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1947 and its Major Events

Updated on September 5, 2011

Significant 1947

The year 1947 has had a most unusual number of some of the most significant events that have ever taken place in the U,S. and around the globe.Some how this date has been world changing in many mysterious ways. Here is a list of some of the more than 150 significant and historical events occurring on this specific date, and over a five month period , from January to May of that year.

Mahatma Gandhi holds his march for peace in India, The CIA,N.S.A.,and Air Force are begun in this country of America. Significant too, is the Roswell Incident and the so-called cover-up of Alien visitors. Spacecraft were also said to be recovered there in New Mexico. Other events included:the British stopping of ships from landing in Israel,The Arabs and Jews rejection of British proposal to split Palestine,and the WWII Peace Treaty is signed. There were some daytime fireballs and meteorites seen to fall in Eastern Siberia. The Voice of America began broadcasting in the USSR. General Dwight D. Eisenhower opened a big drive to raise 170 million dollars in aid for European Jews. At this time in history, the international monetary funds begins its new operation.

In 1947, the Chinese Civil War resumes between warring factions there. At this time President Truman introduces the Truman Doctrine to fight communism. Then is when Chiang Kai -Shek conquered Jenan. Pope Pius published a notable work. The first Jewish immigrants leave the port at Eilat to go to Israel.

On this date the largest group of sun spots ever recorded occurred and was reported all over the world. There were many celestial anomalies occurring at this time all around the world and witnessed by many people on several continents. Another new occurrence was the forming of the Atomic Energy Commission in this country and it would become a vital organization for the future development of energy resources in this country. The technology of radar would see its incorporation into commercial airline companies.

Perhaps one of the greatest and most significant discoveries in this civilization is the finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Later more scrolls numbering a total of nine were found. This was a most important discovery for Christianity and showed proof of its origins and early scriptures.They have been moved to a museum in Israel so that the world can view them and appreciate them.

My wife was also born in this year and I was born the year before. We have always said that we must have been born for some exceptional reason(tongue-in-cheek) and often are astounded at other events taking place during the history of the whole world. The "Baby Boomers" were born at this time. I believe that our creator did have a special purpose for the development of our world and it may well have began in this point and time. Some of our technology may well have been a shared form coming from other downed craft such as the one in Aztec, New Mexico and several locales all across the country. There were other countries reporting finding these kind of events in their own countries. I believe that these discoveries have a direct link to many modern forms of technology including laser lights, guidance systems,bullet proof vest(Kevlar) and propulsion systems. The generation that was born at this time has led our world into the Twenty-First Century using technology and many new inventions that boggle the mind and help make our world a better place.

Our society has seemed to make quantum leaps in new developments in every form of communication, space exploration, product manufacturing, and facet of our daily lives. It is though we were given a boost in brain power and are moving at unbelievable speed into the future. I believe that the year 1947 marked the beginning lift-off of our ship into the realm of discovery and an exciting new world to come.


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    • whonunuwho profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from United States

      Hey Gus...I suppose I could have written more about the year, but at the time I felt compelled to state what I did. Thanks for stopping by my friend. whonu

    • GusTheRedneck profile image

      Gustave Kilthau 

      3 years ago from USA

      Oh Nameless One (Whonunuwho on HubPages) -

      If I felt bad about not continually looking out for your postings on the Big HubPages as of recent days, think about how wretchedly embarrassed I feel today - for myself and for the rest of our lazy tribe out here. Check out the number of comments here, and you will understand.

      1947 was a great year among years. It was the year that the good Professor Doctor Hussey told me that I was going to fail his class in physics and that I should study more and harder than did some of my buddies (who were tops in his classes...). We all wrote the final exam, the "Regents Examination in Physics" as a group. I beat the best of them by two points (my 96% to the next-best, 94%). Great year, 1947.

      I remember it well for the explanations by our history teacher, a Mrs. Weinstein. She had it that Chairman Ma0 and his crack crew of trained gorillas were "Agrarian Reformers."

      Further to 1947, I lost all of my track meet races, keeping up the constancy of my long-time record of excellence in sports.

      Let's see? What else? Oh yes, 1947 saw my age go up one notch to 15, the year that I could finally reach up and steal apples from the tree of one of my nice customers along my newspaper sales route.

      A good year, that one - 1947.

      My apologies for being so late here, but the visit was well worth the time and the strain on my old eyes.


      Gus :-)))


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