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7 Hitherto Unknown Tips for IIT JEE 2017 to Secure a Rank Within AIR 1000

Updated on November 3, 2016
7 Hitherto Unknown Tips for IIT JEE 2017 to Secure a Rank Within AIR 2000
7 Hitherto Unknown Tips for IIT JEE 2017 to Secure a Rank Within AIR 2000 | Source

Having Read This Article You Will Know

  • Why these hitherto unknown tips for IIT JEE 2017 are required?
  • Who requires these tips?
  • What are these new tips for IIT JEE 2017?
  • What precisely are the action steps to be taken?
  • What if you do not crack IIT JEE ?

These Tips for IIT JEE 2017 are Meant for

  • Those who have finished their syllabus and revisions or are on the verge of finishing IIT JEE 2017 preparation
  • Those who already have their doubts cleared or have very little doubts left
  • Those who are already quite aware of and following the conventional methods of exam preparation like revision cards, group study, teaching others to learn, balanced diet etc.
  • Those who are regularly taking mock tests in the final run to the exams
  • The ‘would be toppers’
  • Those who want to achieve ranks with which they will not need any compromise with choosing a stream or an institute of learning

Ideally this article should be read about 5-6 months prior to JEE MAINS so that even if you are half way through there is still time to move fast towards the finish much before the actual exam day and reap the real benefits of this article. My advice is to start following these tips when about 3 months are left for the final whistle since you need to peak at the right time.

Websites are Inundated with Exam Tips, What Was Then the Need of These Special Tips for IIT JEE 2017?

Yes, I agree. A multitude of websites are clouding the blogosphere with articles on IIT JEE preparation techniques. But I still promise you can top-up over those with my cutting-edge new tips. I am not going to tell that you should finish the syllabus in advance, you should revise well and bla..bla..bla.

This article gives you clinical final tips to take your exam in a very effective and shock-proof way. Having practised these tricks well you can never come back from the exam saying, “O! I could have done better!!” You will surely give your 200%.

It’s important to remind here that there was a time when cracking IIT JEE (Now JEE MAIN+JEE ADVANCED) depended entirely on hard work and talent. Not much emphasis was laid on smart study, psychological edging and scientific thinking about the exam format and pattern. But with competition becoming tougher these things have gained significance and must be paid heed to. With the changes which have clung onto the highly coveted exam you must equip your armor with new techniques of preparation. You get everything of these things here. Read on.

1. At times, appear a mock test in a poorly lit room, sometimes in a room which is not quite quiet, sometimes when you feel sleepy etc. etc. The theme here is to be ready for any circumstances whatsoever.

2. In your preparation for IIT JEE 2017, sometimes, while appearing a mock test allot yourself only 2.5 hours and see how much you score.

Performance of 'SUPER 30' of Patna

Number of students appeared
Number of Successful Students
Students of 'SUPER 30' of Patna have the fighting spirit

1. Preparing for Possible Adverse Conditions at the Time of IIT JEE 2017

Have you ever come across the data shown in the table below? This is the score board of SUPER-30 institute of Patna since its inception in IIT JEE. The institute is run by Anand Kumar for unprivileged, poor students.

Why am I showing you this chart? This is to prove a point. The poor students which include offsprings of mechanics, street vendors, rickshaw-pullers etc. have performed miraculously. A success rate of 88.8% over 14 years is no joke from any angle of consideration.

And the point that I want to drive home is that their conditions were adverse, they sailed through difficulties and fought hard. In the process they turned failure-proof. It was their fighting spirit that made up for all their weaknesses and all the drawbacks that came along the way.

Imagine, the exam hall may not have proper cooling arrangement on the day you are taking the exam. The sitting desk may not be comfortable. Your desk may not be even in case you are taking a pen and paper test. Your computer may not behave properly (assume you have opted for computerized test) on the exam day. What do you do?

You can do only one thing. You have to prepare to make up for that. You have to prepare to be shock-proof and you have to be ready for any problem that may appear out of nowhere at the time of the exam or a few days or weeks before the exam..

Train yourself to fight adverse conditions

Adverse conditions do not stop you if you train yourself
Adverse conditions do not stop you if you train yourself | Source
  • Try different strategies as already explained.
  • Save all the results for 2-3 months with the name of the specific strategy that you applied.
  • Compare the results and choose the best and the second best.
  • At IIT JEE 2017 apply any of these as per suitability.

