on a resume. These are some other entities that have need of legal assistants and some private organizations need court lesions.

  • Women Centers (check local colleges)
  • Real Estate agency
  • Battered Woman's Shelters
  • States Attorney office/Juvenile division
  • Non-Profit organizations
  • Housing Authorities
  • Craigslist
  • Churches (The members sometimes need someone to draft simple, complex wills of various types)

Go to places that you know are frequented by attorneys, the YMCA, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, A bowling league, PTA (you don't have to be a parent), Hooters, Uno, TGIF, Buffalo Wild Wings. And the food is good too.

Hope this helps, Blessing on everything. Oh if anything you can also start your own company and work freelance.


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