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Mentoring Key To Success

Updated on October 20, 2015
bluesradio profile image

In addition to writing for Hubpages, Marc can also be found co-hosting Blogtalk Radio with Tie Jones and Writing for a local newspaper.

One of my media outlets is a radio show that I co-host with the founder of the show, Tie Jones, called Tie Jones, The Voice of the People, on Blogtalk Radio.

Yesterday, one of her other regular co-hosts was on along with the engineer Dean Geronimo and we caught to talking about Mentoring and how important mentoring is.

Dr. JL Shaun Claude got to talking about mentoring and how important mentoring is and I couldn't agree more. My brother has also done mentoring through his work with at-risk youths, and my Dad has mentored through his collaboration with certain arts organizations and even back in the sixties and early 70's was doing mentoring through civil rights work and media work in radio.

It was touching hearing Dr. J talk about one kid who had refused to listen when he was mentoring him, and had set a crazy goal of wanting many kids by many women, but when he ran into him recently he talked about how he had been wrong and how much he had learned though he had started in that direction that he had been seeking but was now trying to turn his life around in a more positive manner. He also talked about some of his more immediate successes.

And, me and Dean, also talked about wondering what was really being accomplished by Marches like the Million Man March and it's subsequent anniversary march this year....Some successful organizations and initiatives were formed, but others were just talk and went nowhere and we feel that we have to assess what is being done correctly and what is not...And, we also, talked bout how leaders need to sometimes step back and let a new generation bring their fresh ideas in...Not saying kick the elderly leadership aside because we need their wisdom as well, but we do need to make sure that the youth are being heard from as well.

It was definitely a fun and interesting conversation and I am sure we will have many more....if you ever are interested in hearing these kind of discussions, hit me up and I can give you more information on the show.

Also, tell me about mentoring programs in your area and which ones you feel are most successful.....and what about them drives their success...


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    • Rabadi profile image

      2 years ago from New York

      Mentoring does work, it's important to be a great role model for the youth. You earned yourself a new follower :)