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20 Simple Ways to Keep Your Life and Days Exciting and Adventurous

Updated on July 10, 2017

Even though in our lives, we go through the daily routine of school, being with our families, careers, the home, daily stresses, there are small, simple things to keep our lives interesting, excited and to keep the dullness and boredom out of our lives. We must not let life pass us, but be open to experiencing new things daily to bring excitement in our lives.

1. Write down Goals - whether it is weekly goals, Personal goals, financial goals, educational goals, career goals, future goals for your life, it will steer you of what you want to accomplish.

2. Don’t just stay at home and spend hours on the TV, video games, or internet daily- Go outside, ride your bicycle, shoot some hoops take a walk around the block or in the park and enjoy the sunshine.

3. Do some good deeds for someone- Look around at your neighborhood and see who needs help. Help the struggling single parent with 2+ kids, babysit the kids, so she can have a night off, help the large family, make dinner for busy parents, help the elderly, be a friend to those who feel alone, bring hope and encouragement to the unemployed, and people who stressed out, be a big brother/big sister or be a mentor and pay for someone's meal, buy groceries for a family in need.

4. Have something different for breakfast- don’t just settle for only cereal and toast, seek out unique things you can purchase at the supermarket to create a homemade breakfast, Carnation instant breakfast, yogurt with fruit and so forth. Don’t just have coffee everyday, spice up your life by drinking different teas or choosing flavorful teas, try a white tea, green tea, black teas, chai tea, pomegranate tea, blueberry tea, etc. OR order different things for breakfast at your favorite restaurant.

5. Try a different form of exercising – Although you may enjoy jogging or running, or working out at the gym, you can also spice up your exercise time by doing something, rather than the same thing. Get a few friends and develop an exercise routine, step-aerobics, or follow a DVD or any other creative ways.

6. Do some fun and adventurous things- go on a rollercoaster, amusement park rides, horseback riding, canoeing, surfing, skiing, mountain climbing, hiking, skateboarding and rollerskating

7. Come up with creative ways to spend time with your spouse/significant other- walk on the beach, picnic, moonlight walk, create a romantic dinner at home, etc.

8. Plan a vacation getaway- like a renting a timeshare or going on a cruise

9. Try a different route to work or from work- a more scenic route, or even longer route with less traffic OR you can use public transportation for a day or too.

10. Update your rooms- put up new curtains, rearrange items in the room, paint it, add plaques and artwork, clean it up, add new furniture or create a bedroom based on a specific theme.

11. Take a class to learn new things- photography, acting, horticulture, music, fashion, dance, gardening, literature, foreign language, cake decorating, cooking, calligraphy etc.

12. Get a new haircut or try different way of doing your hair.

13. Start reading insightful magazines and books on science, politics or any other topic- Go to your local bookstore or library and enjoy some time reading, on science, health, novels, etc.

14. Get to know people of different cultures, nationalities- Taste their foods, get to know their music, customs and ask them questions about their way of living.

15. Engage with people of different walks of life, different background, military families- do not stay with those in your own clique.

16. Experience new places- be in the audience of tv talk show, visit museums, historical places, historical libraries, popular aquariums, church, go to a foreign country or take a missions trip.

17. Volunteer in your community- Find out about opportunities from your church, if there are any church projects, volunteer at radio stations, hospitals, nursing homes, foodbanks, libraries, animal shelter and the zoo.

18. Surprise people who you have lost touch with- These can be friends in high school, college, former coworkers, people in your hometown, etc. Send a card in the mail or by email, or give a surprise visit.

19. Listen to different types of music and different types of music artists.

20. Don't let life pass you by- remain positive, hopeful, excited, do not let fear keep you from experience new things, pursue your dreams, take risks, love people and use your skills and talents.


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