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10 Fun & interesting Facts About Bears

Updated on May 12, 2012

1. Bears are one of nature’s most nimble creatures for their size. They are great climbers and swimmers and can run up to 35 mph over short distances at full trot.

2. Bears are the loners of the natural world. They enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature on their own. They only come together when there is a mate or plentiful food.

3. Bears have a huge advantage over their prey. They can smell the prey from miles away before they even see it. This is for finding food and detecting the scent of other bears. The bears sense of smell is much stronger than that of a dog.

4. Bears have a unique diet that they thrive on. They eat nuts, berries and other vegetation. They also get a lot of protein from fish, rodents, and insects they are able to catch. They can be scavengers at times and eat left over’s from other animals. Winnie the Pooh is famous for liking honey. However, most bears are not large honey eaters.

5. Bears are known to sleep for long periods of time. This is known as hibernation. In the winter months, they will not eat drink or even go to the bathroom for months on end. However, they have been known to stir or come out of hibernation if they are disturbed. Mother bears are the only ones who awaken during the winter months, to give birth to their cubs. They will usually wake up in late January or early February.

6. Bears are very nimble, and this goes for the unusual positions you sometimes find them. They can stand on their hind feet like humans for short periods of time. They are also known to sit and balance on their backs like humans too.

7. Bears can communicate vocally similar to dogs, by barking, growling, whining and roaring to accentuate threats, warnings, excitement and alarm. They rarely growl when aggressive and are mostly silent. The best way to warn a bear you are coming is to make a lot of noise so it runs.

8. Bears have a rough reputation to overcome. They are portrayed as very violent creatures that attack. However, most are very gentle and rarely attack other animals or humans unless provoked. They will attack if there is young cubs around to protect them and if they are surprised by sudden movements thought to be aggressive.

9. Bears have been known to circumnavigate very large territories because of the way they process information. They are very intelligent and have extremely good memories.

10. There are many different species of bear all over the world. The most endangered bears are the Polar Bears, Panda Bears and Gobi bears. They mostly reside in the far north or East Asia. The other bears the brown bears, Black bears Sloth bears, and other species of bears are threatened but not endangered yet. They mostly reside in north and South America. Popular belief, that the land down under has a bear, the Koala Bear. However, it is not a bear.


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  • libby1970 profile image


    6 years ago from KY

    Great hub. I love animals, especially the big, scary ones that are dangerous. I wouldn't go near them because I have common sense but I love admiring them from afar. A great read! Thanks.


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