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Squidoo Lens Ideas and More!

Updated on May 21, 2013

Squidoo Lenses

Squidoo lenses are similar to blogging platforms like Wordpress, but they have many more features. From the background selection to affiliates and modules, there are so many options on squidoo. Find the right options to make the best lenses at the perfect time of the year. Jump right into the squidoo lenses that can make you a success.

Holiday Lenses

Holiday lenses are probably the most successful lenses of them all--when that holiday is coming close. Squidoo lenses based on Halloween get a lot of viewers on September 1. The 1st day of the month before a holiday is the point when it gets a lot of views. So, November 1 is the best time for a Christmas lens. It's not a secret that holidays are very popular at their time. You might have to compete with thousands or even millions of lens masters for the best lens ranking on squidoo. If you start a Halloween lens on September 1, then it is too late. All of the other lens masters will probably beat your lens in every category of the lens ranking. However, what if you could get your Halloween lens rank down to only 1,000 BEFORE September 1? That would be awesome right? Then, you can use widgets to show off all of your other lenses so that they get more publicity as well.

The secret to having the best holiday lens is to start literally 6-7 months early. Most people won't write about Halloween at this time. Instead, springtime has been a dominating topic at squidoo. It is practically too late now to start since you would have to compete with many other lens masters. However, if you plan ahead for that Halloween lens, your lens rank will go down when you add content either way. Then, you are at a low ranking of 1,000 (in this case, even 5,000 is good). That's what 6-7 months of squidoo can do to a lens. Be number 1 now and start a holiday lens 6-7 months BEFORE the holiday occurs.

Don't believe me about the Halloween lens? It's right here at

Squidoo Community

I started a lens on the Squidoo Community 3 days ago. Now, it is ranked about 39,000 for all lenses and has a 274 ranking for Squidoo Community. I did this for 3 days, and it is the most progress that I have ever made with any lens (for the time duration). To reach this point, some of my lenses took longer. In fact, some of my lenses with a greater lens rank are no where close to the Topics rank. In case you are wondering, the lens above is the very lens that I am talking about.

So, yes, it is my best lens as far as topic ranking and growth speed. I wonder what would happen if you put a lens under the topic squidoo community and than change it when your lens about something else is doing good. There is nothing relating to this matter in the Squiddon'ts. I have never tried it, but I will soon and get back to you all when I do. It may take awhile, so if anyone has done it before, please feel free to tell us all about it.

A lens under the Squidoo Community Topic will grow faster than any other lens of any other topic!

Why So Many Lenses?

In squidoo, stopping is not an option! In order to keep on having low lens ranks, you must create different lenses. First of all, creating squidoo lenses gives you more points on squidoo which allows you to access more modules and backgrounds, etc. You can also advertise your other lenses on each other by using widgets (please see for more information on Widget and more)! Then, your best lens might bring viewers to another lens that isn't doing as well. That ultimately leads to a lower lens rank and more money ($$$) from squidoo. With a wide variety of topics, people with different interests will find you. For example, if you write about Legos all day long and nothing else, then you won't be getting any Yugioh Card fans to your lens. If you make a lens about Yugioh Cards, you get people from that interest. Extend your boundaries and write about birds or baseball.

I'm not telling you to write lenses about legos, yugioh cards, birds, or baseball stuff. However, I am telling you that if you have a variety, you will get more people. Justin Bieber and Eminem are complete opposites. Why not write lenses about both? Then you get readers from both sides. That is the main goal and it can only be achieved by making more squidoo lenses!

What Does Every Lens Need?

Out of all of the modules you can add to a lens, the About Me module is the most important one. Tell them who you are, show them when you started squidoo, show them how many lenses you created and how many you have commented on. The About Me Module shows your Top 5 lenses right now, and it allows your viewers to see all of your lenses if they click on your username. If you are confused about the About Me Module, then you can go down to the bottom where I added mine.

Don't be like this guy when you have a squidoo lens!

Squid Angels

Why Are They So Important?

Today, I am proud to announce that my Squidoo Tip and Lego Station lenses were blessed by a Squid Angel. Why are they so important? Well, if they like your lens, that lens rank encounters a turbo boost making it go down even further. So, to sum it up, everything is going right if you get Squid Liked by a squid angel. For example, my first lens to be squid liked by a squid angel was my Yugioh Cards lens. At the time, the lens rank was about 122,000. After the blessing by the squid angel, that lens' lens ranking dropped down to about 63,000. Before that, I was updating that lens once, and then I took a break. To sum that up, my lens rank was like a roller coaster while my Lego Station lens succeeded n every way possible. After that, I worked on the Yugioh Cards lens every day and still do. It has helped my work on ALL of my lenses EVERY day.

