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My Thoughts About Squidoo

Updated on June 29, 2013

What Kind Of Opportunity Does Squidoo Give?

Squidoo gives you the opportunity to write about what you love while making money (and sometimes a good income) at the same time! Squidoo allows you to be yourself, interact with other lensmasters (people with the lenses) just like you in the SquidU Forum. What's better is that Squidoo gives you access to Google Ads and affiliates that are hard to obtain, and it is especially hard and long to obtain Google Ads these days. Squidoo gives you everything that anyone can ever ask for.

What's On Your Mind

For over 90% of your lens ideas, if it's okay with you, then it's okay with Squidoo, but some topics are just not allowed. For example, showing the world how much you hate someone or something on Squidoo is a big NO! However, you can write about almost anything in the universe. I write about Yugioh Cards, and Squidoo takes it. My best lens is about Legos, and no one seems to mind. In fact, I got over $30 from Amazon Sales in the first two months (to be paid to me later). Writing about what you love couldn't be easier.


Amazon, eBay, Etsay, and Zazzle are some of the many affiliate options offered on Squidoo. Squidoo offers affiliates and makes it like 1, 2, 3 to get those products on your lens (Squidoo calls their websites lenses). Nope, you don't have to tell them your security code to get this one. All you have to do is to have them pay you though PayPal.

Why Only Squidoo?

Squidoo teaches you many things as well as that there are more options ahead as well. For example, I am just about done with a website that will promote my 2 eBooks, and I hope to create my own iPhone app soon. I will most likely find other methods, but I am using Squidoo and trying to find new ones along the way.

Squidoo Gives You The Foundation

And Then Shows You Other Places

I now write for Zujava as well as Squidoo. It is easier to get a Tier 1 "leaf" for Zujava, but the pay isn't as good as Squidoo....yet. Squidoo gave me the foundation to write online to make a good income, and now I am testing other options as well. Thanks Squidoo.

You can join me on Zujava too! If you can create a lens, then you can definitely make a leaf!

Join me, it's free!

Squidoo Inspires Us To Create More Lenses aka Websites

Squidoo will inspire us to create more lenses. For example, are you an expert at something? This was a Squidoo quest that involved lensmasters who wanted to create a lens about expertise. The reward was a whooping 300 points. Squidoo wants your expertise on their pages, so they inspired us to create lenses about our expertise.

Squidoo Does Pay

When I was new to Squidoo, I didn't believe that I would get my money, but after my first sale, I was convinced that I would get something. I honestly don't like the 2 month waiting period because it was very discouraging to work and not get paid for that time span.

However, everyone, I did make my money, and with some Tier 2 and Tier 3 lenses in the first month, I made $31, and some of that money went to charity! You can earn on Squidoo, but it takes a long time. Patience and dedication are key factors for successful years on Squidoo.

What Was Your Journey On Squidoo Like? - If you never used Squidoo, are you leaning towards it?

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