2. Strategy Comparison Experiment

The question here is which strategy fits you best with respect to time and score. You have to work it out before the finals.When you are appearing mock tests before the actual exam try different strategies. For example, first answer chemistry part, then maths and then physics. In next attempt change the order. Then try attempting serially as in the paper. Next, skip the difficult ones in the first go, come later to them.

1. Create a list of the topics which contain similar and 'difficult to differentiate' matters.

2. Treat these topics one by one and analyse them to last points observing their minutest details.

3. See what is precisely required in the question. Practise choosing the best answer from among many correct answers.

4. Store such questions and answers and the main points separately to revise whenever required.

3. Accuracy is an Important Criterion for IIT JEE 2017

Tips for IIT JEE 2017 preparation will be incomplete without a discussion on ‘accuracy’. Many a time candidates are sure about an answer and click and move ahead to the next question. Little do they feel that there may be an answer more right than the one was chosen. I mean to say one has to be razor sharp and must be able to understand the crux of the matter immediately. So keep fine-tuning your knowledge and thinking ways.

1. From the exam brochure take note of the time of your exam.

2. Set your sleeping, waking and studying habits in such a way that you are most prompt in thoughts at that hour of the day for which the exam is scheduled. For example if the exam is supposed to start from 09:30 HRS you should perhaps set your sleeping time at about 11 O’clock the previous night so that you will be quite active at about 09:30 Hrs. next day.

4. Set Your Body Clock according to the Timing of the Exam

What I mean by this is the time of the day for which the exam is scheduled. Your mind and body are most prompt at a certain hour of the day and this varies from person to person. For example an early riser will act most promptly in the morning. A late riser may be more alert and watchful at say 10 or 11 O’clock.

1. Make a table of constants and another one of values including all possible values and constants which may be required.

2. Revise this table almost every alternate day just like you revise formulae.

5. Memorize Constants and Values for Faster Numerical Calculations

As the norms go calculators will not be allowed in IIT JEE 2017 also. Very often you need values such as square root of 2, square root of 3, value of permeability constant etc. to complete your calculations and choose the correct answer. If you have not memorized these values you may lose valuable time calculating them.

1. An important point here is that you should set the process of thinking slightly before you get the question paper. For example, start thinking about the chemistry equations or reactions if you have planned to attempt the chemistry part first. Starting to think before you get the question paper keeps your brain in an accelerated state as it faces the questions.

2. Approach the questions in a prompt but relaxed way.

3. Practise this technique with long hours of study at a stretch.

6. Three Months of Acceleration/ Promptness of Mind

Speed will, as usual, be again one of the most important criteria in IIT JEE 2017 exam. Does it mean turning the pages of question paper fast, hurrying from one question to another, filling up or ticking the answer options fast or looking at the watch many times? Most certainly, no. It means starting with a normal pace, settling up your brain for uninterrupted thought process, moving on steadily and keeping the process up for 3 hours at a stretch. Speed of the mind is sheerly steadiness and control and not hurriedness and nervousness.

1. Always repent for the smallest mistakes that you make and vow not to make them any more. Mean it really. However over-repenting and negative regretting is not advised.

2. Always try improvising over your earlier scores.

7. Drifting to Perfection

Silly mistakes occur for everybody. We have an inbuilt mechanism to say, “O.K. Next time I shall not commit this mistake again.” But ask yourself, “Why next time? Last time I also said so and committed the same mistake once again.

What if You Do Not Crack IIT JEE 2017?

I thought it was necessary to add this capsule before the end. What if you do not crack or get a good rank in IIT JEE 2017? You know my answer and that's right too. Absolutely no problem. You may try again. You may go for BITSAT. You may opt for NITs some of which are really good colleges. There are varied choices other than IITs and NITs which allot seats depending on JEE MAIN marks. If you do not get good marks in JEE MAIN you may still get good opportunities in other private colleges which conduct their own tests. Yet others opt for general degree courses wherein they get to complete their degrees in 3 years and sit for exams like CAT earlier than their engineering and medical counterparts.

I mean there are opportunities everywhere and throughout life. So one need not worry at all if one opportunity is lost. There are thousands coming. Go and grab them.

Concluding Lines...

Though I have provided these tips as 'Tips for IIT JEE 2017' yet these tips will help the aspirants of future also as these are evergreen tips. For those who will take JEE MAIN amd JEE ADVANCED in 2018 and 2019 the following video may be useful. You need not follow the time table exactly but surely it helps. Tweak it as per your need.


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