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Squidoo Trophies

Updated on March 9, 2014

Squidoo Trophies

On Squidoo, you can earn trophies for the good things that you do as a Squidoo member. Unlocking squidoo trophies gives you a lot of points that can give you the access to the best backgrounds, modules, and more on Squidoo. Each trophy stands for an accomplishment that you have done on Squidoo. I will show you all of the trophies that you can unlock on Squidoo with this lens!

Newbie Trophy

For creating an account on Squidoo, you will be awarded with the Newbie Trophy. You always start out with a trophy because no one wants to have an account with 0 trophies. This is the newbie trophy for joining the Community of Squidoo members.

1st Lens Trophy

The 1st lens trophy is awarded to you when you complete and publish your first lens as a Squidoo member. The first lens trophy inspires you to create more lenses so that you can earn more trophies, more points, and more rewards.

2nd Lens Trophy

The 2nd Lens trophy is awarded when you publish your second lens. The second lens trophy shows you that you get a REWARD for every lens you create. You don't get a trophy for every lens you create, but you do get rewards. More money, more points, more background, and yes, EVEN MORE is rewarded to YOU when you make more lens. The 2nd Lens Trophy is for inspiration.

5th Lens Trophy

The 5th lens trophy is earned when you have published 5 lenses. The 5th lens trophy shows that you are getting a feel for Squidoo and by now you have probably passed Level 10. The backgrounds will play a big part in your Squidoo career at that moment. Now, you will have to be prepared to update 5 lenses a day!

10th Lens Trophy

The 10th lens trophy is awarded to you once you have completed and published 10 lenses. When you have 10 lenses, you may start to realize the work you must put in for Squidoo. Having 10 lenses is the start of something greater (even more lenses). Now, as you progress with your Level, Squidoo will ask you to publish a couple of lenses to get the feel for it.

21st Lens Trophy

The 21st lens trophy is awarded when you publish your 21st lens. When you have the 21st lens, you will probably have a Tier 2 lens already as well as experience for Squidoo. The next goal to reach is the 25th lens trophy, and then the Giant Squid trophy!

25th Lens Trophy

The 25th lens trophy is awarded to you when you have published 25 lenses. Upon unlocking this trophy, you get a ginormous 200 points! The 25 lens trophy is there to show that you know what Squidoo is going to be like and there is no turning back. Also, once you have 25 lenses, why not try for the Giant Squid?

50th Lens Trophy

Going from 25 lenses to 50 lenses is a big step. You don't get trophies for the 30th, 35th, 40th, or 45th lenses that you create. So, getting those trophies get harder, but they are possible. There is a new squid monster on this trophy shows you that you are a member of the elite members of Squidoo. By now, you must be getting some good money on Squidoo with 50 lenses.

75th lens trophy

There's no reason to leave squidoo now. With 75 money making lenses, you have a lot of interests and time. 75 lenses are a lot, and you must be a Giant Squid by the time you unlock this trophy.

99th Lens Trophy

This is the last time you will see the blue squid monster for a lens trophy. With 99 lenses, you have a good reason to celebrate, and the anticipation for the 100th lens must be stacking up high.

100th lens trophy

You've completed a century's work! With 100 lenses, you have surpassed double digits and have all the right to celebrate. This is the first of many purple squid monsters that you will encounter when you reach the hundreds.

150th Lens Trophy

By now, you must know how much work you need to put into Squidoo everyday to keep all of your lenses weekly updated. The 150th lens trophy shows that there are no limits. If you can manage 150 lenses, then why can't you manage more lenses?

200th lens trophy

When you unlock this trophy, Squidoo reminds you how you and Squidoo celebrated your 100th lens just yesterday. That is rarely true, but they give you the impression that you published 100 lenses in 1 day. See what else you can do on the next day.

250th Lens Trophy

Once you see this squid monster with a lollypop, you know that it's time to celebrate. The 250th Lens Trophy gives you all the right to celebrate and have a snack. How much money are you making from Squidoo now?

300th Lens Trophy

Now you're really getting the hang of making and working on lenses. 300 lenses means. You should be making over $100 a month with Squidoo. The 300th Lens Trophy is an honorable trophy to unlock.

400th Lens Trophy

The 400th Lens Trophy is awarded when you have created and published 400 lenses. You might want to hang in there, because getting from 300 to 400 is hard and is the biggest difference that you will see in lens creation per trophy (that changes later on). With 400 lenses, you must be able to do Squidoo in your sleep.

500th Lens Trophy

The 500th Lens Trophy is a rare trophy that not too many people have (and can manage all 500 lenses). 500 lenses show that you can go infinity and beyond. Squidoo celebrates with you and caps everything in the trophy description. The first 2 words are HOLY BANANAS! You can imagine what the rest of the message says.

600th Lens Trophy

This is the first and only time a squid monster is seen with that hat on, but 600 lenses is way more than the first lens you started with. You deserve a celebration hosted by Squidoo in your honor. There are still more trophies to collect, so there are more reasons of why to create even more lenses.

