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Life is Fair

Updated on March 23, 2017

Some are born:

  1. Into a well-to-do family never having to worry about the basic necessities of life.

  2. Into a family with limited means always having to figure out how to make ends meet.

  3. With above average intelligence enabling them to react and adjust quickly to changes in life.

  4. With physical disability that makes them dependent on the others to live a normal life.

  5. With a special talent that enables them to alter the course of the human civilization.

  6. Into a war-torn or oppressed country forcing them to live day to day without hope and dream.

  7. Into a country where difference is appreciated, change is welcome, and imagination is cherished.

    Yet, life is fair. Despite someone have it easy or get a raw deal from the start, everyone in life will be tested and challenged according to one’s predicament. No one will go through life unscathed both physically (injury, sickness) and emotionally (rejection, disappointment, hatred) and untouched by love, friendship, happiness.

Silver Spoon

For those people who spend their childhood exploring the outside world free of worry in material comfort, as they become adult, they will be tested and challenged:

  1. To resist substance abuse as they try to achieve inner peace,

  2. To hold onto family and friends when financial misfortune strikes,

  3. To maintain a healthy and disciplined life style,

  4. To find meaning and purpose in non-material things, and or

  5. To endure illness, disease, disappointment, rejection, failure, etc.

    Some will live a long, productive, and or meaningful life. Some will succumb to mental illness, drug abuse, and or boredom.


For those people who spend their childhood wondering why they cannot live a normal life like the others, as they become adult, they will be tested and challenged:

  1. To endure discrimination, mistreatment, and or limited choices,

  2. To live an independent and productive life,

  3. To find meaning and purpose of a life of lesser hope,

  4. To resist from giving in to the constant struggle to be normal, and or

  5. To have friends who accept not what you are but who you are, etc

    Some will overcome the Nature’s given disadvantages and see the complexity of life with a positive perspective. Some will spend their life as a prisoner to life’s cruelty never being able to see its grand scheme.


For those people who are smarter than the average folks, are able to understand and react to changes faster and or introduce changes to people’s life, as they go through the journey of life, they will be tested and challenged:

  1. To resist taking advantage of the situations and doing harmful things,

  2. To realize that lasting relationship relies on sacrifice, tolerance, and straightforward intentions,

  3. To find meaning and purpose of a life of the haves and the haves not,

  4. To rely on logic and reason or faith and fate to face life’s problems, and or

  5. To endure mistakes, failures, and the unstoppable passage of time, etc.

    Some people will learn to use their intelligence wisely to bring prosperity to people’s life. Some people will fall victim to their darker self to cause misery to the world.


For those people who want to speak freely without worrying about consequence and whose unchecked curiosity can land them in jail, as they live in an oppressed society, they will be tested and challenged:

  1. To live a monotonous life where conformity is the normal,

  2. To endure restricted social activities and the intrusion of privacy,

  3. To find meaning and purpose of life in a bubble,

  4. To resist rebellious intention and anti –authority action, and or

  5. To find peace and happiness within oneself and to learn speaking one’s mind and do whatever one wants in dreams, etc.

    Some will learn to free their mind from the shackles of the physical world. Some are contented to a life in a cage in exchange for a secure, stress free, and safe existence.

Better or Worst

No one has the control as to how, when, and where one is born. No one has a choice to be what and who one is. By the time a person is aware of what is happening, all that a person can do is to employ all the resources at one’s disposal to face and solve the problems dished out by life. No one goes through life without making mistake, tasting failure, facing rejection, suffering physical pain, enduring mental anguish, etc. In life, everyone has been touched by love, found comfort in friendship, enjoyed the kindness of humanity, remembered moments of eternity, and felt the urge to hang on to life till the last breath. Everyone’s life experience is different and on one can say which one is better or worst. Everyone gets something from life and on one can say who gets the better deal. No one can say life is not fair.


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    • chenjdw profile image

      chenjdw 11 months ago from California

      Thanks for reading AND commenting my article. That is a rarity considering that I have written 124 articles so far on more or less the same subject (How and Why of Life).

      My argument (Life is Fair) is based on the following 3 premises:

      1) No one has the choice as to how, when, and where one is born,

      2) No one is unscathed physically and emotionally, and untouched by love, friendship, happiness,

      3) Everyone in life will be tested and challenged according to one’s predicament.

      With the exception of the pre-mature death of the infant who falls into the first 2 premises, all other people fall into the 3 premises.

    • Philanthropy2012 profile image

      DK 11 months ago from London

      While a very touching sentiment indeed, I fear the point of this article is entirely undermined by the billions of human beings whose lives were taken away cruelly (and in the most sincere way: unfairly) immediately or shortly after they were born.

      Where is the challenge that a child born with leukaemia faces? Was that child given a 'fair' life in your opinion? What about infants that were murdered by other human beings?

      You also fail to consider that a person who is nurtured by intelligent and caring parents grows up with far greater chances of overcoming 'challenges' and developing into something good.

      Sure, some people will persevere notwithstanding their less favourable backgrounds, but to say that they (or the ones that fail to persevere) have had a fair life is abhorrently inaccurate and worst of all, immoral. To reach such a conclusion is to detract from one of the key goals that we as a species should adopt: to make life fair for others.

      Have a good evening,

      - Philanthropy (Dennis Kurtin)