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Updated on November 11, 2019

We have only one chance to live our life but many chances to make and learn from our mistakes. We have only one chance to be a teenager but many chances to reminisce those adventurous, awkward, and rebellious moments whence we are transiting from a child to adult. There is only one chance that 5 cards dealt from a random 52-card deck is a Royal Flash with a specific suit but many chances that the 5 cards contain a Pair, Three-of-a-Kind, Straight, or Flash.

Honesty and sharing are the only chance we have to keep a meaning relationship a lasting one. Without them, we have many chances for causal acquaintance. Starting a business, sometimes, there is only one chance to be successful but many chances for failure. In life, not everyone has the chance to realize one’s dreams but we all have the chance to have friends and enemies, to love and hate, to be happy and sad.

One Way Street

Life is a one way street; no living thing lasts forever - with birth as the beginning and death as the destination. We are the only living things on Earth who have the capabilities to know that we have only one chance to live a life that we know nothing about. Some will be stuck in poverty while some will enjoy fame and fortune. Some will suffer physical disability while some will compete in Olympic. Some will raise a family with many offspring while some will dedicate their life to their work in solitude. Each will have only one chance to play the hand that was dealt whether one likes it or not. But, we have many chances to stumble and get up to figure out how and why things work:

  1. When we get sick, we learn about bacteria, virus, medicine, and how our body function,

  2. Through rejections, quarrels, and innuendos, we learn about trust and friendship, personality and character, tolerance and appreciation,

  3. Through injury and losing in a sport competition, we learn about the importance of training, nutrition, and humility.


By understanding the chance occurrence of certain events in our life, we are able to make use of them in gambling, business, application, sport, etc.

  1. In a Casino roulette game, by betting on a single number, the return will be highest, since there is only one chance for its occurrence. By betting on Black or White or 2 to 4 numbers, the return will be less since there are more chances for their occurrences.

  2. In a business venture, restaurant, grocery store, bank, auto repair, etc.; the chance for success is very small since it depends on many external factors – market condition, customer’s changing taste, competition, financing, etc,

  3. For a test consisting of questions of multiple choices, there is only one chance to get the correct answer and many chances to get it wrong. So, it is the preferred test format to weed out those who know and those who guess.

  4. In baseball, through statistics, the chance occurrence of a No-hitter or Perfect game is very rare. As a result, each event drums up national news and the athlete who accomplished the task will be guarantee a big payday.


Without trust, honesty, and sacrifice, there is no chance for a close relationship to last. As a result, Golden Marriage, friendships that survive happiness, sickness, and financial hardship are a rarity and the chance for divorce, constant quarrels, jealous, deceptions, etc. is common happening. Without hard work, determination, and talent, there is no chance for an athlete to make a living in the professional sport. As a result, longevity and consistency in performance are a rarity and the chance for injury, folding under pressure, and burnt out under relentless competition is common happening. Without regular exercises, fixed and diversifies meals, and stress tolerant mindset, there is no chance for a person to live a healthy existence. As a result, a day without worry, problem, and or anxiety is a rarity and the chance for high cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure is common happening.


The chance for a planet like Earth to be formed in the solar system is very rare to the tune of one in several billions. But since there are hundreds of billions of similar solar system in a Galaxy and there are hundreds of billions of Galaxy in the Universe, the chance to find Earth-like planets in the Universe becomes a certainty. The chance for life to emerge from Earth is almost impossible due to life’s dependence on the right environmental conditions, the right mixture and reaction of the chemical elements. But After 3 billion years, the improbable becomes probable; a single-celled living organism emerged.

Without understanding how the evolutionary process works, there is no chance that the intelligent human being that is made up of billions of single cell can know that it owes its existence from that single-celled living organism. After 4.5 billion years, we, the human beings, are given the chance to understand how and why it all happened. The chance for a single person to accomplish that task is zero. But after 7000 years and the accumulated efforts and knowledge of countless generations of people from all walks of life, we have laid the foundation and a systematic way of tackling the unknowns, thus, greatly increasing our chance to accomplish the objective.


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