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Why I SQuiDOo

Updated on October 8, 2014
Zodiacimmortal profile image

I was previously a writer on Squidoo 2008- folded. I write about entertainment, crafts, writing, beauty and anything else that inspires me

Squid WHO! What!?

What is Squidoo...

For me that is hard to define as, like a real squid has tentacles Squidoo to me is many things.

An outlet for my writing to name the number one thing. I won't go on as there is a list WHY TO SQUIDOO and a section why I do.

Some people have said they never heard of Squidoo; I first heard of Squidoo years ago when my local paper did an article on it in its infancy.

I would describe Squidoo in the form of a better version of Wikipedia. The people are passionate, do the research and try to be sure they don't write false information (as I have found a time or 2 on Wiki though I do not recall the subject matter however, someone I follow on twitter has also tweeted that Wiki is where you find false information.

So Squidoo WHO would be passionate writers wheather they be novice or better writing articles on things they love as well as participating in quests (little missions given to us from Squidoo as prompts for inspiration.)

(Squid What)Lenses what you are reading right now is a lens. They are called a lens as everyone has a different point of view, and a wide range of topics and sub-topics and so forth no 2 people would have the same lens. The Quests are topics squidoo gives us so they have a bunch of lenses on technically the same thing but not the same product, for instance the quest is a lens on gifts for guys. Maybe 1000 squidwriters write one each no two would be the same maybe a couple might have a product or 2 the same but there would be many other items and topics they would come up with.

They have Monster Boards.. What is a Monster Board you ask? Well its a GIANT Frankenstein with a bunch of the best Lenses made for a certain quest pinned to it. I usually take a screen capture of them if I notice I am featured in them and include it on the lens.

Check it out I've got the #Zodiacimmortal all to myself. Please tweet me with the hashtag!

Why Do I Squidoo

I love to write.

Squidoo gives me a place to write on topics I love, or via a quest (which I may or may not accept the mission) that Squidoo gives us as a prompt in case we canot think of something to write about or that we just didn't think about beforehand. Its also a way to learn about other topics.(Why might I not do a quest? usually because I just don't come up with an idea for it, or I'm already busy working on another of my ownbesides the upkeep of those I have already published.)

Not only do I get to write but you can make a few bucks by including Amazon, Zazzle, Ebay and Etsy modules. This isn't important but it is VERY nice and to me rewarding that they do this, especially as I am currently out of work. I see it as a reward of good work when someone purchases an item off one of my lenses. So in a way writing on Squidoo is my current job. (The hours are great, the pay...well if you were doing what you love would you rather have more money or would you rather enjoy what you are doing? I think that will be one of those mysteries of life questions. Yes some get to make alot of money doing things they love, then there are those of us that are starving artists because people can't see outside the box.) So Squidoo is also my way of building a writing portfolio.

As for the fun part of Squidoo

I know there is 81 or 82 levels (so far) ... I don't see it as important to reach each, but then again in ways it may be, but to me its more of a challange than being important. It gives one a goal other than just writing (even if we love it)

In ways I see Squidoo sometimes as a writing 'game'; the better the lenses I make and the more I do, the more points I receive and the higher my level will get.

With Higher levels and a certain award (or few) you make a reputation for yourself, outsiders may not have a clue but those Purple Stars are a badge of Honor for that lens & yourself as well! It means You made an EXCEPTIOANLLY original, well written piece and should be proud I was happy to receive Purple Stars on my Pen Pal Introduction and Etiquette Guide, & Lyrically Instramental Musings lenses; but I was so much happier when I received one on my Dracula Day lens. Why because I've been into that stuff since I was a young child. The one I do wish would receive a Purple Star (not to sway anyone) is my Epic Ballad of Poetry Lens, which was the first one I created and poured everything into it.

as of January 2014 I now have 9 purple star lenses.

My Creative Writing lens is another as most of that was on the Epic Ballad of Poetry Lens and once things got a bit out of hand and with a nudge or 2 from others i did a so-called 'Spin-off" Why do I wish for those two? Because I love to write and I also write poetry I may not write all the styles or at last not purposely but aside from Dracula Day (and a couple of others I see as my best works and favorites to me those are always the ones I am more excited to receive a purple Star on, or even better, that elusive Lens of the Day.

Now I get to the subject of the GiantSquids. You don't just receive this you have to apply for it. If you want to be a Giant Squid, you must have at least 25 quality lenses (or as I call them Articles) with no default titles and at least be well rounded. Then you apply for it and the Squid moderators and so forth check it out. If you don't quite qualify yet they will let you know what needs to be done. The first time I applied when I had 25 or a few more lenses I did not qualify. Once I reached 50+ lenses and applied, I let them know that was willing to settle for just 25 if I had to but I knew I had at least 25 quality lenses. So also in a way why I Squidoo is though there's no boss or teacher over my shoulder.. they award and push me to do better. So to any of the Squidoo Moderators and so forth that take care of those... THANK YOU & Please USE #Zodiacimmortal

(Disclaimer: Squid Magnifying glass image from one of the Squid image lenses on my Making a lens ~List of Tips lens)

Squid Vids

Not sure what you were thinking when you saw the title but I have some how tos & whys on Squidoo on here as well as REAL Squids vids!

Hope you enjoy and like the selection please let me know if you have a suggestions for a video to find

Why you should use squidoo

  1. You LOVE to write
  2. Squidoo is fun
  3. Depending on How you look at it, it's like a game the more you do (Publish QUALITY lenses, Take Quizzes, voting on Polls, leave comments and so forth) the more points you accumulate, the higher your level. So far the highest I know of is 82 levels
  4. Purple Star Award -

    This is an Honor as someone brings your lens to the attention of the Big Squids and if they agree it's an EXCEPTIONALLY well put together lenses with quality writing You are rewarded with this badge!

    I currently Have 10 of these

    Terrific Toronto

    Lyrically Instramental Musings

    Pen Pal Intro & Etiquette Guide

    How to Make Ink

    Dracula Day

    Zi's Crafts

    Unveiling My Story

    Zi's weight Loss

    Yasmine Galenorn's OTHERWORLD series

  5. Giant Squid- Once you have at least 25 Quality lenses you can apply to become a giant squid. This is an honor as its like applying for a management job. The younger Squids may come to you for help, so you will be somewhat a role model.

    I became a Monster Squid on October 2012 (in time for Halloween) However January 2014 I became a Mammoth squid for having OVER 150 lenses.

    My 100ths lens was published before the end of The Summer of 2013, and was on J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood

  6. Everyone as far as I've met here is quite nice.
  7. The Totally cool Squidimagesby Steve Thompson

    Who was a sweetheart for someone that cannot draw nor has the program I would be able to make my own images so I requested a few from him... see my Avatar Awards, Arrow, and my Noble Norse Norn, as well as my Squid Card aka Sqard lens.

    If you go to the link you will find he does already have a bunch of squidoodles made. (some in which are on my other lenses)

  8. There was also a Squid Cheer Team to root you along when you make a lens that jumps out at one of them.

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