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10 skills to survive 2012 end of the world that you can learn at home!

Updated on May 28, 2010

2012 the end of the world is here... Now what?

Survive 2012, live in a shelter and join the new wealthy!
Survive 2012, live in a shelter and join the new wealthy!


You leave your office, or return home from work and discover that the end of the world is here! Be it the 2012 mayan zombie invasion or whatever... The doomsday is here and it's here to stay!

The truth is that there are a lot of skills that a typical cubicle dweller anywhere in the world will not posess! And these skills are critical for surviving 2012 and beyond!

  1. Food preparation, preservation and water purification
  2. Negotiations and Barter
  3. Lock-picking
  4. Shelter building and hiding stuff
  5. Hunting and fishing
  6. First Aid and medicine
  7. Repair of everything you can think of
  8. Agriculture and animal husbandry
  9. Electricity and mechanical engineering
  10. Scouting and navigation

Seeing how the internet will disappear the very fast, the key to survival would be quick thinking and print media.

Food preparation, preservation and water purification

In a doomsday scenario, 2 things will become scarce as time progresses: food and drinkable water. Because you cannot live without water for long, getting a sustainable supply of water becomes a priority!

Learn which foods have long shelf life, even in supermarkets, which may become hotboxes without air conditioning.

Most long lasting foods are either dehydrated or are basics like cereals, dry beans or rice. Unfortunately they require water to prepare! So ensure you have a water supply!

Without the modern miracle of refrigeration, a lot of foods will have dramatically shortened usefulness period and will require traditional food preservation methods that existed before refrigeration!

  • Meat and fish drying and salting
  • Making cheese, butter, etc from milk
  • Underground food preservation (Earth is a consistent 50-60F just a dozen feet below ground

The good thing is - being fat would become a complement again, because it means you got the skills or you prepared for 2012 the end of the world like a pro :)

Barter and negotiate to survive 2012!

While you can get a lot with a kind word and a gun, being good with words alone doesn't hurt!
While you can get a lot with a kind word and a gun, being good with words alone doesn't hurt!

Negotiations and Barter

With the death of the village culture, the rise of urban culture and suburbia, there's a huge disconnect in all communities. Most people I know would have trouble recalling names of their 5 closest neighbors! I think it is this fear of not knowing people around them that makes people stash weapons in their basements for "when SHTF" (s*** hits the fan) :)

Believe it or not, the initial panic and excitement of the doomsday will subside and people will start to rebuild civilization! It will be the same grueling 9-5 that it is today, only outdoors and with shovels :) Being a gun-swinging, grenade-tossing individual will definitely not win you the affection of the survivors! Unless we are talking about zombie apocalypse, a lot of your problems would be solvable through the good old fashioned talking and negotiations!

There are probably a million interpersonal relationships and negotiations books out there. Few deal with the apocalypse scenario, as I guess, there's no market for that!

Here are a few things to remember:

  • When people are under stress, they change. If they are forced to endure stress for long periods of time, they change even more. Account for this and you will have an upper hand in most negotiations!
  • People have personality preferences that cannot be changed. Therefore, you will get along really well with some survivors, but not with others! Just accept this and move on.
  • Realize that some things that you don't even think of nowadays will become valuable, and people who have those things will have new economic power! For example an ordinary bucket for carrying water or a warm blanket! Bartering for these things is a lot more productive than taking that by force!

The end of the world workout

Opening a door with an axe is not stylish, but it works! Also keeps those pesky mayan zombies at bay! :)
Opening a door with an axe is not stylish, but it works! Also keeps those pesky mayan zombies at bay! :)

Lockpicking and forced entry

Face it, when you emerge from the bunker there will still be building standing around! A lot of valuable salvage would be locked away behind closed doors! Getting to that may not be as easy as kicking down a door! Real life does not work like the movies :) Even a simple wooden door will require a lot of bashing and prying if you don't have the right tools!

Some creative ways to get to the good stuff once you exit the doomsday bunker :

  • Lockpicking - some locks may still be in working order and may be picked!
  • Breaching shotguns with breaching slugs - a loud way of entry
  • Tactical Entry Rams - these can knock down a lot of doors

Other ways:

  • A portable ladder
  • A camping axe!
  • Gas powered tools (like a chainsaw that you saved for the zombie apocalypse :) )

Surviving beyound 2012 - building shelter

The end of the world comes in many forms! You have to be prepared
The end of the world comes in many forms! You have to be prepared

Shelter building and hiding stuff

Most people, myself included would not know how to build a shelter over 1 story tall or will not know how to build a shelter at all! This may prevent people from leaving the mayan zombie infested towns before it's too late!

Luckily there are a lot of books on the subject! People have been building houses for ages and there's a lot of information on the subject!

Next, there's a question of what to do with all your dried food, salvage and stuff like that? You can't just leave it sitting next to your makeshift shelter, right? This may attract unwanted attention and make it easy to steal! This is why you have to learn how to hide it! You might want to hide your shelter as well!

