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10 Fun, Random Facts. (1)

Updated on December 13, 2015

1) Getting Away With Murder

Let's kick this off with a fun fact about the YuGiOh franchise. Published by Toei Animation, the YGO franchise is among some of the most beloved series in the anime fandom. However, the original series was actually geared towards teenage and adult audiences. When translated over to English, sole rights were sold to 4Kids, a publisher who has a less than stellar history with translated cartoons. The result of English dubbing the franchise with said publisher led to many story rewrites and outrageous censoring. It literally created many plot holes and unexplained things in the entirety of the series because 4Kids was allowed to change anything they wanted to make the show more "child friendly".

To say the least, many fans and anime junkies were exceptionally upset with these changes.


2) Black Widow Spiders Kill?

Here's a fun little fact about one of our most feared arachnids. Black Widows are actually not as deadly as we're led to believe, and they do NOT seek out prey, either. Not many classrooms will inform you of this, but Black Widow Spiders are just like any other spider and go out of their way to avoid humans. Even more interesting is that the fatality rate for Black Widow Spider bites is just under 5%, and that's just the statistic for UNTREATED bites.

So despite what you hear, they aren't as deadly and stalking as our teachers and many media has led us to believe. You have a better chance of getting mauled by a bear or run over by a drunk driver than dying from a Black Widow's bite.


3) Almost Falling Out

On January 24, 1961, North Carolina almost fell victim to a Nuclear disaster. During a flight over Goldsboro, North Carolina, a B-52 bomber experienced severe technical problems, forcing the crew to eject. However, during the ejection sequence, two Mk-39 bombs were released and hit the ground. Luckily, they did not detonate, but the countdown trigger on one of them had been activated. Thanks to quick response, it was disabled with only a minute to spare, avoiding losing one of our east coast states to become Chernobyl.


4) We Broke Joss Whedon

More recently, we all know Joss Whedon for being the director of the Avengers franchise movies. However, due to Marvel being bought out by Disney prior to the filming of the second movie, Age of Ultron, the filming of this franchise may have just screwed up what promise we had for the upcoming sequels. Due to newer regulations and restrictions imposed by Disney, and the ever growing pressure from hardcore comic book fans to remain true to the source material, Joss Whedon's vision for Age of Ultron was a far cry from what we know of that came into theatres.

After the screening of "The Age of Ultron", Joss Whedon declared a permanent quitting of Twitter and publicly announced to never make another Avengers movie. Let's face it, we broke him...


5) Meow Meow Meow Meow

No, this isn't about MeowMix. As many of you may know, cats don't communicate using this. Meowing is actually a cat's attempt to communicate with humans. However, not all cats meow for the same reasons, in the same way. Cats develop their meows based on their relationship with their owner(s). This means that only the owner(s) can understand a cat's meows, and what they want. Just because you understand yours doesn't mean you'll understand your friend's cat.


6) Cost Doesn't Equal Power

One of the most popular beliefs out there about cars is that the more cash you pour into it, the faster it goes. To a point, it does, but when you reach the top 10, it is very not so. Sitting at a tag price of $4.8 Million, the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita is most definitely NOT the fastest care in the world despite being the most expensive. The Trevita sports a V8 dual-supercharged engine at a max output of just above 1,000 horsepower, it certainly is powerful, but a far cry from the Koenigsegg One:1's almost 1,400 horsepower V12 or the Mansory Vivere Bugatti Veyron's 1,200 horsepower W16 (that's right, 16 valves).

You would think tripling and doubling the price of the latter cars would make the Trevita a much more powerful car, but that just isn't happening.


7) Bring Back The Retro

Love old video games or know someone who does, but don't have the money to get what they want? Well, there's a major cost reduction that could see the eyes of every retro gaming nerd to light up. As many hardcore gamer knows, you can get emulators to allow you to play all your old, favourite games from years long past on your computer. However, you have to get computer peripherals. In more recent years, many gaming stores have started selling Retro Controllers, perfect for visiting those days of old. The tag prices range from $10-15, and really bring back all those memories of our childhoods.

This same company also makes adapters to USB for said controllers if they have them, but not a working system.


8) The Colour-Changing Goatee

Movie magic is a wonderful thing, and make-up artists have come a long way since way back when we didn't have in-home High Definition. However, even in triple-A titles with triple-A stars can't do everything. Such is proven in The Expendables by Sylvester Stallone. For anyone who has a copy of the movie, pay attention to every time they shoot at a different location (inside the plane counts), and you'll notice that his goatee constantly changes from black to half gray and back.

9) Fetish Vending Machines

Now we know Japan is full of the weirdest things in the world, and some even say the weirdest things come from there. However, there are just some things that makes you scratch your head and wonder why they exist. For the convenience of the average person, our American airports now have some outrageous vending machines in case you're going on a long trip and forgot something really important, like an iPod, a camera, or even a Playstation Vita. While this concept is still fairly new in America, stuff like this has been commonplace in Japan for decades.

Japan has been home to vending machines for things to help the everyday person's needs. Forgot to brush? Get a toothbrush and toothpaste. Rushed too quickly out the door to work? There are ties, socks and pantyhose in the machine down the block. This is all well and good, but there are other vending machines that are out in the dead of night that really make you wonder "WHY!?". In red light districts and various shopping districts across the country, you can find certain vending machines that vend used panties. Exactly. There are some people that would pay a ton of money in a VENDING MACHINE to get the panties of a girl who has worn it for 24 hours that has NOT been washed.

Just weird....


10) It's Probably Allergies

The growing mysophobia, aka germaphobia, in the world today has led people to believe that every single sneeze and runny nose automatically means they're sick. However, this is very not true. Whether or not we choose to admit it, we all are susceptible to Allergy Season in one degree or another. Those of use who refuse to admit it (or at least won't do anything about it) will see symptoms similar to being sick, but are really just mislead. The biggest telltale is the runny nose. If your nose is running, and your mucus is clear, you're just going through allergies, or at the very least, nasal irritation. If you are truly sick, your mucus becomes a darker colour, and will be less liquid and stickier.



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