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A Successful Student

Updated on August 10, 2014

Success is not something that just comes naturally, it has to be worked at. In order to be successful at anything, there are certain steps that need to be followed. Being a successful student is especially hard. In order for a student to be successful it takes a lot of hard work and determination. A student that does not apply themselves will have a much harder time in school then a student that does apply themselves. It goes way beyond just completing assignments and turning them in. A successful student will go above and beyond what is asked of them.

While a student's attitude plays the biggest role in how successful they will be, there are a few other factors that have a big influence on a student's success as well. A student's instructor will also have a big influence on how successful the student will be. The amount of involvement, and the relationship between student and instructor will have a lasting impact on how a student performs and the student's overall attitude towards school. Melody Knight found that "What professors bring to the classroom is just as essential as what the students bring into the classroom." (Knight 6). What an instructor expects from their students sends out a message to students. When an instructor shows a genuine interest in the success of their students, the students will also become more interested. When an instructor believes in a student, learning becomes easier and students try harder. When instructors show enthusiasm in the classroom, it creates an encouraging environment which in turn will bolster the student's own confidence. In an article by Tommy Boone, he explains that "As a college teacher, I know we can make and break a student's morale and belief in him- or herself. We can help students ask more of themselves and cause them to "get with the program" and, yes, we can cause students to second-guess themselves." (Boone 19). Instructors have a direct impact on how a student perceives learning. Students' are shaped by the environment in which they are taught in. If instructors are successful in creating an encouraging and comfortable environment, students' will have a better chance at achieving success. Students' that are confident and motivated will have a more positive outlook on learning, which will encourage a student to work harder towards success.

While the relationship between the student and instructor is highly important in the success of the student, there are still many other factors as well. Family and the home environment also play a huge role. The upbringing of the student is essentially the foundation on which learning habits are built. Starting very early on students develop their own personal learning styles which is influenced by what they are taught at home. A students' perception of school and the importance of education is determined by what they are taught early on in the home. A student's self esteem is also plays a key role in how successful a student will be. The personal experiences of a student whether positive or negative shape how a student sees themselves and what they feel they are capable of. When a student experiences failure or success, their self esteem is influenced. A positive and encouraging environment will lead to more positive experiences for the student, this will give the student higher self esteem which will lead to more successful experiences down the road. In an article by Sandra Golden she explained that "Heightened levels of self-efficacy high self-esteem, and high self confidence are key to the academic success of GED students in college. The three characteristics were also relevant in terms of these students' abilities to overcome learning barriers and build a learning community" (Golden 19). Many studies have shown a direct correlation between the self esteem of a student and the amount of success they will have throughout their lives. The success of a student comes from a positive environment, an encouraging relationship between student and instructor, and the self esteem of the student. These are the elements of success. A student will have a better chance at achieving their goals and attaining success if these key ingredients are in order.


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