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How and Where to Buy Unique Content

Updated on April 2, 2013

The Best Online Article Writing Services

If you are good at writing, creating original content for your sites can be fun. But, if you decide to scale up your activity it soon turns into a time-consuming chore. A big hurdle that every webmaster with multiple online assets has to overcome sooner or later is figuring out where to buy unique content.

I have been buying articles online from content services for over a decade and I here list of a couple that are useful. If you are looking for quality essays, corporate press release writers, financial guest bloggers or technical white paper producers, you will not find them here. All of these writing services are brokers and supply easily digested content with prices under 10 bucks for 500 words. Some are good for your money site, some are better suited for links.

Unique content does not have to be very expensive. But the saying that you get what you pay for is very true when it comes to budget articles. Online ordering systems make it easy to go on a shopping spree but be prepared that the cheaper your buy, the more time you will need to dedicate to filter and often edit the content you are getting.

Here are my reviews of some affordable online article writing services that I currently use.

Image by mzacha

iWriter - The Best Article Order System

best online article site with order interface
best online article site with order interface

This site is cooking. A recent 30 day period showed more than 250,000 articles requested. Over 100,000 writers have signed up and are getting close to having produced 3 million articles.

In such a dynamic environment, it goes without saying that a couple of bad apples do slip in. The good news is that you are allowed to check your written article before any funds are transferred. You can either request a edit, or you can completely refuse the material which then goes back into the writer pool as a open job.

Turnaround for medium level writers is pretty fast. Results have so far been good. I have declined about 25% of the material I have gotten. These articles then automatically go back in the pool and have come back from some other writer with good results.

I only order from medium level writers (called Premium). I suggest you do the same. Once you get the content, go through it with care and make necessary minor adjustments. If you want the best quality for your site, take it up a level and order from the highest level writers.

You can order articles in English, French and Spaninsh form the iWriter site.

Good interface with job history and favorite author profiles. iWriter Website

Produce the Content Yourself

Buying content is not something I suggest you do as the foundation of your business. There are many reasons why writing your articles yourself is the right way to go:

buying content can become quite expensiveyou may have issues with the quality of the content you are paying formost publishing sites demand a higher standard of writing than what you will get from most purchasesthe key to success is "voice" and a personal stuyle, that is something only you can provide

Here are a couple of resources which may help you improve your writing. If you have lots of ideas but don't really enjoy writing, take a look a Dragon Naturally Speaking, the nr.1 voice to text program.

Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home Version 12 Speech Recognition Software with Microphone
Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home Version 12 Speech Recognition Software with Microphone

This is a dictation program that translates your spoken words into text. It works extremely well, although you have to train it to recognize your particular way of speaking.

If you are a slow writer but a fast speaker - this is the program you need.


How I Use Dragon Naturally Speaking
I write a lot of articles myself. Sometimes I also use a voice recognition software called Dragon Naturally Speaking. By dictating and getting a realtime transcription, it is easy to get quick ideas down for later editing. Click to read my review.

Reid Writing - Highly Recommended

Redi writing native english article writers
Redi writing native english article writers

Every webmaster should know that not only original, but quality content is the most important cornerstone of a successful website. Just because a article passes Copyscape and has no spelling errors, does not make it quality content. There has to be substance and a understanding of the expected use for the content. This is where writer services like Reid Writing come in.

The Reid Group offers writing at a slightly higher cost than the other sites reviewed here but this is still a very inexpensive alternative to spending time doing all the writing yourself.

The results I have been getting for quite some time now are outstanding at this price point. There are 2 caveats though. One: compared to the other services I am reviewing here, the user interface lacks a bit. You can easily order online, but there is no member interface where you keep all your order history. The second thing to consider is that if you order product articles they will all have a very similar structure. This is not a negative since the structure is a proven format - just something to be aware of.

This is where I go when I want unique content that will not need any editing and which is specifically tailored to proven style. Give them a try! Delivery is through mail, so make sure you enter a good email address when ordering.

Excellent content supplier recommended by Jan Roos and Nate Rivers Reid Writing

Fast online article writers
Fast online article writers

Article Teller - Speedy Content Delivery

Some people call Article Teller a iWriter clone. Brad Callen may have been first with his service but there are only so many ways that you can design a good content ordering interface and many services have similar user interface and functionality.

Clone or not, Article Teller offers the same services: a easy way to post your writing job to a large pool of writers. You also have the option to refuse or request rewrite before the payment for your article is deducted from your balance.

Pricing at this service is slightly lower, with 500 words from a mid-level writer costing 5 dollar. I haven't used this service for very long but so far results are ok with the quality lead still going to my starred services above.

This service seems to have a lot of writers on-board. Very fast turnaround. Article Teller

Pro's and con's of ordering online articles.

Most online content producers have a website that is a ordering portal. The job goes out to all writers (or specific level writers). While this facilitates quick turnaround, you are always working with a middleman.

How do you prefer to buy content?

See results

Seo Generals - Clunky Interface and Yo-Yo Results

I have been using Seo Generals was one of the first online services I tried many years ago, and at the time, being able to order content through a website like a cutting edge revolution.

In the beginning, results were pretty good. year by year I feel their output is more and more random. This may be because of poor writer screening, or wrong categorization of writer levels. The ordering interface has also seen a slight makeover and I can't say it is for the better.

Comparing ordering system, price and results to other comparable services, there is not much that speaks for them at this time. One positive is that they do offer seo services through the same portal.

Seo Generals were pioneers but other services have superseded them. Poor interface and poor results.

What About Buying Articles From Fiverr?

My advice on buying Fiverr content gigs: don't.

Most Fiverr "writers" don't write their own material. I have no hard proof but base my verdict on material I have received, and recognizing how outsourced cheap content generally reads like.

Most Fiverr gig holders act as intermediaries and outsource the bulk production to the cheapest writers they can find. Gigs also come and go and if you manage to get some quality stuff, next time you want to order the gig has moved or ceased to be.

In a nutshell: I do not recommend buying content from Fiverr.

Ranking Articles - Lottery Articles

Ranking Articles - or "articlewritingetc" which is what your paypal receipt will show - have been around for quite some time.

I have only used them sporadically and done small tests now and then, but the quality of results has never been consistent and never been anything to get excited about. A couple of time you might win the lottery and get articles that are pretty ok, but the majority seem to have been rushed together with poor grammar, lots of filler text and minimal research probably based on PLR (just a guess). Lack of proper syntax and grammar makes these articles something that at best can be used as backlink content.

The low result was true when I first tried them in 2009 and on every test I have since made, up until the last one done just a couple of weeks ago. Their only competitive aspect is price. Ok site for backlink content.

Bottom line : Cheap content for backlinks. Not recommended for any of your own sites.

Kindle Publishing - How To Sell Your Own Articles

How to Publish and Sell Your Article on the Kindle: 12 Tips for Short Documents (2017 update)
How to Publish and Sell Your Article on the Kindle: 12 Tips for Short Documents (2017 update)

With one of the most highly rated Kindle publishing books, Kate provides a complete walk-through on how desktop publishing nowadays works. The Kindle is the center of focus but a lot of the information applies over any content publishing you may undertake with the aim of making money from it.


I hope you found this lens useful!

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      You have just solved one of my major issues online: producing enough quality content. There are only so many hours in a day... Thank you for the super leads! You are right, SEO Generals is a loss of time.

    • jolou profile image


      5 years ago

      I have written lots of content for iWriter, but have never requested that anyone write for me. I'm going to check out Article Teller. Thanks for the tips and reviews of these different sites.


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