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MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychological Studies Served on an Astrological Platter!

Updated on July 18, 2011

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrology

So Many Colors; So Many Tints: So Many Hues...
So Many Colors; So Many Tints: So Many Hues...

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy: An Esoteric Trip Around The Astrological Natal Chart

Unless you are predisposed to growing, evolving, excelling, and eventually gaining a well-deserved diploma in expressive sacred sexual artistic self-liberty, don’t even begin on a course of esoteric study, most especially in the astrological realm.

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrology offers insight into one's character as determined by the various charted patterns of star configuration in the skies.  Since all things are inner-connected, the star's influence can not be discarded or diminished.

If discovering, establishing, maintaining and exercising your innate talents to the degree of a self- confident, motivated, prolific, productive enthusiastic, enlightened, powerfully charged effective course of wisdom into a fully integrated human being appeals to you, then by all means proceed.

You will gain an enormous amount of attracting power which up until this point has been somewhat obscured through other endeavors. Humans vibrate and when tuned in to these specific vibrations, the invigorating warmth is dispersed, dispensed and sensed throughout the land. Forewarned is forearmed!

In this particular session, (There will be 4 distinct sessions) we will begin to delineate various segments of an astrological natal chart. Let's just pretend there's something to this stuff,ok? If you are not the least bit familiar with the natal chart, this information may seen vague but further investigation upon your part will prove beneficial.

First thing to do: Draw a circle. The natal chart is divided in what appears to be a 12 slice pie. In other words, dissect your circle into 12 equal parts. This may sound a little bit confusing but hang in there, the 12 lines denoting each 1/12th segment represent another facet of your pie charted life.

Beginning on the left hand side of the (circle) wheel, directly off from the center, you will find what is known as the ascendant. Also referred to as the Rising sign; this particular planet influences your personality and subsequent emotional problems.

This sign is significant in as much as it determines the type of personality and physical body you get to exhibit in this lifetime. For this particular reason it is thought to be important, it is conjectured supposedly that you were this SUN sign in the last life.

IF in fact there ever was another life besides this one. Might just be true since it seems to me, it would take more than one lifetime to master the lesson of greed, yes?


Suspending all conditioned judgment, let us pretend that the possibility that you came to earth to complete the residue and start the next lesson associated with the (SUN) experiences associated in that particular sign. Note as well: your disposition, animated expressions on the FACE will be seen through the characteristics of this sign on the ascendant.

Also, the lessons which are tied with school, individual freedom, accessing, expressing, and demonstrating your level of mind’s expression along with the innate talent you inherently posses. (All locked conveniently in the sign on the ascendant.) Whether you are an artistic gifted visionary is disclosed by this sign.

IF you apply the tendencies of the sign on the ascendant you can learn whether you are able to see through brick walls to the real problem of any matter or if you are somewhat displaced in the matters at hand. I did neglect to mention that the ascendant is determined by the exact time of day you were born.

It’s variably important to get familiar with your ascendant since if you’re solid as a rock, then you can know how effective you will be in bouncing back from certain events. Otherwise, it may take a little more work, depending upon your specific lessons.

Just as important if your personality says for you to demonstrate assertion and you don’t, then can you imagine the difficulties produced from your deceitful actions? The fact is: no matter what sign rules your ascendant, you are never in a position where you don’t know what’s what. (Though you may choose to behave differently)

You are immovable in your distinct personality which brings on the lifetime of lessons to expose you to further evolution. How effective you are to the change of seasons in your life determines many distinctive lines of experience.

Human beings are incredibly secretive and private by nature, disclosing only those things that benefit them.

If you learn the ascendant’s tendencies, you will be in a better position to understand you actions and the actions of others who interact with you . Your ascendant discloses a certain amount of information deemed appropriate and comfortable for you to live and grow.

But, not if you try to be something or someone else other than whom you are. The degree of friendliness is also noted by this sign and whether you require a lot of acquaintances in your life, or prefer avoiding real intimacy.

Human beings do not like restriction or control of any kind, no matter the sign on the ascendant. However, you can learn the flavor of your rebellion should you so investigate the possibilities.

Innately human beings can be a real comfort in the times of trouble; but, not when it is imposed. The ascendant determines the amount of trust people invest in you with their deepest secrets. Whether you will betray them or not is determined by the particular sign on the ascendant.

{Lesson} You are ultimately different from others, no doubt and will not be influenced by what others say you ought to do with your life, home, family, career and friends unless you are operating completely OFF the mark of your ingrained destiny. You were born specifically to travel the earth path in a variable multifarious complex intricate interconnected line of least resistance which you are singularly interested and inclined to follow.

IF it’s not written on your ‘papers of cosmic assignment’, you will not go, period.

At this point I must inject: Whatever sign on the ascendant determines the ruling shadow of your life. The planet that rules the sign on the ascendant configures the color of the problems you will master while alive.

In other words you will become an expert in That field of endeavor, alone! It is extremely important to find out where the planet that rules your ascendant is located in your natal chart. For example if your ascendant is Aquarius the ruling planet is Uranus. Where is he found? It discloses an all consuming truth which can not be overstated.

The first house is the place where your feet are planted, literally and symbolically. Be Where Your Feet Are! You are never really planted anywhere for very long, though you may try to fight this inclination in truth. Although you need a base of comfort as your home, your restless and inquisitive mind wanders the globe in search of something new and unusual to see.

You’re are here to experience Earth Life in full animated splendor, remember????

Human beings are naturally filled to the brim with wanderlust. It goes with the cosmic territory in your sacred spirit of sublime joy for being part of humanity. If you have not plugged into this cosmic socket of sacred sensual artistic sexual expression, you suffer immeasurable in the area of romance, and career.

You must come to terms with your cold, calculating, determined, destructive, jealous, competitive and disinterested in the details’ nature.

You, as the rest of us lanky wide-eyed eager clueless human specimens are in for the BIG picture. More on the 12 slice wheel in the next MODE of Cosmic Therapy esoteric Astrology  lesson.

Image,Image; It's All About Image
Image,Image; It's All About Image


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