Unlike some movies where people build barricades around a town hall or build a camp in the middle of a desert, such fortifications would not work in real life, and the history of the last 60 years of guerrilla and insurgency warfare only proves that point! Modern firearms and light artillery make medieval style castles a deathtrap!

Therefore, communities off the major highways and well hidden would be far better off!

2012 hunting

What future holds? Nobody knows maybe after you survive 2012, you will hunt giant mutated squirrels!
What future holds? Nobody knows maybe after you survive 2012, you will hunt giant mutated squirrels!

Hunting, Fishing, Shooting

Most people would not know how to get food outside of the supermarket or a #10 can! This is why learning to hunt, trap food and fish will be a great resource as time rolls by and those #10 cans start to get empty!

Hunting has been around for a very long time, but most modern people would not know how to hunt or even know what sort of animals are there to hunt. With the end of the world, most systematic hunting will cease and wild animals may come back! This is why hunting and tracking would be great skills to have! Especially if giant mutated squirrels are around. Don't mess with squirrels :)

Fishing is a good skill to have, and as a novice fisherman, it's not as easy as it looks or sounds! Luckily there's plenty of material on the subject.

Even some modern nations have people carrying around firearms. This would be twice as important after doomsday, especially if there's an infestation of wild animals, zombies, aliens, whatever! You must know how to shoot accurately!

2012...mmm... right...

Oh, the giant mutant gerbil bit you? You are craving human brains? Just one injection. It will help you survive 2012 !
Oh, the giant mutant gerbil bit you? You are craving human brains? Just one injection. It will help you survive 2012 !

First aid and medicine

Unfortunately, doctors that you can sue for money would go away and you will have to rely on your own skill for fixing all health related issues, of which there may be many! The good thing is that most nutritional and diet programs would also go away and nobody will tell you that eating peanut butter all the time is not good for you!

Get a comprehensive first aid kit and read what's inside of it!

Animal bites, zombie bites, scrapes, bruises, burns and food poisoning. These are just few of the things a survivalist may encounter on a daily basis.

Not to mention that lack of luxuries like running water, soap and refrigeration would lead to more diseases! It would be very helpful to know which antibiotic cures what.

The end of the world has nice scenery

Navigating doomsday scenery will require a lot of scouting skills
Navigating doomsday scenery will require a lot of scouting skills

Scouting and navigation past doomsday!

Scouting and navigation

It's possible that the landscape post apocalypse would look dramatically different and a lot of the navigation aids that are available today would disappear (street signs, GPS, maps). No, there will be no Google maps! So even if you know there were 20 Walmarts, Home Depots or Lowes's around you, finding their precise location would be pretty hard! If you do want to migrate somewhere else, how would you know to get there if you can't take the highways?

Techniques of scouting and navigation would be quite useful, yet most people who drive do not know how to navigate on foot or using stars.

This is twice as important if the december 21st 2012 apocalypse catches you when you are on vacation! Many people take vacation around Christmas! Finding your way to survival may be tricky!


Because most modern manufacturing equipment is far beyond the comprehension of most people and requires large amounts of different kinds of electric power (High voltage, 3 phase, etc), most of the manufacturing will stop at doomsday!

Power tools may be available for some time and powered through portable generators. Other than that, your only choice is to repair a thing or get a new one, which will be more and more difficult as time goes on!

You would have to repair everything yourself, from power tools to clothes and shelter!

Turning your survivalist community self sufficient would require all the repair knowledge that you have!

Agriculture and animal husbandry

Quite a lot of survival sites tell you to start buying and storing seeds, but does an average person nowadays know how to grow something from a seed? How about growing something organically without pesticides or fertilizer? Fertilizers are heavy and would be hard to transport!

As a supplement to agriculture, there will be foraging. There are a lot of edible and poisonous plants in nature and you would not want to start discovering which is which by experimenting on yourself or your loved ones!

Animals have been used since ancient times because they do one simple thing - eat grass and bugs and produce food edible by humans ! And while no one can tell you right now how to maintain a farm of two-headed goats, or if they are even edible, chances are, some techniques are transferable!

Electricity and Mechanical knowledge

Most of the world today runs on electrical energy. Most of the stuff left over after the apocalypse would still require electrical energy! Unfortunately, a lot of people know very little about the circuit breakers, voltage and wiring. We just plug stuff in the wall and it works! Unfortunately, with the doomsday, a lot of the infrastructure will be gone (those giant mutant squirrels love to gnaw on wires). Rebuilding it will require electrical knowledge.

A lot of the agricultural tools, construction equipment and motorized vehicles require mechanical knowledge to maintain, especially when the neighborhood repair shop closes! 


I hope you enjoyed this little hub. It took me a long time to put together, but it finally got the desire to post about 2012 out of my system. I wanted to write a manual like this for a very long time, because I do own a lot of survival and military books.

Please note that I'm not preaching 2012 doomsday or mayan prophecies! I'm very concerned that the "down to earth" skills are largely disappearing from today's internet addicted society! 2012 is a great way to raise awareness and help people remember about some of the more basic skills!

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