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Short lenses are best

Updated on November 15, 2014

I Say Short Lenses Are Best

Short. Sharp. To the point.

Short lenses are focused.

Short lenses are easier to create.


This pointless paragraph is a waste of space to force this lens to comply with Squidoo's draconian practice of requiring more characters in the Intro Module. I disagree with this practice because Short lenses are best!

Do You?

Short lenses are best?

This module is intentionally left blank.

This text was intentionally hidden so the module appears blank.

HubPages Extended Content

The Summary and this capsule have been added to the above original Squidoo content to make this hub not "Overly Promotional or Substandard".

If you have read this far, you will realise that this is not an "Overly Promotional" hub. The only thing being promoted is short concise writing that is clear and to the point. No waffle. No extraneous descriptive flowery language. While short concise writing is something you can buy, this hub is not directing the reader to purchase it, but rather encouraging the reader to do it themselves.

The algorithm determining that the content could be "Substandard" due to it's shortness is disproved by the fact that this content was awarded a Squidoo Lens of the Day for it's originality, and over time has attracted a large number of views and comments.

© 2014 Peter Murray


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