700th Lens Trophy

You will most likely not live for 700 years, but celebrating 700 lenses is a great occasion. Now how much money are you making on Squidoo? Thousands a month or ten thousand a month? When do you eat or sleep? Well, by now, Squidoo thinks that you are a machine that they love. They also wonder where you get the time to complete this spectacular feat.

800th Lens Trophy

Your swimming with the Blue Whales now. 800 lenses is way more than 1, 2, 5, or 10 lenses. 800 lenses is even more than 100 lenses as well. You have every right to celebrate, and you only see this Squid Monster 2 more times when you unlock trophies based on lenses.

900th Lens Trophy

The 900th lens trophy is awarded to you when you have created and published 900 lenses. This trophy shows that you are very comfortable with Squidoo and will be most likely working on your lenses for a living. Show off your 900 lenses with the 900th lens trophy!

999th Lens Trophy

This is the last time you will see this Squid Monster in a trophy based on creating lenses. The 999th lens trophy inspires you to make your 1,000th lens right away so that you can celebrate. Look at the Squid Monster. He's ready to celebrate.

1000th Lens Trophy

By now, you have been sworn into the Squidoo Hall of Fame. 1000 lenses started with that 1 lens that then made a big impact on your squidoo career. 1000 lenses is a lot to care for, but it is manageable. By now, you must love squidoo and be a squidoholic.

The squid monster for the 1000th lens trophy looks amazing too.

1500th Lens Trophy

You're like a Squidoo Freak right now. With 1,500 lenses, you might be a millionaire at this point. This trophy is rare, and not too many people have it. If you want to wow your friends, then unlock this trophy and go infinite and beyond.

2000th Lens Trophy

Do you remember the first time you started Squidoo? Well, with this trophy, you will most likely remember and want to continue even more. If you aren't a millionaire now, you might want to complain (just kidding). The 2000th Lens Trophy shows that you have created 2000 lenses (or websites) from scratch. You have all the right to grab a birthday hat and join the Squid Monster.

No one has unlocked this trophy yet, but you can be the first one in the world!

2500th Lens Trophy

The 2500th Lens Trophy is a galaxy far, far away from the 1st lens trophy. You must be a billionaire at this point because creating and publishing 2,500 lenses is a great accomplishment.

No one has unlocked this trophy yet, but you can be the first person in the entire world to unlock this trophy.

3000th Lens Trophy

3000 lenses is far from 2500 lenses. It's a big Squidoo Party, and you get more than a birthday hat this time around. The 300th Lens Trophy with an extra 0 at the end is the 3000th Lens Trophy.

No one has unlocked this trophy yet, but you can break the curse and be the first person ever to win this Squidoo Trophy.

3500th Lens Trophy

Did you make over 10 million dollars on Squidoo yet? Wel, you most likely will when you have the 3500th Lens Trophy on your shelf. Will you be the first one to get the trophy?

4000th Lens Trophy

The 4000th Lens Trophy is awarded to the lens master with 4000 published lenses. This trophy is a masterpiece and shows your viewers a monumental task--accomplished.

4500th Lens Trophy

The 4500th Lens Trophy is an awesome feat that no one in the universe has unlocked. You must be making an average of $2,000 a week with 4000 lenses.

5000th Lens Trophy

You are the king of Squidoo! No one has gotten the 5000th lens trophy ever, and it is very likely that only 1 person will get this trophy. Who will get it first? Will it be you? Then, you can go the SquidooHQ and ask for a 10,000 lens trophy!

50th Squid Like Trophy

This is the first trophy awarded based on you Squid Liking other lenses. The 50th Squid Like Trophy is the starting point to Squid Liking more lenses.

Super Squid Liking Trophy

Now, you have Squid Liked over 100 lenses! Now, you can make that become 101, then 102, and even then 103. There is no end to how many lenses that you can Squid Like.

Colossal Squid Liking Trophy

The Colossal Squid Liking Trophy is awarded to someone who has Squid Liked over 500 lenses. Talk about a generous squid! You Squid Liked 500 lenses...I wonder how many points on Squidoo that is.

Squidliking Marathon

The Squidliking Marathon Trophy is awarded to any lensmaster who has squid liked their 1,000th lens. The Squidliking Marathon trophy shows other members at Squidoo that you come by often and visit many lenses. The Squidliking Marathon trophy is a great one to have.

Epic Squid Liking

The Epic Squid Liking trophy is awarded to the lensmaster who has liked 10,000 lenses. The Epic Squid Liking trophy is hard to get, and anyone who has it should be considered a very generous squid.

How Do You Like The Trophies?

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Sometimes its hard to find a likeable lens. Thanks for this lens.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      likes 10,000 lenses? That's a lot!

    • Just-a-Day-Dream profile image


      5 years ago

      i can't believe 5000 is the max lenses right now

    • Just-a-Day-Dream profile image


      5 years ago

      lots of lens

    • katrinakaifg profile image


      6 years ago

      wow! amazizg

    • OrlandoTipster profile image


      6 years ago

      Mind boggling?

      Wonder how you can view leaders?

    • designsbyharriet profile image


      6 years ago from Indiana

      I think they are addictive and there is no cure.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Collecting these trophies is so much fun!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Love getting trophies, up to 41 trophies myself!


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