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2012 End Of Days Theories And Basis

Updated on June 15, 2013

Our New End Date

Every few years, there seems to be a date in the future, in which the world as we know it will end. Remember back in 2000, the Y2K catastrophe. Well, it didn’t turn in to much, the world kept spinning. A year or two ago another craze with a specific evangelist preacher’s predicting the end of the world that once again didn’t happen. So now it is December 2012.


The Prophecies

Based on astronomy, Nostradamus is convinced that there will be a significant change during the galactic alignment. This is a phenomenon that occurs every 26000 years when the sun will rise in the middle of the galaxy, moreover the middle of the Milky Way. This will be the third equinox in year 2012, another rare occurrence.

“The end of the wolf, the lion, bull and ass. No longer will fall upon them the sweet manna” (Nostradamus, Century 10 Quatrain 99)

This prophecy is connected to the impending doom of 2012 and has been translated to mean famine. If say America stopped exporting food, over a hundred countries would starve. This has been connecting in theory to the sudden loss of honey bees over the last few years to parasite and disease can be the beginning of this particular problem. With lower numbers of bees to pollinate, crops will shrink and diminish where it could impact America’s ability to feed so much of the world.

Other predictions are linked to natural disasters. The great tsunami of 2004, followed by Hurricane Katrina ravaging the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Mississippi. Others still claim that it could be linked to the super volcano that has recently became a category red. However since Nostradamus wrote his prophecies in France in the 1500’s, it is not clear, but riddled with metaphors and ancient languages of the alchemist.

Nostradamus is not alone in the impending doom in December of this year. The Mayan calendar also ends on this day. With the most of the race dying out in 900 A.D., they too wanted to warn the world of its impending doom. The Hopi Indians also believe that around this time there will be significant negative change. They describe it as a blue star will bring the great change of the end of times.

A mathematician from Israel in the 20th century, was thought to have found a code of within the bible giving names of cardinals and popes to come. Also it was “found” to have codes of 2012 and the earth’s end. In the 17th century Issac Newton spent his life trying to find these same codes. The Jewish calendar is said to end on the 7th century, which some scientist have decided is now.

So whether you believe the end is near or not, life is a delicate balance and a few supplies put back would never hurt. Why does society always want a date of impending doom? Well here is another date, with plenty of theories. What you do with the impending date is your choice. I personally am going to carry on like I did through the last two apocalyptic dates.


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    • kaiyan717 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from West Virginia

      Thanks for the vote up. I agree with your prediction of future doomsday. I wonder why that is?

    • UnnamedHarald profile image

      David Hunt 

      6 years ago from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

      The only thing I'm sure of is that, after the world doesn't end this year, there will be another deadline shortly thereafter. Voted up and interesting.


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