I Challenge You!

I would like to challenge you on a quest. In the end, you will have made over 500 points if you do the Quest successfully.

Here is the Quest:

Recently, I have been making new lenses every day for a couple of consecutive days. So, I challenge you to make at least 1 lens (or more) every day for 1 week and update each one every day. That's 7 lenses to care for plus your original lenses before the quest. You must update these lenses with a couple of modules such as the Amazon module, add Widgets, and more (for more on those, please go to You will get points for some of those additions, and you always get 60 points per lens for an intro picture and publishing. Putting up modules will sometimes give you points as well. Unlocking trophies gives you 100 points for a published lens. If your lens has good content, it will have a low lens rank resulting in more Squid Likes and comments (more points). If you do this quest successfully, you will have earned 500 points yourself.

This Quest is not on and your point reward is earned through the work. Don't give up on any lens because they earn you money and more people will be able to know who you are.

Please Tell Me When You Have Completed the Quest!

Will You Start My Quest?

See results

The Simple Squidoo Equation

More lenses=More money

I haven't received my first paycheck yet, but I can tell you that I am experienced in my expertise on this topic. I have looked on other squidoo lenses, and the main message is simple. Whenever you have the best or worst lens ever, you will still make money from it. The lower the lens rank, the more money you make. So, having 14 lenses gave someone $6.75 on his/her first payday, and it can do the same for you. That doesn't even include Amazon. So, if you want to make a lot of money on squidoo, you need a lot of lenses. The Giant Squid members are probably making $1,000 from their lenses since they have 50 or more. So, do you want money to knock on your door? Then the answer is simple: create more squidoo lenses!

Squidoo Community

One thing I have realized is that if you write about the squidoo community, squidoo will adore you! You get a low squidoo community ranking which means a low lens ranking! Widgets will help out in exposing your other lenses as well (widgets are explained in great detail at So, if you have published 1 lens already, then I highly recommend writing one for the squidoo community!

Get More Views

SquidU Forums are a great way to get more squid likes and views. Don't be afraid to tell others about your lenses. Go to SquidU Forums right now! I'll wait for you to come back.

Top 10

A good lens for anyone to create is a Top 10 lens for any topic! I am going to write a Top 10 about Yugioh Cards when a problem is fixed with me publishing lenses. Everyone else should start their way up to the Top 10. All I know is that when I watch Sports Center, I'm looking for the Top 10 plays and the always funny "Not" Top 10. TV Shows always get more popular with a Top 10, and so will your lenses. I have seen lenses like 1000 things to do before you die or any other kind of countdown or list. Those lenses have had LOW lens ranks.

Click Here to see my lens on the Top 10 Yugioh Cards. It is a new lens that I published less than an hour ago. Of course there will be more content later on, but this is to give you an idea.

Loooooooooong Title

To have a successful lens, you must have a long title. I learned this one last night and the title of my best lens was simply "Legos." Then, I made it "New and Retired Legos-The Lego Station." You can still find it at the same web address, but changing the title tells your viewer what this lens talks about. The simple term "Legos" is too brief. Is is Lego Star Wars, is it Lego Trains, or what else? The longer title usually tells your reader what this lens is about. The longer the better (but don't make it a paragraph long!) Don't make it as long as supercala....., but you get the idea.


Celebrate the Holidays!

St. Patrick's Day is coming up soon, so for a limited time, this lens and some of my others will have the St. Patrick's Day background. Your lens doesn't have to be about St. Patrick's Day to have a Saint Patrick's Day background. Celebrating the holidays with everyone else might just give you more views.

Do You Love Squidoo?

Well, if the answer to that question is yes, then you should start writing a lens about Why I Love Squidoo (well why you love squidoo, but you get the idea). I have seen a couple of lens masters write lenses about this and they have a lot of good information. Tell newbies what it feels like to be a squid, squid angel, or giant squid. If you give the readers your personal experiences, then you will succeed.

Inspirational Books

When I needed confidence to continue using squidoo (during the first days), I often looked at inspirational quotes. Some of the quotes were really good. One of the quotes said, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."-Aristotle. All of these famous quotes help me today and made me a better person. In fact, I have one quote that I made myself, "There are no limits to success,"-Marc.

Learn life lessons and gain a new confidence when you encounter the old and new aspects of your life. Live the quotes and become a better person.

