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My Giant Squid Story

Updated on May 21, 2013

Lensmaster MarcGuberti Finally A Giant Squid!

During the middle of May, after my second application to become a Super Giant Squid, I finally made it with over 100 lenses. I got the news around night. I got 50 points, and I didn't publish a lens recently. I thought I got 2 Giant Squid Likes, but instead, I became a Giant Squid. With over 100 lenses, I hope to eventually gain more honors as a Giant Squid.

My First Month On Squidoo

On my first month on Squidoo, I had 25 lenses, and I wanted to be one of the only squids to apply for giant hood within the first month, but with only 25 lenses, 1 bad lens could penalize the rest. I nominated myself when I had 45 lenses, but I was annoyed to figure out that I was not accepted. However, that gave me a new confidence and a new passion to continue on Squidoo.

My First Attempt

On my first attempt to become a Giant Squid, I only had 45 lenses, and I applied on April Fool's Day which apparently wasn't helpful to my goal of becoming a Giant Squid. Most of my newest lenses were rushed, and my disapproval made me want to make those lenses better.

My Second Attempt

I made my second attempt to become a Giant Squid during the beginning of May. Then, in the middle of May, I got good results. You can now see my Giant Squid trophy hanging on my shelf. I was enjoyed that I became a Giant Squid.

Are You A Giant Squid?

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    • snazzify lm profile image

      Katie Harp 5 years ago

      took me a couple attempts to make giant squid also! now I'm at the 100 level. :)