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Old - Age

Updated on May 17, 2016

The old age is the last stop in a human’s normal journey of life on Earth. It is a long journey that we are forced to take.

  1. Some find the journey rewarding and some find it painful,

  2. Some find the journey wonderful and some find it hellish,

  3. Some have experienced unforgettable love and some have to face the unbearable loneliness,

  4. Some have travelled the world in unstoppable high spirit and some have been bed-ridden with recurring illness,

  5. Some have contributed to the advancement of civilization and some have spent most the time against the establishment, etc.

    The old age is a time to reminiscent the good and bad times, to lick the wounds and count the blessings, to wonder about what ifs and make sense of all that had happened. Our journey of life started the day we were born moving relentless forward and stopping for no one to a destination that no one knows. By the time we try to figure out what it is all about after going through wind and fire, heaven and hell, we are at the old age with graying hair, wrinkled face, sagging physical strength, and fading mental capability.

Trial of Time

On the journey of life, no one is immune to the ravages and trial of time, the ups and downs of fortune, the come and go of the loved ones, and the twists and turns of fate.

  1. Time – Our age is measured by the passage of time. Since time is always ticking forward never stopping, we are getting older all the time. Our journey through life is affected by what kind of time period that we are in. In a time of famine, all that we can think about is food and spend most of our energy fighting hunger. In a time of economic prosperity, we can indulge in material comfort and spend the spare energy to realize our dreams. In a time of war, we worry about the safety of our love ones and contribute our energy to the protection of our country. In a time of peace, we go about building a better world and make plans for the old age.

  2. Fortune – The journey of life never goes where we want. Just when we think how wonderful life is, misfortune pops up from nowhere turning everything upside down. All we can do is to tough it out and hope for a better future.

  3. Loved ones – We all love someone – family members and or friends. They are our spiritual nourishments. Unfortunately, no relationship lasts a life time and we learn to let the memory live on deep inside the heart.

  4. Fate – In the old age, we can look back at the journey that started at a place and in a time period that we had no control of, that never stopped challenging us with the uncommon problems that we were not prepared for, that let us experience good and evil, love and hate, joy and grief, etc., that lead us to our fateful destiny despite our relentless determination to have it our own way.

Time to Relax

The old age is a time to relax, to regret, to repent, and to reflect.

  1. Relax - For some, after working hard for a life time and realizing that there is no more energy left, it is time to kick back and enjoy the fruits of the labor. They had given all they got in the journey through life and they need to answer to no one anymore.

  2. Regret – For some, the journey of life was filled with too many choices and missed opportunities. It is inevitable that looking back, they wonder if they had made the right choices and how their life would have turned out differently.

  3. Repent – For some, in the journey through life, they had committed sinful acts that ruined the lives of other people for the sake of their own well-being. In the quiet of night, when the zeal for power and fame are fading with old age, the human consciousness starts to take control forcing them to face the haunting of all the wrongs that they had done.

  4. Reflect – For some, the journey of life was about love and joy of family, pursuit of personal ideals, worthy contributions to the society, and the exploration of Nature’s wonders. There were disappointments and tough times. But, in the twilight of their life sitting on the rocking chair and reflecting on what they had been through, they can consider themselves fortunate that they had lived a full life.

Doing the Time

With better nutrition and medical care, more people get to spend their life in old age and some people get to look back at their journey of life that started in innocence. The journey then took off on a path of light and darkness, chill and warmth, wet and dry, into a world of success and failure, good luck and misfortune, prejudice and tolerance, endurance and injustice. No one knew where the journey was taking them. In the end they will all come to know who and what they are. Not everyone can accept the reality. But, in old age, we can afford to lay back and look at the whole picture. Along the journey, we had known people from all walks of life – banker, janitor, murderer, dentist, engineer, thief, homosexual, educator, homeless beggar, child molester, etc. It only makes sense that these people are just doing their best to be who and what they are. Who is to judge who is more important.

  1. The banker’s job is more important than the janitor. But, the janitor could be a better parent raising children who could become the CEO of the financial industry.

  2. The doctor saves the life of a patient who could become a murderer. The murderer could terminate the life of a person who could turn out to be someone like Hitler.

  3. The engineer demonstrates the power of the logical brain that applies the scientific knowledge to practical applications. The rapist reveals the power of the uncontrollable physical urge that risks the severe capital punishment to achieve its objective.


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