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2012 The end of the World, The start of a new Era or just another Year?

Updated on February 27, 2011


Is the world coming to an end, a new era is about to start or December 2012 will just be another year?

There have been a lot going on earth lately, all these Earthquakes, Tsunamis, hundreds of dead birds without a reason,crazy weather, wars in the middle east... is all this just a coincidence?
A lot of people say is not a big deal, that this is just part of earth evolution, that things like this have happened thousands of years ago, others that this is when the aliens return to earth or when Jesus Christ will return, etc...

What is really going to happen!?

The Mayans prophesy:
The Mayas are a big mystery, because they knew so much, they knew the impossible for that time.
They knew there were nine planets, they knew about the sun spot cycles,They knew that the planets orbited around the sun, etc...
But How did they know this if they didn't have telescopes?
Everything in their cities were laid out in precise geometrical configurations.
How did they know all these things without our modern technology?

Also scientists say that their calendar is more accurate than ours. "They had complex calendars and a special alphabet with millions of symbols. You could say that they were ahead of their time."
The Mayan Calendar starts counting from the "creation date" August 11, 3114 BC which is written in long count notation as and ends on the thirteenth Baktun which is on December 21 2012 where the cosmic odometer resets and we return to

The Mayas also had a lot visits from another planet.
Scientists think that the Mayas had a lot of extraterrestrials contact, They called them "The gods that can fly". In fact they think the extraterrestrials helped them to build their city and taught the Mayas about astronomy.
"The God that can fly will visit again", "They, the ones that fly, will bring us a new religion, a new beginning, a new knowledge."

Does that mean that aliens will have contact with all of us in 2012?

Extraterrestrial Prophesy:
As most of you know on September 11, 2010 a Chinese airport was shut down for more than an hour because air traffic controllers saw what they believed to be a UFO buzzing the airport, according to reports out of the country. It was the eighth time since June of that year that UFOs have been reported in China. After about an hour, the object and the lights suddenly vanished. The Chinese government had said on previous occasions that the lights claimed to be UFOs were military exercises, but the government denied the Sept. 11 incident happened at all.
Are they preparing us for the big event in 2012 "the new era"?
A lot of people and scientists say that this are sign that Aliens will finally come to earth, that finally will show their faces to everyone, "They are doing everything very carefully, they don't want to scare us, they want to prepare us for the big day, they are giving us sings for us to witness now and get used to it"

Are these the gods that the Mayas were talking about? "The gods that can fly"? and did they really tell Mayas they were coming back on 2012?

Other Theories:
Scientist zecharia stichin say that "Nibiru" or planet X might impact the earth on 2012.
The 12 member of our solar system planet X “nibiru" moves like a comet, NASA can't find it because is so far out, but in 2012 everyone will see it"
Others scientist think the Mayans gods, the ones who helped them and taught them everything came from this planet. "Nibiru is much like Earth, and is where the Annunaki "Giants or gods" live"
On Dec. 21 2012, Nibiru will pass through our planet, seen as a bright red star and will look as a 2nd sun around the size of our Moon and Earth quakes and natural catastrophes will occur.

On the other hand Dr. Michio Kaku and other scientist think a "Solar flare" or Solar storm will occur on 2012.
"every 11 years the sun has a temper tantrum, it realises a shock wave a tsunami of radiation, that can wipe out communication, electricity, satellites,GPS, spy satellites,etc.."
"Solar Flares could mean the end of life as we know it, the United States can be without electricity for months, even years"

Other believers think The Second Coming of Christ will be on 2012.
Some people say "Jesus Christ will come back to save us from this catastrophe, It will be the day where every human being will be judged"

But The Bible says "The judgement day will come at a time that even angels in heaven do not know, only God the father"

so, should we discard this theory?

2012 is just another year:
Some people don't believe any of this, they think nothings going to happen, "its just one more year". The catastrophes and the weather changes are just a normal thing, part of the earth evolution. There have been so many "Doomsday" that have never come true, like in 2000 with the Y2K and before.
Others think that This cycle has happened previously and it will be happening again in the next thousand years.
The world will never end, it wouldn't make any sense, the world ends with you, when you die.

NASA planetarium astronomer David Morrison said " Its a fake,There's no threat to earth on 2012, there's no danger, There's nothing special happening on 2012" ,"don't worry about 2012 and enjoy 2013 when it comes"
"The calendar on my desk ends on December 31,2011, but that doesn't mean the world is going to end, Its just the beginning of a new year"

Nasa scientists also explained about the planet X or Nibiru.
Nibiru or planet X doesn't exist. There's no evidence of its existence, such a big planet would’ve been known by astronomers by now.”

Should we prepare ourselves for this big day just in case something happen?

What do you think?



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