Bad Days

Get Through Them!

No matter which squidoo member you are, then you have most likely approached a bad day for your lens ranks. They may go up by a big or small amount. Well, my Squidoo Tips lens went up to Tier 3, but at about 10,082, that lens will become a Tier 2 tomorrow. So, lens master will encounter a bad day, but it is how we get through these bad days that make us better. To get through a bad day, just add more content and go on the SquidU forum.


Another great lens to create is one about quotes. I realized this yesterday and went to work on this lens right away. I've added 3 Inspirational Quotes with credits to their authors and I had 1 view on the first day of this lens' launch. A lens about quotes is very easy to make, so you might want to start too.

This is my Intro Picture for my Quotes Lens.

Squid Angels

Why not make a lens about Squid Angels? Every Squidoo lens master wants to receive a blessing (though not all may admit it). People like you may want to find these squid angels so that the Squid Angels can find you. A lens that showed every Squid Angel ever would be a great discovery. I know only 1 lens that does this right now.

Make Lenses Based on Quests

Pi Day is the event that give me the idea, so that is why you see a Pi sign. Today's Quest is about finding a lens about Pi, pie, math, or Albert Einstein and Squid Liking it. That gives you more visitors. I have 7 visitors at my Pi lens, a new high. So, if you see a quest lens that you could write about, then don't wait! You may have to wait for next year, but the lower the rank, the higher your lens' place in the order.

Social Media

One lens that I saw awhile ago about Twitter had hundreds of Squid Likes, hundreds of Facebook likes, and a very low lens ranking. Making a lens about the uses of Twitter or Facebook could be a big advantage. You can get people from all over the web since Facebook and Twitter are trending topics. In fact, almost 8 billion people use Facebook, so even if you get only 1% of the population to look at your lens, then you're getting about 80 million, just from that 1%. So, I think it is a good idea to write about Social Media. People would want to know the advantages and disadvantages of using Social Media.


If you are doing a holiday lens, then this one is for you. In the themes category, you can change your background to fit a season, a holiday, what you are writing about, and more! It is always a good idea to preview the theme first, but changing your theme would never hurt.


What are your goals on Squidoo? You can easily turn your goals into lenses.

YouTube Video Lens

YouTube Videos are definitely humorous these days, especially those Angry Birds videos. Then, why not create a lens about YouTube videos? You could write a lens based on your own YouTube channel! Once I have 30 videos, I am definitely going to write a lens based on my channel. More views and more subscribers is always a good thing on YouTube.


Writing a lens about your lens tiers is a great idea, and you can tell others how much you get paid based on Tiers. You can also make predictions for the next Tier payout in a year. When Squidoo began, Tier 1 lenses made about $8 and Tier 2 lenses made only .17 making Squidoo a very hard place to earn money. Now, Tier 1 and Tier 2 lenses make way more money, and those dollars will get more abundant every time.

Bring Something New To The Table

If someone offered you either a phone or a teleportation device, which one would you pick? The teleportation device is most likely at the top of your list because phones are common and billions of people have them. However, there aren't too many people that can say, "Oh, I have a teleportation device." The teleportation device is something new, and with no one else creating teleportation device, that person's business would be the only one and the go-to information about teleportation devices.

No one is going to create the teleportation device anytime soon, but you can write about something that has never been written about before. For example, I have a Squidoo lens based on teens on squidoo where I share my experiences of being a teen on Squidoo while making a good income at an early age. There is a lot of privilege to be on Squidoo, and I share it right here.

Now, what is your idea that no one has even thought of yet? Don't say it until you actually create it and make it a reality because there is one big problem with sharing ideas early. On the internet, some people look for and steal other people's ideas. Plagiarism is the most serious case, but there can be others, so please don't tell anyone about your new idea until it is live.

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      5 years ago

      Another incredible lens....smh right now! lol. Really good stuff

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      6 years ago

      Yes, I do like your guide. I should make one of these kind of lenses someday too. :)

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      6 years ago

      Good info. Thanks.

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      MartieG aka 'survivoryea' 

      6 years ago from Jersey Shore

      Lots of good advice! Thanks :>)

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      6 years ago

      Good info. Been very helpful.

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      6 years ago

      great tips and lens advice, appreciated.

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      6 years ago

      Lots of good info here - I'll keep coming back to this. Thanks

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Nicely done on this lens - keep up the awesome work! :)

    • jethrosas profile image


      6 years ago from Philippines

      I love this lens of yours. Keep giving us more squidoo tips. :)


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