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Should Teachers Upload Their Lesson Plans on the Internet.

Updated on March 11, 2011
Male Food and Nutrition Student Decorating Cake
Male Food and Nutrition Student Decorating Cake


In this fast tract world when everything and everyone is getting highly technical teachers must not be left lagging behind. Each week and for some teachers each day they  must write lesson plans for what they will be teaching the nation's children each day. This is one of the requirements of the Jamaican teacher.

In some schools such as traditional high schools or junior schools the subject of Resource and technology is taught to a new group of students every six or twelve weeks. Each group must be exposed to the same knowledge and concepts in order for each to perform at the same or above a base level when given the same problems on end of month, term or year examinations.

For at least 6-12 weeks or in some cases its equivalent of 5 days per week the teacher of resource and technology writes lesson plans. As one of these teachers I find it very difficult at times to keep up with all this and I know my other counterparts all over the island face the same thing.

In order to help each other I  will  post as many of my resource and technology plans on the internet  and  hope that  they  will help my fellow colleagues. I know there are many other teachers who are better at this than I  am so  I invite  them to do the same .. They can post comments in the comment section of each plan.

The whole idea of this is to have at teachers' disposal lesson plans that they may copy, make some adjustment and be ready to teach immediately. This will enable teachers to produce lesson plans each week with minimal of stress. All that would be necessary for a teacher to do is to make his /her own notes of lesson and prepare teaching material. There is the advantage of knowing how and what you will be teaching way ahead thus having enough time to prepare aids, material or experiments a head of time.

Some arguments for uploading lesson plan on the internet

1. I know many teachers may say that they write plans in note books, no problem, write these plans in the note books.

2. Others say they can store their lessons on their computers, I believed that too but I  have had the scour experience of my computer hard drive getting damaged, computer crash, or some form of problems in which I could not retrieve the information.

3. Others say store it on a flash drive and open it on an available computer. Not me Flash drives are known to carry deadly virus therefore I do not use mine on other people's computer. I have had too many bad experiences with virus  from schools' computers.

4. There is  also the problem of different operating systems. Let 's say you are not very computer savvy and use Vista to write your notes and save, when you try opening  documents on another operating system you get some funny looking boxes. You panic and think you have acquired a virus. When you upload your file to the internet they are there just as how you  typed  and uploaded  them.

5. This is an opportunity to help some other teachers  and to get help and ideas in teaching a particular topic.

I am imploring teachers to take advantage of this method of writing and storing lessons plans especially resource and technology. Teaching is not getting easier in Jamaica. Teachers  are expected to do wonders for Jamaica's children but  are greatly hampered with overcrowded classes, poor class structures, inadequate facilities and  shortages of teaching material.

Teachers are blamed with students none performance .however  not  do many take into consideration the types  of homes from which  many of these students come. Teachers  are now asked to use the J.S.A.S. Jamaica School Administration System. This programme is being touted as very user friendly, one through  which everything on the school, teachers and children will now be online for all to access.

The irony is schools were given programmes not computers .Many schools have only one computer some none, and some do have but they are not working. Somehow  in Jamaica w usually  do things backwards . The Ministry should ensure that each teacher gets a computer; these should be installed in classrooms. The Ministry should ensure that classrooms are conducive to learning, enclosed for safety and reduction in distraction.

Did you know that a small Caribbean island like Nevis has about 20 students to a teacher. Schools population rarely exceed 300.Each classroom has a computer and in some cases a printer. Anything the Education Ministry requires from a teacher it provides the relevant resources and material for its delivery.

 They do not have these sophisticated programmes like we do in Jamaica, action plans, assessment plans and the works. They do not have a cadre of teachers with first and second degrees. In one school you may find two or three but they do perform. What they do have is 98 percent literacy and if a child is found not to be reading at his /her grade level a  teacher comes in on a daily basis just  to teach that child to read.

Jamaican teachers are a unique set and  need to support each other. They  have done and can still do the impossible They  cannot look on  what teachers in other countries have and compare them  with what teachers in Jamaica lack  then  complain  about   the shortfalls of  the system. Having applied  for a job and knew the rules of the game teachers are expected to perform.

You can try to timely change system  but for now, do the best that you can. Although you may at  times get upset with those set above, you must remember  that they too are driven by the need to see Jamaica become a better place. So just get on with the Job of creating great men and women of the world.


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    • AngeleahTucker90 profile image

      Angeleah Tucker 5 years ago from South Dakota

      no i think they should still do it the old fashioned way. its a lot easier for kids to remember there lesson plans.