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10 body parts that have no use to us

Updated on May 27, 2013

The human body is a complex organism made up of thousands of individual systems. We are arguably the most complex organisms on this planet. We consist of billions of microscopic parts working together for the benefit of our being. But, some of the parts in the human body aren't so helpful. Actually, they are totally useless to us as of now. Here are the 10 parts of your body that has no use to you, whatsoever.

1. Plica semilunaris

The plica semilunaris is a small membrane located in the corners of the eye, near the tear gland. It is supposed to be the third eyelid for humans probably used to clean materials from the surface of the eye at some point. For humans right now, it serves no purpose. Evolutionists say that the presence of this in the corners of our eye is proof that we evolved from creatures that once had a functional nictitating membrane. They say that we have retained this now pretty much useless vestigial organ because it hasn’t yet been selected against by evolution.

2. Vomeronasal organ

A small part on either side of the nasal septum is coated with a non-functioning chemo-receptor known as the vomeronasal organ. This is a non functioning specialized sensory organ found in the nose. At some point in our evolution they may have allowed humans to smell pheromones.

3. Coccyx

The coccyx is located at the tip of our vertebral column. It is also commonly known as the tailbone. The human race hasn't had tails for a long time, even though there are cases of over 100 babies being born with tails.

4. Wisdom teeth

These set of teeth grow between the ages of 16 to 25. In fact mine are breaking out now and it is really annoying. Anthropologists believe our ancestors used wisdom teeth to eat their rough and coarse foods which required a stronger set of teeth to break down and chew the foods.

Darwin's Point
Darwin's Point

5. Darwin’s point

Darwin’s point also known as Darwin's Tubercle is a fold of skin present in the ear. About 10% of human beings have this fold. It is possible that this fold of skin had joints which would let it curl up or bend down. it provides evidence for a once-shared trait with other primates.

6. Body Hair

Ever wonder why you have hair on your body? Well, it turns out that they are completely useless to us. Other than our eyebrows and eye lashes which stops particles from getting in the eye, they rest of the hair on our body have no function. This is also a possible link to us and primates.

7. Auricular muscles

The auricular muscles are the three muscles surrounding the outer ear. It is used by animals to turn the ear towards the direction of sound. It may have been possible for us to do so in the past, but as of now, all we can do is wiggle the ear a bit.

Goose Bumps
Goose Bumps

8. Erector pili

These are small muscles found at the base of each hair. It’s a smooth fan shaped muscle. It contracts when the body is cold making the hairs rise up. This is what causes goose bumps when you feel chilly or if there is a change in the temperature of your body.

9. The appendix

The appendix sits between the small intestine and large intestine. There is no proven function for the appendix. It was probably useful in our evolutionary past. As of now it has no use to us. Even surgical removal of the appendix won’t pose any health threats or dysfunctions.

10. Male nipple

Why do guys have nipples? It serves no function to males in anyway. The reason why us males have nipples is because men and women as embryos have very similar tissues. There are cases of male lactation and breast cancer, but this is very rare.


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    • lisa42 profile image


      8 years ago from Sacramento

      I had my appendix removed a few years ago after it ruptured and I can attest to the fact that this is a completely useless organ that I haven't missed at all. :-)

    • TamiG profile image


      8 years ago from Florida

      A very interesting hub -- especially about the ears. I knew a few kids in school who had very good control over those muscles and used to wiggle their ears all the time :)


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