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Tips For Career Advancement from Home Study and Distance Education System

Updated on February 2, 2013

What is distance education?

Advancing in a career has always been a lifelong aspiration for many working people. Many see this as a far fetched reality considering the demands of work that make it quite impossible to fit in their desire to pursue higher studies to equip them with more skills and knowledge for their career advancement. Unknown to them, this dream can be realized through the method offered by home study and distance education without having to take the time off from work.

Distance education is a system of education that aims to deliver the same quality education to students who are not physically present in the traditional school setting such as a classroom, a laboratory, or a lecture hall. It is a flexible study option that can be done usually at home, work place or elsewhere. Studying from home through distance education is considered the most convenient method of providing knowledge to students who are separated from their instructors by time and distance.

Distance Education Advantages
Distance Education Advantages

Who can benefit from home study and distance education?

Education can never be too late in one’s life. It can be fitted into anybody’s system as long as the interest to gain knowledge is there. With distance education that can be usually pursued at home, a person with self-motivation can very well be on his way to successfully realizing his aspiration to be promoted in his job. Apart from professionals wanting to upgrade their qualifications, distance education can also be beneficial to ordinary individuals who do not have access to regular schooling or to homemakers who want to continue their education next to child caring and house chores.

How does distance education work?

Distance education students enjoy the flexibility of choosing their schedule. The system combines modern technology and course materials that come in different forms such as print, digital, and interactive visuals. A student is given access to online forums, blogs, and library resources from articles downloaded from various websites. With today’s faster Internet connection, home study and distance education allows interactive teaching wherein a student can communicate with instructors and other students barring distance and environment. Employing online resources, assignments can be submitted on real time and new lessons are successively given depending on the student’s pace. Study materials are delivered right at the doorstep at the onset of each course.

The virtual education system encourages students to interact with lecturers and other students through various methods such as email, video conference, or personal consultation to discuss or share knowledge. Numbers and addresses are supplied to students at the beginning of the course.

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What are the advantages of distance education?

Learning from home or anywhere besides school offers many advantages, but the foremost of which is the convenience it provides to anyone who is enrolled in it. There is no need to scramble every day in commuting to and from school because studying the curriculum can be done within the comforts of home. The system provides more security because it reduces exposure to dangers that lurk in the outside world. Peer pressure is eliminated because there is no need to compete with other students because with the flexibility of the method, a student is allowed to approach the course according to his own pace.

Secondly, distance learning is more economical compared to studying in a regular school. Savings can be generated because there is no need to spend for travel, accommodation, or meals. It also allows a working adult to perform his task without being hampered by the demands of home study; thus, he continues to earn his living while pursuing higher education.

Home study and distance education is an effective way to help people fulfill their desire to earn a diploma in the midst of their busy schedule. With earnest commitment and self-motivation, an aspiring student can soon enjoy the fruits of his efforts when he finally reaches the educational milestone for his career.


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