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10 Questions for a GREAT Change

Updated on September 23, 2013

A Preparation to Self-Development

Life is short and why shouldn't we live it with more worthiness ?

Since I was very small, I often see myself as somewhat contented with my life the way things are. But that doesn't mean that I could stay the same when real issues of life showed up. Anyhow, I'm not a saint.

Still I always search for deeper and more meaningful about life.

So we're all pelted with problems. Honestly it shouldn't even bother or even hinder us to becoming all we ought to be. Aspirations as kids should continue to live within us, even though it would be short-lived or as long as we could hold on to the dream. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks… or can they?

1. What do I really want?
This is the most question that you need to ask yourself and belief me this the question that most people don't know. There are so many things that you want to achieve that you have neglected the main thing in life. You tend to get cluttered with all things that show up in your life. Knowing this will lay the path to discover your truth self.

Go find something that you are good at and do it daily. If it's a new job, change it, take the risk and move forward and soon you will realize that it is moving you towards improvements in every aspect of your life. Be bold!

2. Should I really change?
Inevitably change is the only thing that happens in this world. Nothing stays the same forever even for a minute. An hour before you are a different man than now. You should adapt the new thing that show up in your life. In the eighties you might listening to rock music but now it is all hip hop altogether. The young generation is inventing new thing to move on with life.

You should change aspects in your life that ought to be changed and remain those the plays an important roles in your life. Your passion, your children and your love.

Change happens now
Change happens now

3. What's the bright side in all of this?
With every disaster or calamities, there is always a bright side. What happens today shapes tomorrow. Falling down is a way for us to learn how to get up again and be stronger ever than before. Day follows night and night follow days. There's always a better tomorrow.

4. Am I comfortable with what I'm doing?
Do you feel comfortable right now, with what you are doing? If not, it's time for contemplating. Comfortable means putting yourself in a way that you can accept every aspect of your life. The body that you are currently having, the job that you are doing, your soul mate or as simple as the clothes that you wear. They all make you feel positive about yourself and advancement can start off easily.

5. Have I done enough for myself?
Is there anything that you have missed out, particular stuffs that you do for yourself? Is there something more you want to do? To challenge yourself for new things?

Discontentment in every aspect of your life can be harmful in large doses, but in small amounts, you'll be able to see and attempt stuff that you could never imagine doing.

Going all the Way UP
Going all the Way UP

6. Am I happy at where I am today?
This is an unfair question so let it be an answer! You might not have any great achievement in your career but do believe that your partner and kids will always love you no matter what. They love you not because of what you have behind you but for who you really are and that's the essence of life.

7. Am I appealing to the opposite sex?
The greatest secret about this question is not about your body shape, the money you have in your wallet or your look. It's really about the passion that you have inside you. This is the force that let you glows and attracts the opposite sex. There's life inside you if you have it and so live with passion.

8. How much could I have?
This is a tricky question and most people have fallen into it. It is not the question of how much you could, it is how much that you want and your willingness to work for it. You get as much as you can as long as you are not scared to work towards it.

9. What motivates me?
What motivates you? This is an answer that you have to find out for yourself.What motivates you might not be the same as the person sitting next to you. It is passion, money, satisfaction? You got to choose it and make sure that it's the right one.

10. What Really Makes You Tick?
So? What really makes you tick? You can be just about anything you always wanted to be, but to realize that attaining something that may seem very difficult is already giving up before you even start that journey. Always remember, that self-improvement is not just about the physical or philosophical change you have to undergo, but it's something that you really want.

So are you ready to answer this question, "What Really Makes You Tick?"

What makes you tick?
What makes you tick?


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  • KenWu profile image

    KenWu 7 years ago from Malaysia

    Thanks Anath, all great people ask this question.

  • Anath profile image

    Anath 7 years ago

    What do I really want? I think that if more people would think about this question there would be more happy people in the world. I am often amazed at people who go around "just living" just spending the day waiting for something better to come. It is a very simple question but taking the time to answer it can really change your life. Thanks for writing about it.

  • Sage Williams profile image

    Sage Williams 8 years ago

    Very well written and informative. Your questions are intriguing and thought provoking, leading the reader to really search within.

    Awesome job,