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10 Different Colleges To Choose From in Seattle

Updated on October 30, 2012

Seattle is a fabulous city that is intellectual, artistic and stimulating. It’s of very little surprise, then, that there are a lot of students who wish to attend college in Seattle. If that sounds like you then you may be wondering which Seattle school is the right school for you. What’s great about this city is that they have a school for everyone. If you want to go to a big traditional college campus for a four-year degree then you can do that. If you want to get a certificate to practice midwifery or massage then you can do that, too.

Here are ten of the best Seattle colleges for different types of students:

The General Schools

1. University of Washington, Seattle. This is the standard four-year state school that you might attend if you’re looking for a traditional campus-based college experience.

2. Seattle University. This is a private four-year college but is otherwise very similar to the University of Washington, Seattle. It offers many different types of degrees, diverse not only in their areas of study but also in the level of degree they confer upon you.

3. Seattle Community College. Students who want to get a two-year degree (either entirely or before moving on to a four-year completion program) will be happy with the high-quality of classes at Seattle Community College.

For the Business-Minded

4. Antioch College, Seattle. Students who are primarily interested in attending school in order to further their careers may find that Antioch College offers what they need. The school does offer a general bachelor’s program in liberal studies for traditional students but is better known for its range of certificate and advanced degree programs.

5. Golden Gate University, Seattle. Do you want to get a highly specific degree in tax issues? There is no Seattle school better for you than Golden Gate University. They offer advanced education and degrees for people interested in accounting and taxes.

For Artsy Students

6. Art Institute of Seattle. If you want to attend art school in Seattle then you have a few different options. The Art Institute of Seattle is a two-year school that offers a number of artistic degrees that are specifically designed to lead you into a creative job. From fashion design to music management, this is an art program with business in mind.

7. Cornish College of the Arts. If you’re interested in spending four years exploring art then this Seattle College has what you need. They specialize in performance art degrees but also offer degrees to students interested in visual arts and design.

Some Neat Niche Options

8. Cortiva Institute, Brenneke School of Massage. If you would like to get a massage therapy certification so that you can practice in local spas (or even on your own as a certified therapists) then apply to this Seattle college. They offer a number of different levels of certification for massage professionals.

9. Seattle Bible College. Students who are interested in Bible studies are going to find that their interests have a home at Seattle Bible College. There are all levels of degrees available here from certificate programs to Masters Degrees.

10. Seattle Midwifery School. People who wish to work in the alternative medicine scene will find that Seattle is friendly towards that. One option is to get licensed as a midwife through this specialty school.


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  • ocbill profile image

    ocbill 7 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

    yeah. some community colleges such as Seattle Community college are great stepping stones when universities general ed classes are on a wait list. When I went, the same professors taught at CSU and were at SMC.

  • mubi201 profile image

    mubi201 7 years ago

    great hub v informative