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How to make Top 10 Lists a Success on Squidoo, or other Websites

Updated on January 23, 2013

How to Make Money with Top 10 Lists

I was introduced to the notion of Top 10 lists while a member of the defunct RocketMoms, which has been updated as RocketSquids, a program available to all new lensmasters.

Suprisingly, my first attempt, although not a big money maker, after 3 years is still one of my Top 10 pages (lenses). I've since learned how to pick topics that are popular, and earn some income at the same time. :)

In this lens, I will share a simple way how to drill down to a target niche to make your list successful. You may even earn $$$ right away. :)

MoneySquid added courstesy of Greekgeek

Step 1:

Focus on a Topic you enjoy... and know about!

Like Keurig Coffee Brewers

Step 2:

Find a tighter focus (niche)

Like Keurig Coffee K Cups

Step 3:

Find an even tighter niche

Like your Favorite K cups

~or~ Great Fall Flavors for K cups

Step 4:

Earn page popularity or $$$

You've done a great job if you can do both.

Seasonal/Year vs. "Evergreen"

You can have huge success, for a time, with a focal year and/or season (Top 10 whatever of 2012), but...

I've discovered I prefer evergreen pages that can be updated for the newest products every year, season, or whatever the case.

Poll: Do you have any Top 10 lists on Squidoo?

Do you have any Top 10 lists on Squidoo?

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SoyCandleLover-Maker (SoyCandleLover) on Twitter.

Squidoo Giant RocketMom writer living just south of Rochester, NY. Loves living Green, Gardening, 80s, Movies, Reading, Music, Twilight, Glee, Quizzes & Polls.

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