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5 Things College Students Need To Know

Updated on December 27, 2015

Preparing for college

You’re entering the first stages of adulthood... Congratulations! You’re about to experience the best years of your life.

College is where you open the door for amazing opportunities. I’ve made great friends and created memories I’ll share for the rest of my life.

But, it's a few things you need to know before heading off to college. You’re investing into your future, so it’s important that you understand what you’re about to experience. The next four years of your life will take you for a ride.

Here are five things every college student needs to know...

1. Preparation

You need to know that you’re entering a new world. This is the time to reach for your goals and aim to succeed. Your last two years of high-school is when you should prep for college. It’s important to understand that the workload in college is NOT the same as high-school. Everything you thought you knew about studying for exams and achieving is about to change. College requires constant studying, participation, exams, and proper classroom behavior. Are you ready for the three-hour lectures? The pressure is on! Nobody cares about who you were back home. It doesn’t matter if you were popular and dated the school’s jock. Those straight A’s from high-school- they’ll have a major influence on the colleges you’ll be accepted to attend. Enroll in college-prep classes to familiarize yourself with the expectations. This is the time where you must perform. Preparation is key to success!

2. Picking a major is stressful.

Before attending college, try to explore and figure out your interests. You're investing time and money into your education, so it's expected to feel stress about choosing the right major. You need to know that just because you enjoy children doesn't mean you should become a teacher. You're likely to change your major during those four years. Don't be afraid to make a change if you aren't passing the classes. My parents didn't agree with my choice to change my major, but I knew I wasn't excelling in the required courses. I needed to find classes that piqued my curiosity. I love my mom, but it was important for me to choose something I wanted to do. Their intentions were good, but I stopped wasting my time taking classes unrelated to the field I wanted to study.

3. How to choose the right classes

You need to take classes that are designed for your major. Talk to an adviser and ask for help. It's important to know which classes are necessary to graduate. You don't want to get to your final year and find out that you haven't met the requirements. You need to know about your professors! Ask your peers and hear their stories. It's good to have a little insight beforehand. I've taken three related courses with a professor who I really enjoyed. If you're lucky enough to find a professor you like, take as many courses as you can that relate to your major. Since you're familiar with this professor... you have an idea on their requirements.

4. Mommy is no longer here to save the day

You need to know that no one will hold your hand. You are an adult and need to learn how to manage your time and prioritize. Should you hang out for the night or stay home and study for your midterm? You need to learn how to balance school, work and your personal life. The main reasons I slacked off in school was because of work and personal issues. I was a big procrastinator and would spend the entire day at work or on Instagram and Facebook. Towards the end of the week, I'd be panicking because I'd have a few hours to finish papers. I know we have other responsibilities outside of school, but it shouldn't take away from our studies. You need to know how to rank what's important. Get off of social media and go study!

5. Financial burdens

Bills and tuition fees can drive a person nuts! You need to know the cost of schools, especially if you plan to live on campus. Those charges add up and can be a burden if it's out of your financial budget. If the costs for that private school is too high, it's better to choose a school within your budget. Check with financial aid and find out what's available to you. For books, there are many options out there that are cheaper than your college bookstore. Make smarter choices about how you spend and stay on top of your funds. The key is to live within your means!

Please share any tips you have for college students...


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    • GS Leigh profile image

      Gabbi Struble 

      2 years ago from New York

      All of this is so true!


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