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" Legalizing Marijuana In America, Is This Legally Right or Morally Wrong ? "

Updated on February 3, 2014

The Use of Marijuana

Many studies have shown that over 83 million Americans over the age of 12 have tried Marijuana. It is said that marijuana is the most used illegal substance in the United States. A poll documented that about 50 percent of 18 - 25 year old's use this drug, 53 percent of people between the ages of 35 - 49 use it and about 49 percent of 26-34 year old's. Reports show that the incarceration rate for having the possession of marijuana has doubled since the year 1991 and in 2007, there were 5 times more blacks arrested for possession of marijuana compared to hispanics and whites. In 2012, Colorado and the state of Washington, legalized the use of Marijuana for recreational use. Now the whole country is asking the question " Should The United States legalize the use of Marijuana?". And Is this legally Right or Morally Wrong?

President Obama in an interview addressed this issue, concerning The legalization Of Marijuana. He stated this in his Interview;

" ..that this is a tough problem because Congress has not yet changed the law. I head up the executive branch; we're supposed to be carrying out laws. And so what we're going to need to have is a conversation about how do you reconcile a federal law that still says marijuana is a federal offense and state laws that say that it's legal. ... It makes sense for us to look at how we can make sure that our kids are discouraged from using drugs and engaging in substance abuse generally. There is more work we can do on the public health side and the treatment side." - President Obama ( Interview with Barbara Walters)

Is Marijuana really proven to help medical purposes

Marijuana is mostly grown and widely spread throughout India, Central Asia and China. Other regions known for growing this weed are Jamaica, Mexico and Colomibia. Marijuana is the dried leaves and flowers of the hemp Cannabis plant, and is most commonly known as pot, herb, weed, Mary Jane, reefer, and so many other names. The Cannabis contains the chemical compound THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol). This THC is a psychoactive constituent, which is basically a chemical substance that crosses the blood-brain barrier and acts primarily upon the central nervous system where it affects brain function, resulting in alterations in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition and behavior. The question arises is this substance harmful or not, that question has to be answered by doctors. But the fact that a substance can alter your thinking, perception and consciousness; in my opinion is rightful wrong. So many people use this drug, and it has been said that Marijuana is used for medical purposes. Well in 2011, The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) ruled that marijuana has “no accepted medical use” and should therefore remain illegal under federal law. Others say that from the use of it; Society is just showing a decrease in mental ability and moral consciousness. But many people argue the fact that Marijuana Is the lesser of two sins, compared to the use of alcohol, tobacco and other substances.

Government Speaks out About " The Legalization Of Marijuana"

Should Government pass a Federal Law to Legalize Marijuana in America? What are your thoughts and concerns? Do you feel that this legalization will change society for the better or for the worst? (Please feel free to fill out the poll and comment in the box below, of your thoughts on this topic.)

Should The Use of Marijuana be Legalized in The United States?

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Do you approve of people you know using Marijuana?

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