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Updated on February 1, 2010

What a soap composed of? There were 3 important ingredients in making soap, the natural oils, fats and alkali mixed together.

What a soap mean to us? We used it for washing. It is the cleaning agents in washing clothes, cleaning bodies and other items needed to be clean and free from dirt. Dirt is the reason for soaps' existence. Every household in the country has it as their main material for the kitchen, in toilet rooms and bath rooms.

Every now and then, manufacturers continue improving the quality of the soap, its hardness, textures by adding additives, whitening agents, builders, fragrance, color and design including packaging to be more attractive to the consumers. They are made into gels, flakes, paste, bars and cakes with different sizes, shapes and types, purpose either for household use or body moisturizer, skin enhancement and other various purpose.

Soap making is a prospective business opportunities with great promise. Consumers cannot live without it because it is a necessity a household should have at all times. Learning its manufacturing process is easy by just following the guide and other important requirements before starting in making soap.

You also have to observe the proper use of chemicals and other additives during the mixture. It should be environment-friendly, not harmful or a threat to health of the users or general public.

The direction of making a soap is quality. That it can remove stains in clothes and skin. It can be dissolve easily in water by producing enough suds, as cleaning medium. That it has sparkling effect on cleanliness, the whiteness of the fabric, the clearness of the result. It should have a very pleasant smell when inhaled especially if mix with fragrance to the soap. It can disinfect by killing germs. It will not damage the cloth fibers or leaving any visible stain or sticky traces of the soap structure on the skin.

Know the main ingredients. The structure of the soap came from fat or oil. The principal role of alkali is to make the soap to harden by producing a chemical reaction during the mixture. Most fat were taken from palm trees, coconut and cottonseed considered as soft oil. Hard fats can be taken from animal fats. Soft oil produces many suds while hard fats solidifies and harden the soap immediately. They both important in the quality of the soap. A local soap only need few principal ingredients. But for a commercial soap it does have several dozens of additives, chemical ingredients to obtain its maximum result and of its best quality.

In using commercial lye, potash or soda, it should be given extreme caution because the caustic properties has harmful effect to the skin . It can cause burns if not handled properly. During your mixture, do your movement carefully and slowly. Have protection for your eyes by wearing goggles as it can cause blindness if splattered even how small the quantity that will penetrate to the skin.

What you need:

-A container made of iron.

-Long handled ladle for stirring.

-A meat grinder for soap flaking for laundry use.

-Molds made of wooden boxes to cook and harden.

-Plate to cool few drops of the liquid for testing.

-A glass plate is more advisable.

-A piece of cloth to put in the wood to free from sticking.

Concentrate and always be cautious during the mixing in adding lye to cold water, during the stirring of lye water and pouring the liquid water to the molds. Any minor spillage to the skin should be wash immediately with cold water. Keep your children away during your soap making.

Steps in Preparation:

Mixing can be done by hands. Sufficient mixing is required. Mix fatty acid and sodium elements to have solidification of the soap. Do cold processing where fat and water are mix thoroughly. The purpose is to prevent formation of sediments. Let it cool and harden. Slice and dry. The purpose is to remove any moisture content. Need aging for sliced soap to remove and neutralize the effect of caustic soda to the skin. Then pack the soap ready for selling.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Please i need all ingredients use to produce local soaps.


    • profile image


      6 years ago

      pls i need proper practical lecture on how to go abt soap making.tanks

    • profile image

      Akawo jonathan 

      6 years ago

      Please i need the ingredients and the preparation of soap making

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Explain briefly in detail

    • profile image

      David Innocent 

      7 years ago

      Quite important and I need to know more about this please. How can i get the knowledge more practical

    • profile image

      balidawa charles 

      7 years ago

      please improve on the appearance of your saop. good saop should be having clear edges and shape thanks

    • profile image

      sandra cute 

      7 years ago

      it is fantastic

    • profile image

      boso k michael 

      8 years ago

      it good and want to no more so teach me how to do it


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