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My Squidoo Scroll of Originality

Updated on September 12, 2012

I have received my own Squidoo Scroll of Originality!!

Thank you, Megan and the rest of the faithful Squid Team for recognizing our efforts to produce well-thought of and original lenses.

Here is the message I just received from Squidoo:

You have a singing telegram. Okay, it doesn't really sing. But it is a telegram of sorts.

We wanted to share with you The Squidoo Scroll Of Originality. It is a handshake, a thank you, and a reminder to keep writing original lenses. Lenses that no one else could have written better or more uniquely than we know you can. (And many of you do!).

It also comes with a few extra tips for crafting lenses that stand out from the crowd and reach their (and your) full potential.

We hope you'll give it a read. (Or our blog post about this stuff). And thank you for being here.

--Megan and the rest of your faithful SquidTeam

The Scroll of Originality

I'm quoting this from the Squidoo Scroll of Originality

Content is king.* You've heard the saying. But what kind of content? Is some content not king (or queen)? Is there a standard for great, high quality, remarkable content? You bet.

We at Squidoo believe that original, handcrafted, written-and-loved-and-tended-by-you content is not only the most enjoyable to write, but also the most useful for readers to discover, and the most likely to get spread to other people.

Even better, let's put a face on the word 'content.' On its own, 'content' is a broad, generic, vague term. What we've found works best for our Squidoo writers is opinion content. First hand reviews. Recommendations. Storytelling. Experience sharing. As we said 5 years ago when we started the company, Squidoo is an opportunity for you to share your point of view, your take on a specific topic. That's why lenses are called lenses -- they snap your point of view in to focus.

This is a handshake, a thank you, and a reminder to keep writing original lenses. Lenses that no one else could have written better or more uniquely than we know you can. It also comes with extra tips, to save you from spending time and energy on a low-quality, non-original lens that winds up getting removed.

The best rules of thumb for creating original content are:

1. Write about topics that interest you. When you're interested and have an opinion, it's easier to make a great lens.

2. Push yourself to create. Creation means building something from scratch. And it's extraordinarily rewarding when you do.

3. When you quote from or cite other sources on the web, link to them. Only quote small excerpts. Even ask in advance if you're not sure. And better yet -- follow it with your own unique perspective on that information.

4. Do the same for product recommendations. Even if you don't have first person experience with the product, you surely have an opinion about whether you wish you did, and what you might do if the item landed in your lap!

5. Achieve balance. If you handcurate and quote other sources, be sure to add plenty of your own original content to the lens at the same time.

6. "Duplicating content" isn't a great practice, and if there's too much duplicated content, that means it's not unique to your lens, right? It could get removed. If it's plagiarized (meaning, you use too much of someone else's content, or you don't cite even the smallest amount), your lens will get removed for sure.

7. Try original, with a twist: Be the editor in chief of a conversation on your lens. Even if you don't write it all yourself, moderating and adding context to other people's comments creates unique collaborative meaning.

This is an agreement to create, craft, build, bake, innovate, write, opine, talk, storytell, review, recommend, and stand out from the crowd. That's the magic of Squidoo. Thank you for being here.

By continuing to maintain and publish lenses on Squidoo, you are pledging to craft original, unique lenses. We at Squidoo are pledging to you in return that we will continue to support quality work and will help remove low-quality, aggressively non-original lenses.

Content is King

In this article, the author says that Squidoo loves content that's why they have written a manifesto about it which they call The Scroll of Originality. But I say that Squidoo not only loves content, but it also loves original and well written content.

Here is a great lens on how to spot original from duplicate content:

Original vs. Unoriginal Content: How to tell the difference">

Have you received your scroll of originality?

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    • momscorner profile image

      momscorner 5 years ago

      @jethrosas: For me it's not ok to add duplicated content. Thanks for the suggestion but I'm fine.

    • momscorner profile image

      momscorner 5 years ago

      @jethrosas: Yes, i copied the Squidoo originality pact to highlight it in my lens, to inform readers that that is the content of the originality pact. I just want you to know that I know the rules on plagiarism. I don't copy other people's work because I'm confident I can produce my own original work.

    • jethrosas profile image

      Jethro 5 years ago from Philippines

      I don't know if what I am feeling about this lens is just a duplicated content. Sorry for this but it seems that you've copied all of the squidoo content from this . This letter I think is for everyone not only for specific squid. Anyway, I know you have no reason of doing this. In fact, I squidliked it. If you believe that I am right, maybe just add more content. It's okay to add duplicated content but it should be minimal and add more of your original content. Keep it up! :)

    • howtocurecancer profile image

      howtocurecancer 6 years ago

      I don't think so...I'll check again.

    • SylviaRolfe profile image

      SylviaRolfe 6 years ago

      I got mine, and I think it's a great move.

      Too many lenses seem to be scooped up from other sites, without so much as a mention as to the original source.