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10 Things to do after an exam

Updated on September 2, 2016

Exams are over. It's time for the most awaited for question: ''What do I do now?''. This is where I come into the picture to suggest 10 things you can do after your exams.

1) Clean your desk

I don’t know about you, but my desk is a complete mess during exam periods. It seems like revision is equal to messy desk. This is why cleaning your desk is first on this list. Personally, I always clean my desk after an exam, not only because it is too messy but also to remove anything that can possibly remind me of the exam, as once the exam is over I don’t want to be in touch with any manuals, notes or even pens anymore.

2) Sleep

All exams are tiring, be it big or small. After exams you can sleep as much as you want. There is no need to wake up early to revise and no need to go to sleep late. You can catch up with all the sleep you’ve lost during the long revision periods. This is possibly my favourite thing to do right after exams.

3) Go to the beach

Who doesn’t love the beach? Well, not me. Going to the beach is one of my favourite ways to relax and have fun after an exam. Spending quality time with your friends and/or families surrounded by sea, sun and sand will definitely help you to forget the exams. Besides, it has been proven that sea breeze or salt air is good for your health.

4) Go out with your friends and party

Planning an end of exam celebration with your friends is also a great way to let go of all the stress that arise during exam periods. I am totally into the idea of going out with my peeps and making the end of the exams official. As goes the saying ‘’Work Hard, Party hard’’.

5) Sleepover with friends

You may also chose to do a sleepover at your house with your closest friends to mark the end of the exams. Draw your agenda for the night and have a good time. You may go for a movie night, with popcorn, chocolates and soft drinks. It doesn’t matter what you chose to do during the sleepover, as long as you do whatever will help you to relax and make you happy.

6) Go on holiday

Why not go on vacation if you can afford it? If I could, I would probably chose to go far enough to forget the all the long lonely revision nights, all the stress and the fatigue I went through during the exam period. For sure, going on vacation is not free. This might be easier if you have relatives or friends abroad, with whom you can stay.

7) Re-connect

I have taken the habit of staying away from social networks during exam periods, as they are too distracting and leave less time for revision. So, after exams, I re-discover the social networks and spend hours and hours calling and chatting with friends

8) Spa Day (girls)

No girls, I haven’t forgotten you. A spa day is a most desirable way to relax after an exam for the most girly girls. Spa is known to have several benefits such as helping your body to slow down and re-generate, and also to relax and enhance the ‘’feel good factor’’. So, go ahead girls, do yourself a favour. You clearly deserve it after all the sacrifices made during revision time.

9) Shopping

I love shopping and I consider it a relaxing activity. No one has time to do shopping during exam periods. This is why it is always on my ‘what to do after exams’ list.

10) Finally

If you have absolutely no idea of what you want to do after your exams, simply do everything you were not able to do during the exam periods. For example: re-decorate your room, read a book (not exam related), visit your family, take time for your hobbies, etc.

Now you have more than enough ideas to celebrate the end of your exams.

Enjoy :)

© 2016 Zara Hope


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