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10 most common phobias

Updated on November 29, 2010

If you think having a phobia is not a common thing, well, think again, trusted sources tell us that 1 in 20 individuals have at least one phobia, females are most common to have a phobia than males does.

If we classify phobias, there are social phobias and phobias to objects or phenomena being this ones more common, in fact so many people have one phobia without this affecting it's normal life, for example if someone have ofidiofobia, fear to snakes and this individual lives in a big city, then he will never experiment this fear, because he never saw a snake live.

So, it is hard to determine a list of common phobias as they vary between gender, age and personality. but here are 10 of the most common phobias revealed:


Fear to spiders, it's calculated that half of females and 10% of males have this phobia in some grade, reaction of this individuals to arachnids might seem exaggerated for others who does not have it.

Social Phobia:

It's about a very intense and persistent fear to be judged negatively in social situations. it is more common in kids and teenagers.


This is fear to travel by plane, however people experimenting this phobia are not only restless in the takeoff and the landing of the plane, sometimes this phobia doesn't allow to even plan a trip by plane.


Is the fear to open spaces, and it is more common in females than males, the agoraphibic individual fears all places where he or she doesn't feel secure or with the confidence to get help in a timely fashion.


Contrary to the agoraphobia, this is the fear to be confined to closed small spaces, this individuals are common to avoid elevators, the subway, tunnels and even revolving doors.


This is the gear to highs, but not only vertigo but a real fear causing anxiety to those with actrophobia.


This is the phobia of vomit or vomiting. People become more than a simple aversion to the act of vomiting, and even change their eating habits and social consequence (eg, avoid going to eat at restaurants for fear that the food they serve there I feel bad stomach).


It is the fear of contracting cancer. It is one of the most common fears from the moment that most adults feel apprehensive about the possibility of manifesting the disease.However, in the case of phobic, this is a very unnatural fear, because fear demonstrate any negative physical symptoms, linking them all with symptoms of the disease.


Phobias are common elements involving certain climatic or weather events, and this is the case of brontofobia. It consists of extreme fear before the thunder and lightning storms. Someone with this phobia will be alarmed both before and during storms, and in extreme cases, suffer from symptoms of anxiety.


Fear of death is natural and instinctive in man, possibly because death is unknown.Furthermore, death is associated with the foregoing conditions, pain, suffering, etc.However, some people have a real phobia of death and dead things. Those who suffer from this condition can not clearly explain the creepy feeling experienced when facing a mummy or a corpse.


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    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 6 years ago from all over the web

      great hub about everything everyone happens to be afraid of! nicely put together.