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Top 10 bizarre things animals are able to predict

Updated on June 19, 2013

Punxsutawney Phil


Animals are able to talk (their own language)

It is said that animals have a sixth sense. Nobody knows for sure, but this fact has been confirmed in many reported cases. For instance, we all hear about animals that have the ability to guess all kind of things, from election results to sport results.

1. Earthquakes - Some animals (like dogs, or some birds) can report certain changes in the magnetic field before an earthquake occurs. During a survey conducted in Italy, a biologist, Rachel Grant, noted that, shortly before an earthquake, all the toads disappeared, without any rational reason. They appear after the earthquake. My blue parrot is not an exception. Before an earthquake, two years ago, he came out of the cage, in spite of the fact that it was evening and he doesn't like dark.

2. Presidential election results - It happened in USA, in 2008, when a squirrel anticipated the results of the elections, choosing the nut which had the picture of Barack Obama on it. However, I'm not sure this was not a coincidence. The same squirrel, last year (2012), chose Mitt Romney as the future president. It seams that the squirrel was not connected to the news. Let's give him/her another chance in November 2016.

3. Olympics results - During the Olympics Games from London (2012), The Daily Telegraph put a donkey, Larry, in the paper. On what grounds? Larry could predict the results of the competitions. Two buckets with food, marked with Y and N and a question about the competition were all Larry needed in order to predict the result. At the end of the competition, it was found that eight from nine predictions were correct.

4. Health - In many ancient cultures, in order to guess the health of human beings, people use animals or animal organs. For instance, in Peru, a guinea pig was allowed to pass over the patient, then the poor animal was killed and cut. It was thought that the animal could take away the patient's disease.

5. Results from Super Bowl - Let me orangutan, a rhinoceros, a camel, a tiger tried, in time, to predict the results of Super Bowl. However, the most accurate was Eli, an orangutan from The Hogle Zoo, Salt Lake City. In the last five years, Eli predicted correctly all the Super Bowl winners (I think he deserves a good salary).

6. The Weather - The weather is very important for tourism and agriculture, this is why people learned to read the signs offered by the animals. They have taken into consideration the songs of the frogs, how high fly the birds, the presence or the absence of the bees, lady bugs, butterflies and ants behavior. All these elements could be important in reading the signs of this natural weather forecast.

7. Pregnancy - A very old pregnancy test involved injecting urine of a woman in a mouse or rabbit (immature from the sexual point of view). Later, the animal was dissected. If its ovaries were enlarged, the woman was pregnant (with 98% accuracy). The mechanism has sense: HCH hormone from a pregnant woman's blood and urine stimulates sexual maturation of animal teenagers.

8. Heart attack - Dogs are reliable companions for humans with motor neuron diseases or with other diseases (diabetes, autism, cognitive disabilities). In some cases, dogs anticipated the onset of a heart attack. This could be possible because of the proximity between the dog and its owner. Scientists believe that animals feel subtle changes that occur in the human body.

9. Football Cup results - Everybody remembers Paul the octopus who predicted many of the results of football matches of the championships in 2008 and 2010. Twenty from 22 results were correct. This record does not make him more popular, if i remember that in a BBC pool, Paul the octopus was ranked 100 in the top of the most annoying creatures in 2010.

10. Death - In a magazine, New England Journal of Medicine, it was mentioned a certain cat, named Oscar, which had the ability to predict death. It was adopted by a nursing house, and the employees have understood that Oscar used to approach exactly the persons who were to die soon.

Paul, the psychic octopus


My blue smart Parrot

Do animals have magical powers?

It's already Spring, but the weather could be very unsteady. In case someone does not have time to watch the meteo reports, he/she has the answer at hand (or foot). Because, according to many serious studies, animals (cats, dogs) could predict the weather. At least their owners think so. In this case, the question from the title is very much entitled.

The right answer to the previous question is no, the animals do not have magical powers. Instead, they have a kind of a sixth sense. In other words, animals have more acute senses than humans. Any veterinary physician could tell you, for instance, that a dog has a very strong sense of smell, in comparison with humans. We have about 12 million olfactory receptors, they could have more than four billion. They are much better than us.

In case of a serious storm (with thunders and lightnings), ozone molecules are carried through the air before the storm even begins. Dogs feel these particles and start to tremble or be restless. More than that, storms are preceded by changes in the air pressure, and the animals could feel this too. Animals are more sensitive to these meteorological changes if in the past they feared the thunder of a storm.

Static electricity may also have a role in the ability of animals to predict the weather.

But what about the ability of animals to predict bad news?

It seems that this is not their "fault", but ours. If we remember that the dog/cat reacts in a certain way and then we receive a bad news, we will say that the dog/cat warned us about that bad news. But we completely forget that maybe the dog/cat behaved that way many times and there was no bad news following it. What I want to say is that people make sometimes wrong associations.

But yes, animals have the ability to make connections. For instance, if a dog burned his nose smelling the roast in the oven, he/she will always be afraid of approaching the oven again.

It is not very difficult to realize what is happening. When you have a bad day at work, and you get home and the dog puts his head on your feet/knees, you think that he/she knows what a difficult day you had. In reality the dog doesn't know, but he/she sees you entering the house with a very different body posture. The dogs could be very good reading your body language.

What about a real danger?

In they want to tell us about an imminent danger, the animals behave in the following ways:

- 64% are hiding in a more safe place;
- 56% have a negative reaction;
- 52% become hyperactive;
- 36% persistently barks or meows

You will be a better owner if you do understand the reactions of your pet.

Orangutans are more clever than we thought

Being bored because of people coming to see him, an orangutan decided to react in his own way. He was extremely interested in a visitor's t-shirt, so he took it (he was very convincing doing this) and then he dressed with it, being very proud of it.

You could watch his reaction in the video below. But try to remember, he is just an orangutan. His behavior is very similar to a two year old child.

It is not for the first time humans realize how smart the orangutans are. It is known that they use to build very sophisticated nests in trees, using some very advanced techniques: the largest branches are put in order to support the nest, the smaller being put after this. More than that, orangutans are able to use the leaves as real blankets, or as a roof.

A very clever orangutan (enjoy!!!)

Attenborough: Amazing DIY Orangutans - BBC Earth BBCEarth BBCEarth


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    • Mihaela-2012 profile imageAUTHOR

      Mihaela Raileanu 

      5 years ago from Bucharest, Romania

      Good morning, thanks for angels!

      Yes, you're right, some of them could be pure speculations or coincidences (an octopus guessing football results?) But I am sure some of them are true. Animals could feel the danger better than we do, and they can feel the human pains. It is known that cats for instance have the great ability to sit/to be close that part of human body which is suffering. Thanks for comment.

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 

      5 years ago from sunny Florida

      Hi ...interesting. I am not so sure how many of those I am convinced of but some I do know are true. Regardless it is always fun to speculated about such things.

      thanks for sharing

      Sending Angels to you :) ps


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