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10 Reasons why a College Graduate should take Internships

Updated on May 1, 2016
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10 Reasons why a College Graduate should take Internships

Many graduates do not consider the idea of joining internships in place of real jobs. It is because they often have high expectations from life, but if the end of your college life is near and you have not landed a job, it can seem scary. It leads you to a dilemma as at one point career options seem to be awesomely unlimited and at the same time very limited. Well, if the job offers are not pouring in as per your requirements, you can consider an internship. While these internships are usually restricted for school and college graduates but some companies offer it to the recent pass outs too. The only problem with them is that they either are unpaid or very low paid, but if you look at it from another perspective then the resume building experience is worth it.

There are certain reasons that assure taking up internship after graduation is not at all a bad idea:

  1. 1. Gain more experience

In spite of having had internship experience during college, there is always a room for more learning. It can be possible that you didn’t pick some skills during college or previous internships or may be your area of interest might have changed in the due course of time. Joining internship after graduation is one of the best ways to learn those skills. Once you get some practical experience, there are more chances of landing a good job.

  1. 2. Apply what you learned in college

Irrespective of how good university you graduated from, coursework has its own limitations. You can learn theories, concepts and skills in the classes but you will learn practical aspects only when you work in real sense. Internship will help you to apply, refine and build upon what all concepts you learnt in classes.

  1. 3. Companies have started some programs for graduates

Some companies have started to implement graduates internship programs. As these programs are meant specifically for young graduates, you can expect companies to treat you differently from the college students. Companies will give you more responsibility and you will feel that you are an entry level employee.

  1. 4. You Figure out what you really want to do in life

As, with these programs you have the opportunity of changing your mind within first few month of starting your career, it is the best way to try a career that you are not hundred percent sure about. If you feel you enjoy what you do during internship, you can look forward to work in the same field.

  1. 5. Great way of building network

Internship programs give you enough opportunity to expand your network. Even if you do not get a full time job from the company, you will have professionals in your network. They can help you with fetching full time job by providing reference to their colleagues or friends in other companies. This will be of great help as you will have good network of people around you within no time.

  1. 6. Gain Experience that employers want

There are millions and zillions of job seekers across the globe, but companies still find it difficult in filling the positions, some companies’ state that most candidates lack job and technical skills while others say that most job seekers lack practical experience.

  1. 7. Development of professional identity

Internship can help you in developing confidence, habits and workplace etiquettes. It will also help you in self identification.

  1. 8. You are not held responsible for the mess

If we speak of mistakes, they are made by everyone no matter if you are an intern or full time employee. Being an intern everyone knows that you are still learning, you initiate with small tasks and then go for the bigger stuff. Meanwhile, new employees are trusted more and expected to start working as soon as the training is complete. The mistakes new employees make can lead to tougher consequences if compared to those made by interns.

  1. 9. Good Benefits

There are some companies that offer graduate interns great facilities such as housing, paid leaves, salaries and perks.

  1. 10. Chances of transition to a full time employee

While this is not guaranteed, internships can often end up in full time job opportunities. The reason behind this is that employers have already invested time on training you and they already know about your merits. Many companies often use internships as trial period for the graduates before hiring them on full time basis. Hopefully, you can impress your managers during internship and get a real job.

Internship gives you additional experience, networking and can also be the ideal way through which you can land your dream job. Do not knock down any internship offer you get, instead research as it might be a great opportunity.

Internship after Graduation
Internship after Graduation | Source

Internship after graduation can land you a good job


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